5 Best Meat to Eat to Lose Weight – 2024 Guide

The fact is that the diet greatly affects our health and life expectancy. If we look back through history, for example, a century or two ago, people lived on average much shorter (the average life expectancy was 40 to 50 years). In the pre-Christian era, that average was even lower.

Today, the situation is much better because the average human life is 72.6 years. This is primarily due to a healthier diet, but also generally better living conditions. Speaking of diet, it is very important to eat healthy food. Although when we talk about healthy nutrition, foods of plant origin come to mind first, we must not forget foods of animal origin such as meat, eggs, milk, etc.

Simply put, all foods are important and contain certain nutrients that are essential for us to be healthy. Of course, in case that is the advice of a nutritionist, then it is best to follow the instructions and the prescribed diet. However, people often, guided by other people’s experiences, choose a diet and eliminate certain foods without first consulting their nutritionist. This is wrong because by eliminating certain foods you can achieve the wrong effect.

For example, this is a common mistake when you want to lose weight. An excellent representative of the unjustly underestimated foods is meat. In previous years, meat gained a bad reputation due to certain studies that classified it as a food that has its share in various health problems, primarily cardiovascular.

However, the fact is that meat contains useful, nutritious and above all essential ingredients that have a very positive impact on our health.

These primarily include zinc, vitamin B-12, iron, selenium, etc. So, removing meat from use is not a good option. Instead, it is better to choose the right type of meat, which will bring you all the necessary nutrients, fats, proteins, etc., while helping you, for example, to lose the pounds you gained in previous months.

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For example, a great substitute for red meat can be poultry meat. Also, the meat of sea animals or game is also good in order to lose weight. Therefore, the next time you buy meat, focus on such products. Below, we will focus on the best meat to eat to lose weight and introduce you to the benefits and nutritional values of different types of meat. Also, we must add that the following types of meat are also good for increasing muscles, so if you want a slim, muscular body, this can also be the right diet for you. So, now, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. Chicken meat

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Yes, of course, chicken meat is high on the list of nutritious, weight-loss-friendly meats, with a fairly low percentage of fat. To be more precise, chicken breasts are most often recommended as the best piece of meat. Undoubtedly, you have heard that people who exercise eat chicken breast because they are full of protein and other nutrients, but also that they have very little fat, which is very important since you plan to lose weight.

Chicken breasts are also quite easy to prepare. Since they don’t have skin, that means you won’t waste time on pre-preparation. The versatility of this food is reflected in the fact that there really are a huge number of ways to prepare chicken breasts in a healthy way. You can fry chicken breasts, you can chop them and add them to your favorite vegetable salad, or you can simply season them and enjoy a healthy meal.

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As for the content of nutrients, we must point out that chicken breasts have 19 grams of protein per 3 ounces. Also, this food is rich in selenium, zinc, iron, vitamins A and K, as well as vitamins from the B complex, B6 and B12.

2. Venison

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If we compare venison with the previously mentioned chicken meat, here we have 26 grams of protein per 3 ounces, which is great content for the process of losing weight. When it comes to fat, there are only 2 grams per 3 ounces.

As for preparing venison, the process itself is a bit more demanding and time-consuming because it requires slow cooking. However, in the end you are sure to have a healthy meal in front of you without excess fat. If you like beef, then this is a great substitute because it has a pretty similar taste.

Also, it is very important to mention that venison is rich in other nutrients besides proteins, for example, iron, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, etc.

3. Rabbit meat

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If you have never eaten rabbit meat before, then this is the right time to feel new tastes and thus begin your process of losing extra pounds. The nutritional values ​​of rabbit meat are really fantastic for a slim body because there are only 147 calories here. Also, we must mention the low-fat content (3 grams) as well as the protein content of 28 grams.

Speaking of fats, the fact that rabbit meat has a very low content, so low that if you did not get fat through other foods, you could endanger your health due to “rabbit starvation”.

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This means that long-term eating of rabbit meat without additional fat intake is not recommended. Therefore, do not look for optimal fat intake here. As for other useful ingredients, the rabbit is extremely rich in iron.

4. Salmon and tuna

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A fish is also an animal that has meat, right? Therefore, it can definitely be included on our list. Our recommendation as weight loss friendly meat as tuna and salmon. Salmon has a protein content of 19 grams per 3 ounces, while tuna content is 20 grams per 3 ounces.

A common feature of these two types of fish is that they are rich in healthy fat from the family of omega-3 fatty acids. Generally speaking, these foods are easy to prepare and also budget-friendly. Plus, they can be easily found.

5. Ostrich

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In the end, another type of bird meat. This time, it’s ostrich meat. The calorie content is impressive as there are only 105 calories here as well as 2.7 grams of fat. As for protein, here the ostrich has a content of 18.8 grams per 3 ounces.

It is important to add that ostrich meat has a low cholesterol level, only 68 milligrams, which is important in the process of losing weight. As for the essential ingredients, it is very important to emphasize B-vitamins and their role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.