3 Hardest Raid Bosses in WoW Shadowlands

World of Warcraft isn’t a popular game for no reason. No, things are like that with a good reason. For decades now it offers amazing challenges to players, both old and new ones. The game showed a great will to evolve and its creators have been up to the task since the inception of this famous MMORPG. What players love the most is going out on a good old raid. The pinnacle of fighting in WoW is of course fighting the bosses. Once you reach your first boss, you’ll be hooked up to the game, and you’ll never be willing to let go.

During the years, the game received numerous updates and upgrades, and as you probably know the latest one is called Shadowlands. The goal is always to take everything one step further, and we can say that the same happened to the bosses in the latest iteration. The never-ending evolution brought out some amazing challenges, and we’re here to discuss the endgame on a few levels. No, it is not about the latest Avengers installment. No, we’re going to talk about the three hardest raid bosses in WoW Shadowlands.

Please, read our article, and tell us your opinion. This is a completely subjective opinion, and it will be no surprise if you disagree. Every payer sees the game differently. So, if we’re not on the same page your opinion is more than welcomed in the comment section. If it turns out that we see your thoughts as more viable than our selection, this article will of course be updated. After all, it is not written down in stone. No, it’s written on our precious WordPress platform, and in no time you could find yourself quoted on our website. Before that happens let’s talk about the hardest bosses our editorial office faced in the Shadowlands.

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Heroic Lich King

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This is a tough one. Heroic Lich King is not an easy adversary to kill. If you started the game back in the day, you’d need numerous attempts to take him out. What made the endeavor even harder is the limited number of attempts you had per week. It was not possible to fight this strong enemy more than fifty times a week. One would argue that this is more than enough but we beg to differ. For most of us, it took more than one hundred attempts to go over the hump. With time, players became more adept, and this step was once known as the one that could be handled by taking advantage of a bug in the game’s interface. Now, you need to go the fair route, which is what makes the game interesting. One thing that’s also fair, and allowed is to equip yourself additionally, and we fully recommend it. There’s no need to fight empty-handed when you can have help on your side in the form of https://buyboost.com/wow.


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An enemy for ages. Players of World of Warcraft adore this raid. This boss is one of the more popular on this platform and is often discussed between the players. No one cares a lot about bosses they’ve beaten when enough time passes, but the situation is different with Blackhand. This boss is discussed in weeks and months after you’ve beaten him, and it is the talk of the street when you fight him without a doubt. The raid that precedes him is one of the greatest of all time as with the time you take to beat it, it gets more difficult. The growth of difficulty levels are your progress is unparalleled, or at least was back in the day when this raid was first created. Even the best guilds had issues with this particular boss and the underlings such as Iron Maidens and the Blast Furnace that came before it. The end reward is even better as the Backhand is just the type of boss you want to kill after you’ve honed your skill for long enough. The fun fact is that one of the best guilds at the time of inception of this boss, Method, took over three hundred attempts to take him down. This speaks levels of him on its own. Even the most powerful boss in the game won’t be an obstacle if you play together with the coolest players. Where to find them? For example, you may check out this site, where various WoW carries are offered.

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Let’s talk difficult, let’s talk Uu’nat. this one goes beyond reason, and it took hours of gameplay to complete the task at hand that is this boss. This boss is the hardest one in the history of this game. The best score when it comes to Uu’nat is seven hundred and thirty-one attempts. Yes, you heard that well. There’s no misunderstanding at hand. The mechanics behind the creation of this boss are out of this world, and the players were in awe of it when first faced. It all came down to the superpower of this boss which was named Unstable Resonance. Thanks to it, the entire raid was affected at the same time giving the players a different resonance. If players that don’t have the same resonance touched they would immediately explode resulting in a kill.

The worst part is that they would destroy everything in the radius of ten yards of the player. In the NFL ten yards might not be too much, but in WoW and this boss, it was the difference between life and death. For WoW players beating this boss was like winning the Super Bowl for any football franchise minus the New England Patriots. They took fewer attempts, to be honest. To this day the Uu’nat is seen as one of the raids that offered more difficulty than any before. We’re also sure that it will take some time for the developers from the Blizzard company to think of anything more complex to beat. While every victory is fair in its own right, and the victor takes the spoil we must admit that this boss received numerous complaints from the players and for a while, the people from Blizzard were overrun by nagging e-mails from the gaming community they’ve created. Now, that’s a beast you can’t kill that easily.

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