Are Men’s Tights i.e. Meggings Becoming More Popular?

The short answer is yes. The long one will be answered in this article.

Not too long ago, men in tights were restricted to circuses, the Olympics, and superhero movies. The strangeness is agreed upon, but what stands as baffling is the fact that functional, comfortable, athleisure wear for men was as fictional as the superheroes who wore them.

Seeing this, visionary, entrepreneur, and yoga instructor Valentine Aseyo created Matador Meggings. Thus redefining the realm of high-performance athleisure wear for men. Not only are meggings functional AF, but they are also built for the male anatomy. We’ll be taking a closer look at meggings to understand the reason for their rise in popularity.

Let’s dive right in.

What Exactly Are Meggings?

Meggings are technically leggings for men, but also more than that. Sportswear for men does not focus on key aspects like functionality, comfort, or performance. This makes sportswear more of a hassle than something you would want to work out in.

Functional, and fun, meggings bring in a whole new experience when it comes to athleisure wear for men, and here is why.

Comfortable and Durable

The horrors of wearing uncomfortable leggings can only be reiterated by people who have put themselves through the torture.

No more!

Meggings are made of sweat-wicking high-quality fabric, which means that your meggings are going to be dry and odor free even after the most high-intensity workout.

Made out of premium and silky smooth fabric that is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% Lycra, meggings are featherweight, offering the most comfortable fit every time.

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What’s amazing is that meggings are crafted using multiple layers of flatlock stitching. This not only makes them highly durable but also perfect for withstanding differing conditions, like, extreme heat or cold, pool water, seawater, etc.

Now that’s clutch!

Meggings Mood

Who said functional wear cannot be fun? Whether it’s in the gym or the great outdoors, meggings are made to showcase the best side of you. Be yourself without having to compromise.

Meggings come in a vast assortment of colors and prints, ranging from the bold Arrow Meggings to the quaint solid color collection. Browse through the entire collection to figure out what fits your vibe.

To move beyond the ordinary is what meggings are all about. Let boring pants take a hike while you go hiking in your meggings. It does not matter what you believe in or what your body type is, Meggings are meant for all and here to showcase the best side of you.


Bulge Be Gone

The problem with most leggings is they fail to conceal your penis line. While you might wanna show off your goods in the right place and time, it’s not always a good idea to parade your junk in a room full of strangers. Meggings are equipped with a soft modesty cup to hide your visible penis line from view. However, if you’re in the mood to flaunt, this crotch cup is easily removable.

Functional and Fun

Functionality has to be the top priority when it comes to clothing for men. However, paying attention to aspects like functionality, men’s clothing has somehow overlooked crucial things like style. That’s exactly why they have reinvented leggings for men to not only be functional but also stylish and comfortable.

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Here is how.

All meggings are equipped with a zipper pocket for your valuables, an open pocket for your phone, and a T-shirt/ Towel loop at the back

To assure added reinforcement meggings come with a nonslip- waistband and an inner drawstring. This ensures you rock your meggings not only at the gym but wherever your heart desires.


Are Meggings Primarily Sportswear?

Meggings do fall in the category of high-performance athleisure wear, and they are amazing to work out in, however, that’s only half the story. Meggings are built to ensure comfort, performance, and functionality and also bring out the best in all men. So, why restrict your meggings to the gym when there is so much more that can be done wearing them?

Meggings are perfect for hikes, cycling, parties, festivals or simply to relax with. They are the perfect replacement for boring pants. Meggings allow you to express yourself in the way that you want to. So why not slap on your favorite pair of meggings with a blazer or a casual shirt. Not only do meggings allow you to rise above the conventional trends of men’s fashion, they ensure that you look stunning and feel comfortable while doing so.

Why choose them?

Spanish bullfighters are emblematic figures of hyper-masculinity. You will agree that bullfighting is not an easy task. However, they display a dominant sense of poise and grace when it comes to doing what they do. Also, they were the OG men in tights.

Drawing inspiration from the Spanish bullfighters of yore, meggings instill that same spirit of masculinity and grace in the modern era.


Meggings Motivation

Meggings have been designed and created to give men the opportunity to freely express themselves without feeling the need to fit into age-old norms. Whether it’s a party or a business meeting, be sure to rock those meggings with utmost confidence.

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Built for men, meggings do not adhere to any specific body type or belief system. The only thing that is stopping you from slapping on a pair of meggings is the need to conform to conventional ideas of how men with different body types should dress differently. Let your mood be reflected in your meggings despite your body type. What’s stopping you?

Meggings for all

Considering the functionality, comfort, and plethora of colors and prints, why wouldn’t meggings be the talk of the town? Giving men an opportunity to rise above the norm and express themselves in the way they choose, meggings are here to stay. Concerning any activity, meggings have shown that there is no reason why you should not be looking and feeling good while doing it. So, visit the website today and check out their crazy collection of meggings and figure out which you would want to see yourself in.