Speech on GuruPurnima

Speech on GuruPurnima

Respected teachers and dear friends,

Good Morning.

It is my honor to present before a speech on Guru Purnima, also called as Vyasa Purnima. As teachers are believed to be one of the incarnations of Guru, I would like to begin my speech by heartily welcoming and respecting all the teachers and principals present here.

Speech on GuruPurnima

India is considered to be a land of Gurus, spiritual masters, and teachers. Guru Purnima is a major traditional festival that is celebrated throughout India with great fervor and zeal by Hindus and Buddhists. This day is celebrated on the full moon of the Ashadh month in the month of June or July. It is done to honor all the enlightened masters, Gurus, and teachers who have dedicated all their lives towards self-realization and spreading enlightenment throughout the world without any personal gain. This day is widely celebrated to recognize the significant contribution of teachers in our life. It is a day to remind the importance of Gurus and pay our respect to them.

There is an ancient slokas derived from the scriptures to summarizes the significance of a Guru. “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha,Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurve Nam”. A ‘Guru’ is remembered with great devotion and reverence. A Guru is the one who has been given significance more than God. He teaches life lessons to people and lead them to glory.

We find different Gurus in different walks of life. A real-life Guru can be anyone who guides you and makes effort to push you to the road of success. According to the ancient belief, our parents are the first Guru in our life and their place is considered above than God. They teach us passion and love from childhood. They pave a path to reach our goals safely. The second Gurus who come into our life are in the form of our school teachers. They define our cultural and societal beliefs and are considered to be important to obtain a good societal knowledge. Teachers shape our morals as we step into the future. As we grow old, we find our Guru in our friends who helps and motivates us in various significant ways to reach our life goals.

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Guru Purnima is a grand day that is significant to revive the connection between the students and the teachers in both academic and spiritual ways. Students and disciples all over the world dedicate this day to their teachers. It is a societal and religious celebration. The ancient and present Indian tradition acknowledges the positive impact of Guru or a teacher in a student’s life. A Guru or a teacher plays a significant role in molding the student’s life and guide him through all the phases of life. A Guru guides a student to help him reach his goals and advance in his spiritual and materialistic life.  His grace and blessings are powerful to dispel ignorance (darkness) from the life of the student. On this day disciples and students recognize the importance of Guru in life and receive their blessings.

This festival is deeply rooted in our ancient education system of Guru Shishya tradition that is considered to be sacred. The teachings and life of holy enlightened masters are again recalled. Students are motivated to follow the wisdom and knowledge of spiritual gurus. In the present era where moral values and the feeling of mutual respect are declining, it has become very essential to understand the importance of this festival. So, let us all celebrate Guru Purnima by paying deep gratitude and devotion towards all our Gurus for their guidance.

On this auspicious day, we should all introspect our life and pay our gratitude towards all those people who have played the role of a Guru in our life. I will end my speech by again conveying my gratitude and respect to all the Gurus present here and wishing that their grace remains on each one of us and illuminate our life. Best wishes to Guru Purnima.

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