Speech on Food

You may not know this, but as adult humans, we require a minimum of 2000 calories each day; the problem though is that our diet plan tends to vary a lot in the sense that we consume varied food products so it can be a tad hard to keep track of your calorie intake. As a result, obesity has become a real health issue to the point that some diet specialists have even started advocating caveman diet to offset the additives and have started focusing more on organic food in the assumption that since early man was not known to be obese, therefore the diet they followed must be healthy.

Speech on Food

That’s a tad moronic leap to make in the sense that there is no real evidence to back up the claim that all the cavemen were fine and fit specimens nor is there any conclusive proof to back up the claim that the Paleo diet is the perfect answer to our obesity-related health crisis. And to make a health recommendation based on assumptions and half-truths is indeed moronic.

The fact remains that as human species, we require a certain amount of calorie intake in order to be able to continue operating seamlessly. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and want to go on a crash diet by avoiding solid food altogether, you will find that the lack of calorie intake can start affecting your body in many ways starting with cognitive functioning. A sudden crash diet can shock your system to the point that your stress levels go up and what’s more, if you happen to be a diabetic, it can cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up.

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The end result is that any crash diet can have long-term implications for your health and as any dietician worth his salt would advise, the change to any diet must take place over few weeks rather than just a day or two. It is important that your body does not suffer any long-term effects as a result of a sudden change, and the more drastic the change in diet, the more they need for an extended change over rather than an abrupt one.

So the question that we often need to ask ourselves, as we become more obsessed with food and all its variants is whether we are forever fated to be ruled by our stomachs than anything else. Let me put it this way, how long have you gone without a single reference to food in any format, in the form of ads, such as television and magazine ads or someone talking about it; An hour, two hours?

This is not to mean that our entire society is obsessed with food but we have certainly evolved in our way of thinking where food is concerned to the point that we have become food-centric. While our earlier forefathers only hunted Bison and Mammoths when there were a need and they were hungry, we, on the other hand, have started a whole process based on the same, irrespective of whether there is an urgent need or not. As a result, our world is fast being deprived of essential commodities and even species like Fish in our quest to never go hungry ever again.

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