How to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn in 8 Easy Steps

Until a few years ago, many people were not even aware that LinkedIn could be a great platform on which, in addition to potential employers or employees, it could bring you other benefits. Some of them are the visitors of your website or social media profiles, who would be interested in the services you offer and may become your customers.

To succeed in all this, in fact, you do not need much time, but only smart and strategic planning of things. What you actually need is also known as lead generation, and all social networks can help you.

If you still do not have LinkedIn for you or our company, hurry to create and fill out your profile, because you are already missing a lot. If you are afraid that these campaigns will take you a lot of time, you will surely be glad to know that processes can be automated through platforms like OctopusCRM, following pre-set criteria.

Nowadays LinkedIn is used for B2B marketing purposes in order to create organic reach, but of course, there is the option to pay extra for better results. As this environment grows, so does the competition. Therefore, our advice is to hurry up and start using this network in the right direction, with the help of the following tips and useful information:

1. Make your profile stand out


First, fill in all the required information, even if it takes a lot of time. Be regular in publishing content related to your business. Create unique content yourself. Be different from everyone else, although the network itself does not allow much customization. However, you can optimize the description and the content you publish, for those who are interested in those topics, to find you easier.

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Do not forget to emphasize your role in the business. People trust managers and executives who stand firmly behind what they do and are not afraid to turn to ordinary job seekers. That way, you connect with the right people in the industry and turn them into your potential customers or even employees.

2. Add connections

The wider your network, the more likely you are to expand as a business or even as an individual, and then benefit from it all. Having lots of connections sounds like something you would not normally do, but in a LinkedIn lead generation, this is a step you need to take.

3. Find the relevant audience


Your target should be those who are interested in what you do. Therefore, if you are targeting a wide audience, you are just wasting resources. But if you are focused on those who are really potential users of your services, then your attention is focused on the right place.

You need to keep this in mind whenever you launch a campaign. By doing so, you are sure to get visits to your website, registrations, attendance at events, or reviews of your multimedia content.

4. Publish relevant content

Avoid posting links and creations that are in no way related to your mission as an individual or as a business. When sharing something on your profile, it should be relevant, credible, and attractive to those you want to win.

Properly written content is one that will set you apart from others like you and add more to your authority. For all this to be successful, you need to follow the insights, so that you can see what type of content the audience prefers, as well as determine the right time when it is appropriate to publish.

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5. Be communicative with others


LinkedIn is primarily a social network, which means you need to socialize with other members. Be kind and consistent in communicating with users, connect with them, comment, show that you value their achievements, congratulate them on new successes… People love when their talents are recognized and you will surely attract their attention in that way.

6. Understand the value of your leads

To know what you want to achieve, you also need to understand why leads are important to your business in the long run. Thanks to these connections, you will be able to contribute to more sales, retain customers and customers, attract new people who will be interested in what you do, and so on.

For all this you need deep insights into the performance so far, so you can detect the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns and create new ones based on that.

7. Be constantly present on the platform


If you launch a campaign in which you expect to be contacted, it also means that you need to be present on LinkedIn. By doing so, you contribute to your consistency. It would not be really good to initiate communication and attract leads without being present on the social network. It’s bad for your reputation and you will soon lose all connections. Therefore, have a proper strategy and stick to it.

8. Use the endorsements option

This means appreciating someone’s work and achievements and acknowledging their talents. In this way, you manage to contribute to your relevance, but also to help other people to stand out on the net. Of course, if you do, someone else will do it for you. This is one of the freeways to try to nurture the leads because everyone wants to receive compliments from relevant people and companies – and thus increases the interest that is directed at you.

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Social networks allow us an unlimited number of tools with which we target the right people, but we also become a target in certain groups. The benefit is mutual, as long as things go fairly. To generate leads, you must have recognition, style, consistency, communicativeness, as well as stand out from all others who do something similar.

Follow our tips, as they will give you a great basis on where to start. Next, adjust the strategy to the results you will achieve over time. In this way, you secure a strong position in the market.