How Many Passengers Fit in a Limo?

Limousines are an attractive addition to any significant outing. Their recognizable chassis and luxurious feel are unique in the world of car rentals. Although they are pricey, they are worth the price when trying to make a night memorable or when you want to make sure the party doesn’t stop in between clubs. Among their other features, the passenger capacity is probably the most important one to know when renting one. Here are some details to make sure everybody is comfortably set inside of a limo.

Be careful with the number of passengers in your limo


As we will see below, different limos offer different passenger capacities. When looking through available limos you may note that there is more space inside these limos than the capacity suggests. While the first thing that comes to our mind is that it’s a way to ring out more money out of rentals. However, there’s a very real reason why limits like these exist. When limos exceed their passenger limit they become dangerous to drive.

The legal capacity being crossed can easily lead to lethal accidents. While limos are a great vehicle for parties and night outings, they aren’t as safe as our regular vehicles. The compromise is done for the sake of stretching the car make it a lot more vulnerable to damage during a collision. The bigger the limo the bigger the risk, so never have more people in the car than allowed. Check out the available limos and see which one fits you. Services such as Mississauga Limo offer a great selection of limos, you can visit them on offer for a great and quick insight into their available vehicles.

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What’s available for rental?

Renting a limo varies in price based on the type of limo it is. There are regular, standard limos. Shorter than most but more classic in appearance.

The medium limos are usually the ones with club-like appearance, acting as a smaller party between the rowdier night experiences you may be planning on.

Lastly, we have big limousines. These are usually based on stretched-out versions of existing cars. The most popular model is the stretch Hummer limo but those looking for a different style are bound to find something to their liking.
Now let’s answer the real question: How many people can fit inside them?

How many people fit inside the limo?

The capacity of a limo will heavily depend on its size. The model doesn’t matter as much, usually deviating by only a few seats. However, the size will be important in discerning the best limo for you.

Small limo


The small limos aren’t too spacious, often offering very few features and amenities. They do offer 6 to 8 spots for passengers though. This may not be enough for a full party but it’ll do if it is merely a matter of having a night out with a small group of friends or business partners.

Keep in mind that 6 to 8 passengers capacity doesn’t include the driver so you needn’t worry about having less spots than promised. The driver is located at the front with two seats behind him, two on the opposite side, and two on the side of the car. If there are any additions to the car, it’ll be on the other side of the limo.

Medium limo


If you are interested in bringing more people you should immediately skip the small limo and check out the medium one. Not only can this limo hold up to 15 passengers at once, it also provides a lot more space for other items to be added. These limos are frequently filled with décor that invokes a feeling of being in a club. Neon lights, drinks, and enough space between the seats to relax are key features of a medium-sized limo.

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They can include a whole lot more in their list of services. LCD TVs are a frequent sight and so are glass holders, entire bars, and privacy curtains. Really, the list goes on for quite a while because comfort is as important as seating capacity.

These are perfect for those with bigger friend circles and a knack for longer nights as the limo itself will offer a good place of respite regardless of your next destination. The added comfort is bound to pay off if you end up driving around a lot too.

Large limo


The last limo type is a large size limo. These are absolutely massive with as many as 20 passengers being able to fit inside. They can afford people even more freedom of movement, although make sure to keep any movements to a minimum when the car is traveling to avoid injury, and are bundled with even more features than medium limos.

The usual features are also there with full bars becoming a more common trait in large limos than they were with small ones. The excessive size does make them tougher to maneuver so do keep in mind where you’ll be going. There could be areas that are risky to get into with a car that big and may compromise the safety of passengers as well as the health of the car. It’s paramount that you get rentals from a reputable place when renting a limo but doubly so if renting a large one. You really want a good and experienced driver at the wheel with one of these huge vehicles, it’s the most secure way to enjoy a limo ride.

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Large limos are great for just about any group of people, within capacity limits obviously, and offer a safe bet when we are unsure if we’ll manage to fit inside of medium one. Even if you end up with extra space there are no losses there, just a lot more space to unwind.


Limos are doubtlessly a type of car that has a unique, attractive aspect to it. The feeling of driving around in a long car such as this is unique no matter the passenger. However, we should always make sure to obey the legal capacities of limos. Failing to do so can result in horrific accidents which could result in lethal consequences for passengers or the driver. Don’t mistake the limo’s length for durability. The design staples of the limo require reducing the resilience of the car.

When picking a limo it’s important to know what you want, which is why there are so many limos to choose from available in rental shops. From 6 to 20 passengers, any friend group is bound to get an experience to be remembered. Pay extra attention to the capacity to avoid any accidents and keep in mind that larger limos have more services available in them. These preparations don’t take too long yet they will lead to a night that everybody present will remember.