8 Best Easy-to-Learn MMORPG Games For Newbies

No matter how old you are, you probably know that there are various MMORPGs out there. Some are a bit more complex to play than others, which is why you might want to try some that are easier first – especially if you’re a beginner – and then, later on, move on to the games that require more skill and knowledge.

But, since there are is a wide range of MMOs available on the market, it might be daunting for you to determine which ones are suitable for beginners. Luckily for all people that found themselves in this situation, our article can help. Before we look at the list of top 8 easy-to-learn MMORPGs for newbies, let’s first learn what this video game genre is:

MMORPGs: Explained

The very first thing that you should know about MMORPGs is that it stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. As the name implies, it’s a type of game that you could play online with other individuals from all over the globe. In most cases, they’re designed so that they can be played in a group, which will help you with exploring different areas and defeating enemies faster. It’ll also provide you with an amazing opportunity to meet people located worldwide. Here are some of the best MMOs for newbies are the following:

1. “Guild Wars II”

One of the first options that you might want to consider trying is a nice combination of modern and western, Guild Wars II, which, like most games in this genre started out as an RPG. This is why you might still see some classical RPG features throughout the game, which will make it easier for you to adjust to playing with a group of other people. The game is set in Tyria and your main objective will be to defeat a legion of powerful dragons. Yup, it is as exciting and fun as it sounds.

2. “Fortnite”

Are you looking for something more modern? If so, you should try Fortnite, a game that was released back in 2017. It’s an interesting combination of MMO and FPS and combined with the beautiful aesthetics and easy gameplay, you won’t have a problem with enjoying this game. It’s available across different platforms – MAC, Windows, and Android – and if you want to enjoy it on a console, you should research your options a bit since there are some modes that might not be available.

3. “Old School Runescape”

Although this game is a little bit older than the rest on this list, it still is one of the best options that you could choose as a beginner. There is a wide range of versions of Runescape, however, this particular one has the perfect amount of old RPG features and more modern, convenient features. You can play it on any device, including smartphones and tablets, mostly because it’s perfectly compatible with these devices.

4. “EVE Online”

This particular game is one of those options that is completely overlooked, which is why it has to be included in this article. Yes, it is more than 15-years old, however, a wide range of people still enjoy playing it. You’ll be able to explore hundreds of different start systems in order to trade and craft different items and if you want to truly experience large MMOs, this game is for you mostly because of all of the events it offers.

5. “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

A lot of us grew up watching Star Wars, so, if you’re a fan, you really shouldn’t miss playing this game. Now, even if you don’t know a lot about the Star Wars franchise, you’ll still be able to have an amazing gaming experience, no matter if you play as a Jedi, Sith Lord, or Smuggler. Of course, there is a classic storyline that you can follow, the cinematics is fun and enjoyable to watch, and you’ll be able to experience it through various PvP battles and quests.

6. “Black Desert”

The very first thing that you should know about this game is that it’s mesmerizing, hence if you’re looking for something that has amazing graphics, this is a suitable option for you. It’s worth mentioning that its massive and that it’ll take you some time to get used to it, however, you could always opt for using boosts such as the ones offered by MMOBOOST.PRO. If you do, you’ll progress faster, thus, you’ll enjoy the game more.

7. “Neverwinter”

I don’t know about you, but I used to love playing D&D when I was younger, which is probably why I love playing Neverwinter as well. It’s a digital twist of the classic game, however, it also offers a modern setting that you’ll quite enjoy seeing and learning more about. Hence, if you want to experience the thrill of classic dice games, you should definitely opt for playing this particular game, especially since you’ll already be aware of the things you need to do.

8. “Elder Scrolls: Online”

There are many video game franchises that were first revealed 20 years ago, and what was once a stand-alone RPG is now an MMORPG, one that will provide you with endless hours of fun. It’s one of my favorite MMOs out there, mostly because it’s the perfect amount of RPG and group cooperation, and don’t worry, if you don’t know a lot about the lore of this game, there is an Elder Scroll Wiki that you can read and that’ll bring this amazing story closer to you.


Although it is true that most MMORPGs are daunting to play, there are some options available out there that are easy for beginners and that’ll allow them to learn more about such games, and more importantly, that’ll allow them to improve their knowledge and skills so that they can move on to more difficult options.

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So, no matter if you’re completely new to gaming or if you simply never played games from this genre before, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, you should go through our list above one more time, determine which option you would like to try first, and from there, start enjoying the mesmerizing world of MMO games.