5 Ways to Improve Your Electric Hoverboard in 2024

Hoverboards are hardly a new invention or a new trend anymore. They are around a decade old now and everyone knows what they are and what they are made for. Thanks to the new advancements in technology the new models are much better than the first ones which has ensured that more people than ever buy them. What is more, there are now younger and younger kids riding them around without a sweat, finding their way around town much faster and easier.

Still however, this is a means of transport like any other which means there are quite a lot of responsibilities to consider. Once you buy yourself a hoverboard you have to mind the traffic laws and pedestrians in your immediate surroundings. You also have to be respectful to everyone else and not be a nuisance as you ride. Lastly, you must go out of your way to care for the hoverboard itself if you want it to last you a long time. If you wish to learn exactly how you can improve your electric hoverboard and maintain it the best way, keep reading the article. We will be talking about 5 ways to improve your electric gadget and make it the best it can be. Click here to learn more about these amazing machines and find out how you can customize them on your own.

1. Mind the Wheels

The most important thing about the whole board are the two wheels. Without them working as they should you will not be able to use it at all. This means that the most care should be put into making sure they are at optimal levels. In order to upgrade the performance and the board itself, you have to clean the wheels regularly and change them if they begin to fail. If you prefer driving off-road, you should think about equipping the board with stronger wheels. However, not all of them are that customizable so the best you can do is clean them from dirt and water.

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2. Battery Life

Just like any other modern gadget that runs on lithium-ion batteries, you need to recharge it regularly and that means not allowing it to go fully out of juice. If you do so often the battery life may suffer without you even knowing it. Back in the day, batteries lasted longer if you allowed them to go to 0%, but nowadays it is much better to keep track of it and charge it to 100% as frequently as possible. Leave it plugged for at least two hours when you first unpacked it, and make sure to charge it whenever you return from a trip. This will not really upgrade it but it will make sure that the board lasts for longer. You may be able to find bigger batteries or buy a few to interchange so that you always have a 100% ready.

3. The Board

Source: theverge.com

The area on which you stand is another crucial part of the whole unit since it is where you will be putting most pressure. Also, it will get quite dirty from the shoes so cleaning it is necessary quite often. This is a great chance to really have an upgrade since there are special mats that can be attached to decrease slipping and allow more stability. Most modern hoverboards already have good surfaces but if you want the best you could be able to upgrade it. The bottom of the board should also be maintained and you can find special anti-liquid sprays that will prevent excess water from staying on too long. In any case, clean it after every use especially if you got caught in the rain or if you accidently ran over some muddy areas or puddles. Before storing it until spring, rub it down and give it a shine as it awaits the nicer weather.

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4. Cooling it Down

Whenever you are using your hoverboard it will get warm and eventually heated up. Remember to give it time to cool off before you continue riding it or else it will overheat and break. If you usually do longer runs, check its temperature and walk for a little bit to give it time to rest. The inner components will last you much longer and you will hardly ever need to replace them if you make sure they stay cool. The battery and the sensors are vital to its life so going out of your way to care for them goes a long way. Pro tip: Never charge it while it is already very warm from riding.

5. Accessories

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When it comes to accessories, it is the section in which you can have most upgrades installed to your board. The most obvious thing you can do is pimp it out and change its color or design. Giving it a personal style with some special logos or stickers will make it stand out and let the people know what you are about. You can have differently stylized pedals for some extra drip or even color the wheels in different shades. The choice is yours, just know this is where the true creativity is shown. For ultimate comfort and convenience, think about purchasing a waterproof carrying bag or a special hoverboard backpack bag. These will allow you to store it between sessions so that you do not have to carry it in your hands. Special self-balancing carrying handles exist too that are easily adjustable and attachable to the middle part of the board. Lastly, you can really go for some upgrades if you decide to put on some battery-powered LEDs for some increased safety at night and even more style and attention. Something like this is especially convenient if your hoverboard does not have stock headlights and tail lights.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

Personal transportation was forever changed with the introduction of electric hoverboards and numerous iterations appeared over the years. If you are thinking of upgrading your existing one, these tip should do the trick just fine and ensure you have a better model than before you came across the article.