Top 5 Platforms That Will Be Massively Helpful to Manage Your Global Business

You will agree that people who are interested in building a business from scratch have more options in front of them than any generation before. However, that doesn’t mean that the conditions have become much easier for them. Just think about it, you are not the only one who has all the conditions and resources to build something successful. At the same time, your competition will have all of these.

So, the competition can be quite steep. In some cases, this is the biggest barrier to overcome. That’s why many younger entrepreneurs get discouraged and want to look for a more fitting solution for themselves. But you will agree that this doesn’t have to be the case. Because of all the platforms, we can use these days, we can make something truly grand if we invest our best efforts and resources when needed.

The biggest advantage of today’s situation is that you can start doing almost whatever you want. Meaning, you can find all the relevant information online, instead of cracking the books in the library for a couple of hours every day. Some would even say that there is no excuse for not succeeding in this world. We are not so bold to make a statement like this one.

If your business has moved into the global marketplace – or is just about to take its first steps in this direction, then now is the perfect time to consider incorporating one or more of the platforms below into your business model to help you manage the growing needs of your company and its client base.

1. Global Sources


This B2B platform and wholesale marketplace features an array of quality suppliers from a wide range of different industries and helps to connect traders across the globe; becoming a verified supplier on this portal is a highly sought-after accolade, and many of the biggest retail firms in the world use or have used Global Sources to make a connection with manufacturers and reliable suppliers.

If you are in the line of work where you will depend on the connections you make along the way, then you should check out Global Sources. Today, we can see that this is one of the most popular platforms out there easily. So, you can complete a high percentage of the requirements just by taking a look at what this app can provide you with. However, you will need to follow a couple of rules and conditions before you can make the most of it.

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If you are new to trading on the global stage, then this platform could provide you with the leads you need to get started or to grow your business. The amount of product categories is vast and includes everything from home appliances, fashion, and electronics to industrial hardware. Joining the platform is free of charge for both buyers and suppliers, although potential new suppliers should be aware that Global Sources will take a percentage cut from any sales made to buyers. A mobile app is available for download, making it easy to use the platform on the go.

2. POS Nation


This POS (Point Of Sale) solution can be really useful in ensuring your customers’ check-out experience is as positive and seam-free as possible and can help you grow your retention and return figures, too. As well as managing the check-out and customer tracking systems, POS Nation can also run payroll tasks and manage inventory data.

You will certainly agree with the fact that providing the best possible experience to your customers will play a crucial role in how successful your business will be. So, we feel it is important to consult POS Nation and see where are some potential mistakes you have made along the way. Without any doubt, these can occur when you least expect them. For that reason, having some correctional software is one of the biggest benefits out there, you can be certain of that.

The all-in-one nature of this platform is a big plus for the businesses that make use of it. POS Nation can be used to administrate customer loyalty programs and discount and voucher initiatives; more information on all of the features included in the platform can be found at along with details on the customer support provision that forms part of the package offered to businesses.

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A key advantage of POS Nation is the ease with which it can be set up and maintained, and a virtual video library of training resources is provided to help with getting started and to assist with troubleshooting along the way.

3. Zoho One


This platform allows for enhanced and easy collaboration with your team – especially useful if your workforce is spread across multiple continents. Zoho One is comprised of a large suite of apps, including ones to help manage sales and marketing, collaboration (such as the facilitation of team chat and online meetings), and processes around finance. This platform also allows for customization to allow its composite apps to work in the way most relevant to your business. The integration with other apps and social media sites that Zoho One offers is particularly useful for tailoring it to your company’s workflow, too.

This platform is widely regarded as an affordable way to boost a cross-section of communication channels in an organization. Many Zoho One clients particularly rate how a multitude of different users, at all levels of a company, can access the platform’s features with a single account and use a range of devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Its scalability is also a great feature: as your business grows, the platform can easily mold to the new needs of your company.

4. StudioCloud


StudioCloud is a business management platform that allows its users to stay on track and in the loop anytime and from anywhere in the world. The platform can be used to create and send invoices, customize the appearance of company software, manage clients, partners, and vendors and for clients to review and sign contracts online. It’s useful, too, when putting together marketing campaigns, allowing for an automated process that targets specific client groups.

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Since we are talking about the small details that can be easily overlooked, having something to let you know when is the right time to send some of these when needed will provide you with some serious advantages. Without any doubt, you would like to look professional in front of your clients and colleagues. StudioCloud can provide you with this aspect.

StudioCloud also integrates bookkeeping tools, timecard tracking and allows users to import and export data from other applications that they have been using. Specifically, in terms of businesses that are stepping into the international market, the platform can incorporate a range of currencies, date formats and is compatible with regional taxes.

5. HubSpot


A global business,, needs world-class sales and marketing processes, and HubSpot is a platform that could make a huge difference to your business’s bottom line. Hubspot’s dashboard allows you to view and manage the entire pipeline as well as track appointments and performance.

The email automation features that this platform offers to allow for a more streamlined sales process, and many users have found that it is highly effective at free to paid member conversion. It’s also extremely effective as a tool to better understand customer behavior and their points of interest, which is vital in generating both new leads and increasing sales to existing clients.

If you visit their site, you will see that Hubspot has managed to become quite a powerhouse that has a lot of potentials to grow in the future. Hubspot includes social media management and customer service tools, too, making it the perfect one-stop platform for businesses established on the global stage and for those just stepping onto a world platform.

In Conclusion

Since using digital platforms has become an essential aspect of pretty much every field, it would be a mistake not to make the most out of these. Here, you can take a look at some of the most significant platforms that can help you manage your global business.