How to Plan a Perfect Road Trip with a Rental Car

Let’s have a look at statistics: more than 70% of Americans prefer road trips to flying. Generally, road tripping is quite a popular way to spend the vacation and have a good time with your family or friends. There are two reasons why:

  • Flexibility. Stop anywhere and change plans if you unexpectedly change your mind and decide to go in another direction.
  • Affordability: You don’t have to bother about the weight and content of luggage before you go to the airport. Pack everything you need and bring a different number of people to take in the car.

But this journey needs preparation – a decisive part of the whole process. This article contains necessary information and tips, which helps make your plans fast and productively.

Where to begin

Pick up your destination


What’s more attractive for you, the ocean or the mountains? Or, maybe, altogether? Don’t forget to ask your kids their interests and whether they match yours? Yes, things get rough when you realize that putting all desires together is challenging. The best way to start your planning is from the questions below:

  • How much time is at your disposal? One-week tour around and an entire month trip are apples and oranges.
  • Size up your endurance: how long can you drive? What’s your preference – regular stops in different places or more time to explore precisely the destination?
  • Which aims do you pursue? Active leisure in the national park or relaxation in the spa? Reach zen in a wellness resort? There’s a wide range of things to do. We advise you to make a list of points and find the best options.
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Book a car

Use a car aggregator site – it is an excellent tool that automatically compares prices from different companies and reserves the transport in several clicks. propose flexible conditions for everyone and provides a fair policy for young drivers. Car rental under 25 allows you to get a cheap car from an available assortment in any affordable location around the United States. Renting a car under 25 is easy, and you have an unforgettable adventure without limits.

What car will be suitable for me?

It depends on the area’s geography and how many passengers will go. SUVs are family-friendly cars, perfect for an off-road drive and, at the same time, for highways. A spacious cab holds plenty of room for luggage and three-seat rows. Thus a long road trip in an SUV will be comfortable.

Travel alone? A compact car will be enough. All in all, you can always consult with a support service on a site if you don’t have any ideas and if you haven’t visited the Grand Cayman Villas then consider it too.

How to get an auto profitably?

Check the life hacks which you can use for every rental:

  • Buying insurance from the rental agency is expensive and unnecessary. Use insurance on your vehicle or purchase it over a travel credit card. Ask your bank for this opportunity.
  • Avoid prepaying gas – agencies frequently provide crazy charges for it. Download the GasBuddy to be aware of the cheapest stations on the territory, settle up online and participate in a rewarding system to win free gas.
  • Don’t accept the upgrades. GPS and satellite radio installed in your phone, there’s no sense to be charged for them every day.


Think over your route

First of all, take a map and laptop or other device connected to the Internet to check the roadside attractions and other interesting stops along the way. Roadtrippers app, based on Google Maps, shows places with natural wonders, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment.

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However, keep in mind the plane’s probability of loss due to weather conditions or accidents. Add two or three extra days to save versatility, and your trip won’t be spoiled anyway.

Divide your budget up

Define daily spendings, which includes food and accommodation. Must-see activities costs should be calculated later after the main expenditures were agreed upon. Shop around on sites like Groupon and purchase the tickets on the site for lower prices. Like to eat out a lot? That’s worth one more separate part of your budget list.

And the rest of money, preferably cash, is left for unexpected occasions. Please note that parking charges are various according to the location.

Pack your baggage smartly

Ensure that you have essential car gadgets: phone holder, dash cam, in-car charger, window sunshade, and music cable. Then, choose one extensive carry-on bag for most of the staff and some organizers for smaller details to avoid the mess in the cab.

A travel pillow and blanket make your road as comfortable as possible, almost without stress. Regarding the clothes, take several light ones which are сonvenient to layer. And a pair of warm, of course.

Concern about amusement beforehand

Keep your passengers busy and glut the atmosphere with fun. Listen to a road trip playlist of podcasts, buy an audiobook, find meditation, and watch Netflix – there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself on a long ride! Especially for kids to not let them stick to the phone all the time. Offer them word-based or concentrating games:

  • Simon says.
  • Alphabet race.
  • I’m going camping.
  • Three-in-a-row.
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Adults could try two truths and a lie or would you rather. Rest assured, it is going to be fun.

Prepare grabs

Consider only healthy, vital food saturated with carbohydrates and proteins to stay energetic all the time. Greasy meals, including fast food, do not satisfy the anger for a long time and can lead to an upset stomach. It is better to spend some time cooking snacks, they are simple and quick in the preparation, or bring these products:

  • Ready trail mix.
  • Nut butter.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Veggie chips.
  • Unsweetened yogurt.

Driving tips


Even a pleasant tip may turn out to be exhausting. Take care of yourself and get at least eight hours of sleep two days before getting behind the wheel. Don’t set it at night between 1 to 3 am – you will feel drowsy, which is dangerous. Stay hydrated, chew gum to increase blood circulation, and take a sniff of peppermint to refresh. Good scents rise vigilant. Sit in the driver’s chair strictly and make stops every two hours to stretch your legs.


At the end of planning, you should know:

  • Start and finish the picked destination.
  • Written route points and where you will accomodate.
  • Day-by-day actions. Places, attractions, things to do.
  • Planned bookings.

Wish you a safe trip!