Games You Can Play On the Move

Mobile gaming has kept a lot of people sane throughout a very difficult time. When staying at home suddenly became the norm, many people didn’t have expensive PCs available to entertain themselves: but lots of people have mobile phones. Mobile gaming has taken over as the fastest-growing gaming sector, with a reported 2.5 billion mobile gamers currently playing worldwide. That number is going to grow: with the widespread availability of mobile devices, the ever-increasing availability of the internet, and more and more games being designed specifically for mobile play, the mobile gaming sector is here to stay.

The options are endless:you could pick from any of the games on The Phone Casino, augmented reality games, side scrollers, action, adventure, or even horror games. Some games require long periods of play, while others will happily take any attention you can give them. These are the games you reach for when you’re on your break at work, when you’re traveling on the bus or train and when you have a few minutes to spare waiting in the check-in line at the airport. If you’re at a loss next time you have a few minutes to spare, why don’t you check out one of our favorite quick-play games?

Doodle Jump

The cute animation in Doodle Jump is just the cherry on top because the game is incredibly fun and engaging. Your only aim is to make sure The Doodler stays upright and on its feet the whole way through the game. There are several different themes for each level, some that you might recognize and some that are entirely new. You can get a boost when climbing through the ranks by jumping on a number of objects: if you see a trampoline, propeller hat, rocket, or jet pack, climb on board! You need to stay alert as you play because there are various monsters and spaceships that will try to take you out. They’ll shoot projectiles or fling themselves at you in an attempt to knock you off your course. The game is free to play, but you can earn in-game coins to change Doodler skins and the look of your enemies.


Two Dots

If you prefer puzzles to aliens, then you should try Two Dots instead. The follow-up to Dots, Two Dots is slightly different from the first game. You can power up as you complete the different campaigns and levels in the game. When you begin, you only have access to the initial level; to access each new level, you must complete the current one successfully. Sets of levels are grouped together in unique worlds: the first ten levels make up one, and following that, they are grouped together by 25s. Each different world has its own rules: the choices you can make, the way the puzzles are solved, and the way the worlds look. The objectives may change as you progress through the levels, but they’re always just puzzles with a solution waiting to be found. Once you have completed a world, you get a postcard to show for your troubles. Currently, there are 4075 levels to make your way through in this game.

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Angry Birds Blast

The Angry Birds revolution was not over after the first game was released. Angry Birds Blast is a puzzle game spinoff of the original version. It’s similar to Angry Birds: players must clear balloons from the field of play in groups of no less than two in the same color. Each level has its own specific set of goals: some might require you to pop pig balloons, and others might ask you to clear the field of pesky bubbles so that a hot air balloon can land safely. You might need to dodge glass or wooden obstacles in your quests, and you can earn yourself a power-up by clearing a column with a rocket, a bomb, or a laser. If the standard moves aren’t fast-paced enough, you can buy boosters with the silver coins that you earn during gameplay.


Word Chums

If you like Words with Friends, the Word Chums will be right up your alley. Like many word games, it’s got a similar feel to Scrabble, but in Word Chums, you can take on Facebook friends to see who has a better head for language. Instead of the usual dull tiles, the Chums keep the game interesting. Their bright design and upbeat little faces add a whole extra level of fun to the game. Pay attention to the hints that can help you find the best word placement. If you can’t make anything sensible out of the letters you have, use a bomb to blow all your current letters away and get a new set. Take careful note of the letters that offer you more points: using these in your words will get you one step closer to a win.

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Wrap Up

These games are perfect time wasters for when you have a few spare minutes and nothing to do. They offer gameplay that’s perfectly suited to fits and starts instead of one extended sitting: what’s not to love?