What Does The Future Hold For eSports Betting?

Sports betting and gambling have been around for far longer than any of us and will probably continue to exist long after we’re all gone.

If you consider how long gambling and betting has been around, it becomes quite obvious that the entire industry has had to evolve multiple times in the past to come to where it is today.

One of the more recent “updates” to the gambling world was the introduction of eSports betting. As you know, eSports are a relatively new thing, at least in the mainstream eye. The gaming industry has surged over the past few years, especially in the past two, for obvious reasons. Because of it, we’re seeing more and more online casinos, traditional casinos, and bookies offer odds on eSports events, allowing you to bet your money on a certain player or team and win some money if you get your bet right.

Seeing how this is a relatively new thing, it is only natural for us to wonder – what does the future hold for eSports betting? Well, we can’t know for sure, but here are some of our predictions for the distant and not so distant future.

Every Casino Will Feature An eSports Odds Book

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Considering that eSports betting is still relatively in its infancy stage, many traditional and online casinos and betting platforms don’t give you an opportunity to bet your money on eSports events. Well, we are firm believers that this is not going to be true for a very long time.

eSports is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there is just no way that a gambling industry would intentionally miss on this amount of money. Over 200 million people tune in every year to watch various eSports events, from state to worldwide championships in various games. Even if you take small substrata of that number, you’re still left with a lot of people willing to bet their money on an event like this.

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Seeing how the odds are always stacked in the casino’s favour, not to mention the uncertainty of the outcome in any game, we can easily come to a conclusion that eSports betting has the potential to become one of the most lucrative aspects of traditional and online gaming.

Naturally, not every casino in the world is blind to this change, and many of them, including n1bet.com, are already offering their players a chance to bet on the eSports events, and we’re quite sure that there is only a matter of time before the others jump the ship, too. In fact, we’re willing to bet on it.

eSports Betting Will Become The Biggest Money Maker For Casinos In The Future

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We are entering a new era in our lives. Everything’s been digital for quite some time now, but we’re slowly witnessing changes that will probably have us living in the virtual world for a better portion of our day.

Companies like Meta, formerly known as Facebook, are already well on their way to creating what’s called a Metaverse – a virtual place accessible via VR headset that will let you live, game, or do whatever you want in the virtual world.

The thing is, this switch to virtual is coming a lot faster than any of us had anticipated. It is a matter of years, possibly decades, until we almost fully switch to living virtual life. We’re already very dependent on technology, gadgets, social media, games, and so on, so what’s the big change anyway?

Now, what does this have to do with eSports betting, and why would any of that result in eSports betting becoming the biggest moneymaker for casinos? Well, we already have a couple of virtual online casinos that you can access through a VR set, and while you can’t yet bet on an eSports event in a VR casino – you probably will very soon. But still, that doesn’t do anything to back up our claim. But, this does.

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Imagine the year 2035. We’re all wearing headsets and living in the Metaverse, or whatever the name of it will be in the future. Chances are, by that time, we’re going to play sports in the Metaverse, too. That means that eSports will practically become actual sports, which would, in return, make it the number one money maker for an online casino.

But also, the gaming industry will become one of the biggest titans in the world once we inevitably go virtual. That means that people will bet on it a lot more than they are today, and we all know that casinos make money when people bet on things. So, we’re pretty confident in this scenario, too.

eSports Betting Will Cause Some Players To “Throw”

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A lot of people are still pretty reluctant to bet on eSports events because of one thing – throwing.

It would be remarkably easy for a gamer to throw the match for some money. And, we’re sure that’s already happening, but as the industry grows – it will happen a lot more often. It has happened in every major sport, so it is only natural to assume that it will happen in eSports, too.

That alone will make it pretty easy for some people to win a lot of money from eSports betting – especially the players themselves. Even though major eSports tournaments pay incredible money to winners, that money can’t be compared to the money they could win if they bet against themselves. Also, it would be pretty hard for anyone to realize they’ve thrown a match since they’re playing against top-rated players in their game. A simple, almost unnoticeable mistake they make in order to lose the game would easily fly past everyone’s head – almost as easy as the money would fly to their pocket.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, we feel like the eSports betting future is very bright and promising. It will certainly grow, probably to unprecedented heights based on the direction the world’s going in, and it will probably become one of the most prominent aspects of the betting and gambling industry.

Also, it will most certainly make a lot of people rich – both players and casinos. There is way too much money in eSports and gaming for it not to become a lucrative source of income for many.

Will all of this be the case? Well, we’re quite certain of it. But, only time will tell.