Funding Your Invention: Options for Financing Your Project – 2024 Guide

Although we live in financially challenging times, inventions still attract the attention of investors. However, it is clear that it is not always easy to get money to finance a project, and therefore it is important to have not only a good invention – but also a well-developed strategy.

In our Guide for 2024, you can read what are the possible options if you want to secure funding for your invention.

Every Invention Requires Initial Capital

The history of inventions is almost as old as humanity itself. Some great inventions such as the wheel, the car, alternating current, antibiotics, airplanes, and the Internet – turned the world upside down and completely changed the way we live today.

However, it is clear that for every invention we must first have initial capital that we will invest in research, prototype development, testing, patents, further production, etc.

For some inventors, this is perhaps the most difficult part of the job – because no matter how inventive and with good ideas they are, they must know how to market them to potential financiers. So, they must be good managers. However, most inventors cannot boast with such abilities. Therefore, you should have a good strategy for finding financiers for your projects.

How to Get the Money to Finance Your Project?


To develop or finalize your project, you need money. Sometimes this even requires a lot of money – and it makes this job difficult for inventors. Namely, money is not always easy to come by.

In these situations, you should have a good ally in the form of a consulting company that will help you go through the patenting process as painlessly as possible – and also animate potential investors for your project.

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Of course, you should inquire about all the conditions you need to fulfill to enter this business – and you can find additional info on the pages dealing with investments and financing of new inventions and projects.

In general, it all boils down to good management and a few basic options that you can use to finance your project. Here are some options for funding your invention that you might find interesting.

1. Self-financing


If you are starting from scratch with your invention – we are sure it is not easy for you. Starting a project, idea, or invention – usually starts with self-financing.

That means you invest your own funds or some external funds in the form of a financial injection from family and friends who believe in your project. In some spheres of business, this is also called bootstrapping. However, this can be a risk for your family and friends – but for you too.

Although high or almost no interest is expected in this type of financing – it can still significantly disrupt your relationships in case of failure. On the other hand, if you have already done some part of the work on the project and you are now launching it – then be sure to include in the contract the funds that family and friends have invested.

That includes amounts, terms, and conditions of repayment, interest, or part of the ownership of the invention, etc.

2. Crowdfunding


Most people consider crowdfunding a good and proven way of financing ideas, inventions, and projects. It is a method based on the request of small contributions from a large number of people – and for a specific project, invention, or business idea.

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Nowadays, this method brings great results, because, with the availability of the Internet, forums, and social networks – it is much easier to find like-minded people, gathered around similar ideas, who are willing to help you financially. Of course, depending on the amount of the donation, they will also benefit from your project. Therefore, it is good to consider this option as well.

3. Financial subsidies and government programs to stimulate inventions

Depending on where you live and work, this can be the way to find funds. Namely, various ministry departments want to stimulate research and the development of inventions in certain areas. Therefore, they are ready to allocate financial funds from the budget for that purpose.

However, you must know whether your invention or idea is among those that the state will subsidize or not. Such grants are mostly related to specific things, for example, environmental protection or the like. If your idea or invention does not fit into those interests – then it won’t be an adequate option for you.

4. Venture and Angel Investors


Depending on what kind of invention you are working on, it is clear that it can be interesting to investors and sponsors. They would be willing to help you with their money – but also want a good piece of the cake after everything. That certainly belongs to the domain of risky capital investment, but savvy investors already know well how to protect themselves in this business.

What is significant for every inventor is to protect the invention, primarily legally and formally. Therefore, make sure your invention is patented and all the rights are guaranteed by the patent to prevent any intellectual property theft from occurring.

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On the other hand, a good consultant can guide you through the entire procedure with investors. And while we have investors who use venture capital for this type of financing, there are also angel investors who invest their own money and capital into the business. Of course, they want to secure themselves well too.

Therefore, it is important that all parties in this type of financing operate transparently and with the necessary legal and financial assistance.



Starting an invention venture on your own is almost impossible. Therefore, it is clear that we will need financial help for something like this. Maybe some of these funding options seem acceptable and possible for implementation. However, before you start anything, think twice.

The recommendation of experts in this field is to always have a professional consultant with you who will help you along the way. We hope you will achieve all your desired goals. Good luck on your way!