6 Things To Look for When Buying a Home Security Camera System in 2024

A security camera system is something every home should have. It can keep you protected from burglars and inform you about everything that is going on outside your house. It also provides you an overview of what’s happening inside your home when you’re out. With a good security camera system, you will feel much safer knowing everything is under control. If you’re new at this you’re probably wondering what things you should look for when buying an alarm. So in this blog post, we’re going to discuss in detail everything that should be considered when buying a home security camera system.

1. Camera’s resolution quality

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The very first thing you should consider when buying a camera is its resolution. This is the property that determines the overall quality of the camera. When you’re buying an alarm system that should protect the house, you want to be sure it provides clean recordings. You want to be able to see everything that is outside of your house, and that potentially represents a threat. Unfortunately, some people experience burglar or other situations when they’re supposed to forward camera recording to the police. In those situations, it is vital that the footage has a high resolution and can provide enough information to identify the burglar, see what exactly happened, etc. High resolution should be your top priority when buying a security camera system and make sure you get informed about it in time.

2. Field of view and camera’s position

The place you’re going to position your camera will have an impact on your camera choice. Always make sure that the camera covers all entrances to the house. Sometimes, your house just doesn’t allow the camera position you’d prefer, so that means it would be best to get two of them. And this also depends on the camera’s field of view. Field of view is space that the security camera can cover. It usually varies from 90 to 150 degrees. Many people prefer a wider field of view because it allows them a better view of the space around the house. If you have a large house, it is a good idea to have a few cameras with a wider field of view, so everything is covered. Of course, if you are interested in putting the spotlight only on your entryway or other smaller spots outside of the house, you can also choose a security camera with a more narrow field of view. If you already had experience with burglars in the past, you’ll probably want cameras to cover your entire property, which is completely fine. It just depends on your needs and preferences.

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3. Night vision

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Most of the security cameras can film clearly during the day, but as night falls it becomes increasingly difficult to clearly see the landscape camera covers. If your area is not that urban and there is not enough lighting, night vision will be an essential feature of the security camera you’re buying. This feature can also make you feel much more secure because burglars are most common at night. So you want to make sure you have a good overview of your porch at night too. Also, if there are a lot of small animals in your neighborhood, it can be a good idea to get a security camera system with night vision property. That way, you will be able to spot animals making noise around your house and not worry about burglars.

4. Pick the company you trust

Another thing you should consider when choosing your home camera security system is the company that manufactures and sells them. You should always choose the one you trust and make sure they are providing you high-quality service. Some cameras make footages that are stored on a shared server on the Internet. This means everyone has access to your camera’s recordings, which is creepy and violates your privacy. You want to make sure you checked all information about the company you’re buying your burglary alarm from, and you know they are safe. Also, you want to choose professionals that will know how to correctly install your alarm system and take care of its maintenance. If you’re looking for someone like that, you should check out titusalarmandcctv.co.uk and get more informed about the services they provide. Pay attention to whom you trust and always choose quality.

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5. Storage capacity

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One of the features people often forget to check before buying a security camera is storage capacity. Sometimes it happens that for the price you pay, you only get a few hours of filming. And if you want to get more storage capacity, you need to make an additional payment. You should always get informed about the offer before you make your decision. If you don’t have large storage space for camera recordings, it’s likely that the camera will automatically start deleting previous content. Or it can even stop recording after its memory gets full. You want to eliminate these options, so make sure in advance that your camera comes with enough storage space.

6. Audio features

For extra safety, you can get a home security camera system that has audio features. This means you can hear when someone is close to the camera and check who it is. Audio features offer an extra layer of protection and can make you feel safer. Also, there are cameras with two-way audio, which means you can talk to people in front of your door. For example, if there’s a mailman, or a friend waiting for you, you can easily let them know you’re coming. Audio can be a useful property if that’s something you’re looking for.


Home security camera system is something every house should have. It can protect your family from burglars and also inform you if something is happening outside of your house. The security camera can be a great tool when you’re out and want to see what’s happening inside of your home. There are a few things you should consider when you’re buying these home security systems. First of all, check the resolution and make sure it is high enough. Find an adequate position for the camera, and get the one with a night vision feature if you leave in a rural area. Get informed about the company that sells these systems, and also ask twice about the storage capacity you get for that price. Keeping an eye on these details can ensure your house will be protected and you’ll feel safe and relaxed in your home.

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