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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Kids Soccer Cleats Online

Buying clothes for our children is quite stressful. Especially when our kids aren’t around to try them. When purchasing online, this issue becomes worse. Every bit of information that we could fill in by going in person is lost, and there’s a higher chance of an unsatisfying purchase. However, there are still ways in which we can make sure our child’s soccer cleats will be good and help them make their way on the field. To do so, you should avoid the following mistakes when purchasing the cleats.

There’s more to size than just a number

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The first and most important thing to do is to consider your kid’s shoe size. Not only that, you should also consider the overall dimensions of their foot. The reason for this is simple, while generalized shoe sizes are usually reliable, there’s still models or brands which may be slightly off. While general wear can adjust and conform to our foot after a few walks and cause us only slight discomfort, being even slightly off with sportswear can lead to pain and even damage to the foot.

The reason for the discrepancy being the intensity of an average training session, especially in soccer. Our kid will most likely be running back and forth a lot, which will make the stress even greater. Even for goalkeepers, a badly sized cleat could lead to an ankle injury during play.

This issue gets worse when you consider children are constantly growing. It’s a good idea to get a size or two bigger cleats. The extra space can be filled in through other means like an insole or a special pad. As the kid grows and adjusts to the cleats, we can remove this padding, making them once again fit the kid. This method will not only save you money but offer maximum comfort to your child by having some extra space for their foot without it being filled out in a matter of months due to growth spurts.

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Don’t ignore the child’s position in the team

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When considering the appropriate type of soccer cleats to buy, an important factor will be what their position in the team is. While soccer cleats may seem the same at first glance, there are a few differences to pay attention to depending on where our kid plays in the team.

If our kid has a position of a defender, they will need some extra protection on their cleats. This will protect them from any harm that may happen while they play, and the slightly heavier model won’t affect them as much because they’ll keep back for most of the time.

Those playing forwards will play the best with lightweight cleats. This will allow them to maneuver and move easily across the field while making plays. Note that some protection is still alright, but it shouldn’t be a primary goal of cleats, don’t worry. These themselves will provide ample protection for the kid. If your child is in the winger position, they’ll need similarly light cleats.

Midfielders require maximum comfort. Their position requires a top level of control to maneuver the field properly.

Lastly, goalkeepers require cleats that will allow them to do precise kicks for passes as well as good traction. These should be good for defending and kicking the ball away from the goal, so take some extra time checking the cleat’s strike zone.

To get the best equipment for your kids, we suggest dream pairs kids soccer cleats. These cleats come in various models and shapes that will conform to just about any position in a team. Check them out at

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Don’t buy leather cleats

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As with all other clothing, it’s important to take extra note of the materials they are made out of. The regular clothes and shoes are different to soccer ones too. While we’d usually prefer leather for our shoes, synthetic materials are better in the case of soccer.

Leather is comfortable, but it is prone to stretching out. This can be a good thing for general wear shoes because they’ll become more comfortable, but in the case of soccer cleats, it merely removes the support our child needs while on the field. Cleats should be made out of synthetic materials that will not expand over time and will consistently have the same firm grip.

Holding the proper shape is key to any soccer cleats, so if you see a certain model has issues with that, avoid it. This is where getting information from others becomes important, which leads us to our next point.

Not informing yourself can lead to an inferior purchase

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No matter where you decide to purchase the cleats or which cleats you are getting, it’s fruitful to ask somebody who knows better. Coaches, senior players, and other people properly acquainted with soccer are all good sources of information.

While we’ve laid out the general suggestions on how to avoid mistakes, there will always be outliers. Maybe a certain brand or model is known for having a very bad quality of cleats or has certain issues that may not fit the kid’s position. Getting educated helps us make soccer practice a much safer experience for our kids.

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It would help if you still took some time thinking it over and asking multiple sources. The most frequent mistake people end up making when asking for suggestions is only asking a single person and taking that as the ultimate recommendation. Having more details to work with easily leads to a better purchase so inquire multiple people.

Avoid breaking the budget

The price tags of cleats can often catch us off guard. With the constant promotion of these cleats, we may be tempted to purchase them. However, sticking to our budget and looking for more affordable cleats within that price range pays off. In order to plan your budget you can use grocery budget cuts tactic.

The price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. After a certain price point, it’s mostly brand recognition that bumps up the price of cleats. This is once again a situation where engaging with information available on the subject is important. Some pricier models could even be prone to early deterioration.

Our budget should be set beforehand and be only slightly flexible. Keeping an eye out on it can help us both narrow possible options and optimize the quality of those cleats that fall into our budget. Do put a lower limit on the price you are willing to pay. That will put us in a specific price range which will filter out other less desirable or affordable models.