How to Get Started with Video Marketing – 2024 Guide

The world is evolving. As time goes by, those companies, large and small, that don’t follow this evolution simply can’t prosper. If someone doesn’t exist on the internet, are they even real? Well, they are still real, but they can hardly make a profit without marketing online. The internet is full of commercials, advertisements, and generally speaking, a lot of other people that are competing with each other. The best way to compete in today’s market is with video marketing. After all, it is anticipated that this type of marketing will be responsible for over eighty percent of all customer internet traffic in the next few years. Over fifty percent of the population watches videos daily, and almost everyone watches at least a video weekly. If you are trying to sell a product, provide a service, or popularize an idea. Without video marketing, you are fighting an uphill battle. Just think about Google search algorithms. With a video, we are over fifty times more likely to reach top pages. People tend to share videos with friends more often than any other content too. It is clear that in the year 2024, we don’t ask the question of are we going to make a video, but how to make the best possible one. If you want to learn more about the topic or find the perfect video editor, simply visit screencast-o-matic.


So when you decide to make a video, there are many aspects you need to pay close attention to, but first, few questions require answers. The most prominent ones are who your audience is and what is the purpose of the video. Once we know who we are marketing to, everything else is more natural. But it is crucial to understand who the audience is and what they want. Furthermore, what are you trying to achieve? Are we selling a service or a product? Are we teaching people or looking for new workers? Understanding what we are trying to accomplish and who our target is is necessary before embarking on this journey.

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Another topic for thought is what means do we have anyway? Having a team of experts that can make and edit the video would be fantastic, but if that is not an option, can you do it yourself? Or do you maybe know someone that could assist us? Knowing the budget available is as important as knowing your audience. Do you have enough money to buy equipment and software? Are you going to hire an expert? Another problem is, are you perhaps planning to make much more than just one video. If that is true, maybe consider learning more about the process of editing and producing. It is harder, but it will save a lot of money on hiring people in the long run. Once we have all the facts together, decide what kind of video you are making.

You can use a free video editor like Clipchamp in making videos – Clipchamp is a browser based free online video editor designed to make video creation easy for everyone, even for those with no prior editing experience.


Many people might think that all of those videos we see online, for example, on YouTube, are made with equipment that a normal person doesn’t have. They are wrong. Pretty much all of us have a good enough phone in this day and age. Don’t get us wrong, some ability is needed, but it is feasible. There are some things you would need to pay special attention to. Taking a steadfast and even shot is of vital significance. No one wants to watch something that we made with a shaky camera. It’s not the early days of the internet anymore. Using a tripod might be necessary. They are not expensive or hard to find, so don’t worry. The next decision you have to make is, are you going to film horizontally or vertically. Remember when we said understanding the audience is key? If we are filming something that goes on Youtube, make a horizontal take. If people are going to watch it with a phone, go for a vertical take. Every professional can testify to the importance of understanding when to move and when to zoom. Zooming can decrease the condition and make it look blurred. Sometimes, when you want for something to be seen better, it is a good choice to get a closer shot by moving. And of course, unless you are filming in real-time, use a video editor. With a solid budget, more reliable editors can be bought. But even some that are free are still good enough.


But whether we are using a phone or a professional camera, some things never change. It is always essential to consider our lighting and audio. Creating something in darkness is not a good idea. Natural is usually better than artificial light. So if filming with help from the sun is an option, go for it. When it comes to the audio, sounds that are made by others and echo are our enemies, so avoid them. Something that many forget when making videos is being true to yourself. Character is vital to attracting an audience. No one watches a video to get bored, but to entertain themselves and even to learn something new. Everyone prefers content that is distinct from others. Think about it, if there are plenty of others that are exactly the same as what we are offering, why would anyone continue watching our content? And finally, contemplate how to end a video. The best idea normally is to tell viewers what to do now. Subscribe, like, and share my content is one example. Others might be something like, go to my website and learn more. Generally, it depends on the content and audience.

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As we have seen, while there are many things to take into consideration, none of them are too complicated. The most crucial part is to think hard about what you are trying to do with a video. With some research, it shouldn’t be too hard to make excellent content. That analysis will help us attract many people, and having a good video editor is often the key to success, so make sure to pick the right tools for a successful journey ahead of you.