How Long Does It Take to Get 1 Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the earliest and most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and launched in late 2008. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency based on cryptography. The usage of cryptography is why it is also called a cryptocurrency. The entire technology of bitcoin works because of blockchain. What makes it different from other digital currencies is that it is decentralized. The decentralized network negates any interference from banks or any other regulatory authority.

About Bitcoin

As mentioned above, bitcoin is the first of its kind decentralized form of digital currency. Nakamoto developed it to replace cash as a mainstream way of payment. The bonus points were anonymity and complete control over one’s finances. You can use bitcoins to buy and sell goods and services.

The fundamental technology underlying cryptocurrencies is blockchain. Blockchain is a collection of blocks. All blocks are secured with encryption. A digital wallet is used to store the bitcoins, and public and private keys are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. Private key authorizes the transactions and is known only to the person who owns it. The public key is transparently available to everyone.

People were quite apprehensive about bitcoin when it was first launched. So only the prominent members of the community own the maximum number of bitcoins. Bitcoin led to the invention of many other altcoins and facilitated the emergence of a new market and form of exchange. Cryptocurrency became mainstream only in the late 2024s.

What is Mining?


You know how bitcoin changed the way we perceive the payment system. But one question still remains. How exactly are they made? The system creates new bitcoins through the process called mining. Mining refers to the process of solving complex mathematical puzzles with specialized equipment. Miners receive bitcoin as a reward for solving the problem. In simpler words, a computer solves a problem and the system rewards it by creating a bitcoin. Unverified transactions in the system are verified through this process. So, mining creates bitcoins while also maintaining the integrity of the system.

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The process consumes power and takes a lot of time but is straightforward. This is also why it has attracted a large number of people. Since there are many miners, whoever solves the puzzle fastest receives the benefits.

When mining first began, CPUs were used. There were many limitations to CPUs which paved the way for GPUs. GPUs are highly efficient, but nowadays, mining is done through application-specific integrated circuits. ASICs are specialized equipment that mines at a high speed but is also very expensive.

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

There is a limited quantity of bitcoins available which means the supply is limited. This restricted supply leads to a rise in the price of bitcoin and the complexity of the problem. The difficulty is directly proportional to the number of miners. Mining is a risk-free investment in cryptocurrency without putting in actual money. Bitcoin mining is done in blocks. Therefore, miners earn a block after solving one puzzle. Currently, a miner receives 6.25 bitcoins if they successfully mine a block.

The entire process is incredibly smart. One, you need to spend money, so more people go for it. Two, while verifying the transactions happening in the block, new bitcoins get created. This reinforces the security of the process. However, without special mining hardware, it can be hard to mine bitcoins. This special equipment requires a hefty investment and a huge electricity bill. A way of reducing this power consumption is by participating in mining pools. Mining pools combine the computing power of all their members. The rewards also get divided equally between the members.

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How Long Does it Take to Get 1 Bitcoin?

This question is a complicated one. In an ideal situation, where ideal software and hardware are available, one bitcoin can be mined in 10 minutes. Obviously, the ideal equipment is expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Also, as mentioned before, bitcoins are mined in blocks and not alone.

In reality, there are many complications for mining one bitcoin. You require the best computational power, and solve the puzzle first. Remember that other miners also compete for solving the same, which increases its difficulty level. A huge setup of hardware and software will take nearly 30 days to mine one bitcoin. This will also affect the profit you will make. While one bitcoin is worth a lot, after deducting your electricity bill and equipment cost, you will be left with little money. The best-case scenario is to join a mining pool. You will have a better chance of successfully mining and making better profits.

Factors Determining the Mining Time


Primarily three factors affect the mining time. They are-

Type of Equipment

The kind of equipment affects the time it will take to mine one bitcoin. CPUs cannot handle mining anymore. Someone using high-grade special mining equipment will take less time to mine a block than someone using a GPU.

Individual Mining or Mining Pool

Unless you have special equipment and huge power consumption is not a hassle, mining pools are better for you. Mining pools generally take less time to mine one block. The only downside is that rewards get shared too. Solo mining, while more profitable, will possibly take more time. There are several trading interfaces that can help you learn more about bitcoin. Read more to understand how these interfaces can benefit you.

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If you are going for a mining pool, remember to verify its details and trustworthiness. Choose a well-known pool.


Bitcoin mining difficulty is a measure of how much work you will have to do to get rewarded. It changes as per the number of miners joining in. With more miners, the difficulty level increases.

Final Words


There is no doubting the fact that bitcoin’s price will only rise in the future, making it a profitable investment. With the increase in popularity, it has become difficult to mine it. Mining is a tedious and long process, but it can generate huge profits if done in the right way.