Speech on Obesity

Obesity is in no way a small issue in today’s world. We consume more processed food than ever before, this has left us with a lot of unneeded calories that get stored as fat in our bodies. Convenience has led us to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle which in turn has to led to obesity, which has now become a large-scale problem. One in three Americans are obese and there are over 3 billion people who are clinically obese in the world.
Speech on Obesity
It is the leading cause of heart disease and diabetes and yet it doesn’t get much as attention as saying cancer or AIDS. Obesity is still as fatal as the other two. There is an average of about 14% of people who are obese in every country in the world. Diet based diseases are the main causes of deaths around the world and most leading diet based diseases are a result of obesity.
A large portion of this problem is processed food that we consume everyday, Other than the fact these foods have a ton of chemicals loaded in them and a lot of these chemicals are carcinogens, they also fill up your body with a ton of empty calories. Empty calories are calories that don’t provide your body with nutrients. These calories don’t provide you with any nutritional benefit and also these extra calories get stored in your body as fat.
Obesity puts increased stress on the body. It forces the heart to pump blood faster because of the increased amount of fat in the body. This as a result causes increased blood pressure and puts unneeded strain on the body. Also because of the increased fat in the body, our body gets resistant to insulin and without insulin, the cells can’t get their much-needed energy.

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However, there is one thing that is very different from other diseases. Obesity can be cured if we have control over what we eat. Obesity is seen as normal which is a bad attitude towards the disease. If we change the way we eat and create awareness about obesity it can lead to a healthier society. Avoiding processed foods is one of the first steps to achieving this. It’s rather alarming to see that a lot of young people becoming obese in their teens which makes them lead a sub-par quality of life.
Being obese makes everything more difficult. Even though we all live only once if we are to enjoy life to its fullest we need to be healthy to truly enjoy it. A lot of obese people are in their death beds just waiting for their deaths to approach but if they get the right help they can turn their lives around. In order to curb obesity, we must first become aware of what we eat and what those around us eat.
Do we ever consider what is contained in what we consume every day? Switching to more natural food that is more freshly sourced and eating a healthier diet can take obesity out of the equation for every one of us.