Speech on Motivation

One of the interesting things about us as a human species is that we often go all out to motivate others to act or behave in a certain manner. No other species does this which in itself should tell you that when it comes to motivation, we tend to stand a class apart for all the obvious reasons. We all had to be motivated by either our parents, our friends, or peers to act or behave in a certain way. If you are asking yourself as to what is motivation – well, simply put, it is that little thing called X factor that pushes you to do the right thing. We have all faced challenges in real life, from landing a perfect job to taking preventive actions to block or achieve something. At times, we tend to run through the gamut of emotions from frustration to outright despair.

Speech on Motivation

It is at this stage that a bit of motivation can act like a booster shot and push you towards accomplishing your goal. Everyone has to face challenges that may seem overwhelming to you at the moment. Whether it is personal or something to do with your work or studies, one of the effective ways that you can motivate yourself to get over the finish line, is by understanding your own abilities and giving yourself that pep talk. A pep talk works wonders and this is why nearly all coaches in most sports, give one to their athletes before any big match, in order to motivate them to do better. There are many numbers of motivational workshops that you can attend to get that extra boost. But here are a few simple tips by which you can motivate yourself to go the extra mile. Write down what you want and what you need to do to accomplish the same. Writing down stuff helps you to visualize your goal and this in turn, helps to motivate you to go all out to accomplish the same.

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It is vital that you maintain a positive attitude to life in general; keep a list handy of all the stuff that makes you smile and whenever you find life overwhelming, look over the list, and firm up that positive attitude. Make sure that your goals are real and realistic; it is pointless to aim for the impossible right away, so start with the small.

And the key thing to remember is that you got to convert all those failures into success; sure, you may think that sounds corny but within every failure that you come across is the seed to your success. So figure out why you did not succeed the last time, understand the shortcomings, take effective measures to correct the same. You can go a long way with a bit of motivation, for it can even lead you to accomplishing the impossible. As mentioned earlier, you need to start with baby steps and avoid procrastination. In time, you should be able to develop a positive attitude to life and achieve the impossible.