6 Things to Know About Peruvian Online Betting Sites & Laws

Almost 20 percent of the population in the world prefer online betting instead of the traditional ones, and this just shows how advanced this practice is getting. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer to do it on the go, instead of having to visit sports betting places, and the biggest ones include freedom and control of your investment. Peru is one of the countries where people enjoy this pastime, and here, we are going to list some of the things that you need to know about Peruvian online betting sites and laws.

1. There are more sites than you imagine

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The first thing you need to know is that this industry is extremely popular in Peru, and since traditional gambling is legal, but frowned upon, millions of people choose to go online for this pastime activity. There are a lot of sites that offer this for their users, and some are better and more versatile than others.

Since there are hundreds of places where you can spend your time playing these games and wager on your favorite sports, and since not all of them are transparent, there are also a lot of rules and regulations about these websites, and you need to pay close attention to which ones you choose.

2. The site needs to have a license

Online betting became completely legal in 2008 in the country, and since then, sites need to have a license to be able to operate. The problem with this is that there are a lot of places where people can wager, and as we already mentioned, not all of them have these permits.

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The telecommunications regulations and the law enforcement in Peru do their best to block the places that don’t have the needed licenses, but they cannot be as fast as the new places pop up. So, it is recommended for every user to first check the legality of the website before they choose to share their bank details with the site.

3. There are many popular sports

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People in this country love to wager on different sports, and the most popular one is soccer. Since this is also one of the most popular sports overall in the country, and since this country has a lot of worldly recognized players, it is expected for online wagering to be focused on this sport.

However, this is not the only sport that is appreciated by people who want to try out their skills and luck, and some of the other trendy options include volleyball, basketball, and tennis.

As you can see on websites such as www.lotoperu.com, there are a lot of different games that you can indulge in, and if you want to place your bets on tennis in Peru, you can use a brand like Te Apuesto Peru.

4. The transactions are monitored

When we connect our credit card information or when we add our bank account details to a website, we want to know that we are safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are many places that seem legit, but once we end up making a mistake and sharing our personal data with them, we realize that we have been scammed and that funds are flowing out from our account without us approving that.

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You should know that things are far safer in this country, and every gambling transaction, including online betting, is monitored by the officials, so things cannot go unnoticed. They use a specialized computer system that prevents sites from scamming individuals, and on the same note, prevents people from trying illegal things to make money fast.

5. You can use different currencies

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Another interesting fact that you need to know about these sites is that you are not technically limited to one specific currency. Many people like to use the Peruvian Sol as their currency of choice, but some opt for the US dollar. So, in most of the sites, you are able to use at least these two, and some even choose to offer their customers other options as well. Note that this is not regulated by law, so you may stumble upon betting places where only one currency is available, and you have to use only that one to place your wager.

On a similar note, in most places, you are able to choose between the two main languages – Spanish and English to find your way around the website. However, with modern technology, even if you want to see the site in other languages, you can automatically do that with the translation feature.

6. You can opt for a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods

Finally, if you were worried that your options are limited when it comes to putting your money on the site, or getting your profits out, you should know that you should not be worried. There is a variety of options for every user, and chances are, you will find what you need with just a click or two.

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Credit and debits cards are the most popular options, but you should know that there are deposit minimum and maximum limits that depend on your provider and the website you choose. You can also go with Skrill e-wallet or even Neteller. Wire transfers are another popular option as well as other types of cards and online wallets.

The withdrawal options are similar, and you can choose between the ones we already mentioned, plus a few other options, but once again, you need to know that there are limits that vary between 10 and 100 thousand dollars depending on the site, their rules, and regulations, as well as the chosen deposit or withdrawal method.

As you can see, sports betting via the internet is completely legal and regulated in the country. However, not all websites are safe and secure, and even though the government is trying to do everything they can to monitor and block the sites if needed, you can still end up being a victim of a scam. Because of that, you should see if the place is encrypted and if they have the needed licenses. Take your time exploring your options, and don’t forget that to be successful in wagering, you need not only luck but also information and skill.