How To Optimize Your Huddle Room For Video Conferencing

All business owners know that the technical side of every work is embodied in our daily responsibilities. This, of course, requires constant effort, organization – and participation of all who work together. In the daily dynamics of a modern company, a lot needs to be done – and for things to work out, we need to relax sometimes. So it’s no surprise that many companies own what we call a huddle room for employees. However, you may need a complete reorganization of the premises in your company, and then what? You need to transform the huddle room into a room for video conferencing. How to do it – find out in the text in front of you.

What Are Huddle Rooms And What Are They For?


Most businesses, regardless of their size, always plan a huddle room within their business premises. We should clarify a few things related to this. Huddle rooms are company rooms that are usually small and medium in their size. Their purpose is to gather a small number of employees, usually up to six – who hold regular short meetings or briefings in such a room. Some even call them social rooms, because employees can relax and socialize in small groups from time to time. The purpose of these types of rooms completely justifies their existence – and that has not changed over the years. What has changed is the new needs of growing companies. Therefore, it happens that instead of small meeting rooms, we need a classic conference room. If we have a problem with lack of space – then some of those existing rooms must undergo some changes. Unfortunately (or fortunately), huddle rooms are very often first on the list when such room transformations are made.

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Can We Make A Conference Room Out Of The Huddle Room?

Most companies, regardless of their size or business, plan their coworking spaces. Such facilities are not only intended for occasional breaks and relaxation – but primarily provide an opportunity for smaller teams to work together faster and more efficiently. Although these rooms are usually reserved for short meetings, deliberations, or briefings – there is often a need to turn them into small conference rooms due to the volume of work and lack of space. It means only one thing: renewing and remodeling! But how to do it and does it all require a lot of time and money? NO! This is not so complicated to do at all, and we will give you some tips on what to look out for when performing such a room makeover.

  • Furniture

You should stay consistent with your corporate style – because this room should not differ in style from the rest of the space in your company. Certainly, it is a great challenge to make a conference space from a not-so-big huddle room in which the typical number of seats is from four to six. Still, nothing is impossible. Today, you can find customized furniture for huddle rooms on the market, which will look professional enough – and will not overburden the small space available to you. If you have not managed to find it yourself in the offer, or you do not know what would be the best choice for you – you can always use huddle room software or tools such as huddle room builder, or just turn to professionals for interior design.

  • Smart TV Screen

Of course, a conference room cannot be imagined without a large screen placed somewhere in a central place where everyone can see it well. This is a necessity today, because during business presentations, information sharing, or video communication with other team members who are not present in the room – you can not rely on everyone to have their laptop or tablet and to synchronously monitor data and information sharing. Therefore, the big screen is a must-have for such premises in any type of business activity. Today we have a large selection of smart screens and monitors – and many of them are very large. Therefore, we must emphasize that such a small space is not advisable to overcrowd, and therefore a display of standard or medium size is more than enough to meet the needs of such a conference room.

  • AV Integrations


Video conferencing is an almost everyday routine in most companies. So if you want to optimize your huddle room the right way – then AV integrations are a must-do thing. In most modern companies, the work involves employees who are working remotely. This became especially pronounced during the Covid-19 pandemic when many people started working from home – while some continued to go to offices. In any case, conferencing is a modern technology that is necessary for almost every business today – and fortunately, it is available to everyone. According to Hudd, when you include AV integrations in your huddle room – it is also important to find an adequate solution for easy management. This way, you will provide all team members with an excellent user experience that will motivate them to additional efforts and efficiency in doing business.

  • Acoustics And Sound Insulation

Today, the design of modern offices and business premises is more in favor of an open concept. This is very good and practical on the one hand – but still, it often brings us to a situation where we have to solve the issues of sound insulation. Of course, the sound quality, whether from an audio or video device or a microphone – should be impeccable, so that everyone in the room can hear you. That is why room acoustics and sound insulation are very important – in addition to, of course, quality audio and video equipment.

  • Lighting

Every space, even an office space, requires good light. The best option is to have plenty of natural light in these rooms. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be directly exposed to the sun. This can sometimes be unpleasant for your co-workers – and on the other hand, video conferencing will be too bright and look almost washed out. In addition, these rooms must have adequate artificial lighting. Sometimes meetings can be delayed until the evening hours – or a video meeting with someone from another time zone can be held at a time when it is already dusk in your area. Then it is important to have good lighting that will make the image in the video clearer.

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Some recent research shows that since 2024, many huddle rooms have got their new purpose. The current pandemic has contributed to this change to some extent. Namely, since the pandemic started, more people are working remotely – and fewer clients are visiting you in your workspace. In any case, this transformation benefits many. The advantage is certainly that a smaller room, such as a huddle room modeled as the conference room, provides more opportunities for proactive work – as well as a unique experience of your employees that will be more efficient in business.