Top 3 Pots For Cooking Pasta – 2024 Guide

Pasta is a very well-known dish, or, better put, a group of dishes. There are thousands of variations in the world, but the one question remains: How to achieve world-class pasta at home?

One of the well-known facts is that great tools are necessary for a masterpiece. There are many forms of art, and when it comes to cooking, the principle stays the same. Making pasta can be sketchy, especially if you’re trying to achieve pasta consistently cooked to the same point. To achieve such a task, you’ll have to invest in a good, quality pot.

A good pot will help you avoid burning food and avoid overcooking or undercooking! These are the features that you should look for in a good pot for cooking pasta:

1. The pasta doesn’t stick

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No one likes to have the pasta stick to their pot. This causes the parts of the food that stuck to the walls or the bottom of the pot to burn and render the whole meal useless. Another consequence of this situation is that oftentimes you have to scrub the burnt part off, and it can take much time and energy.

Even if you use oil or butter to prevent this, it may affect the way that pasta tastes.

2. It’s easy to wash

After finishing dinner, someone has to take care of the dishes. Even if you have a dishwasher, there’s a slight chance that, if there are parts of the pasta that got stuck on the pot, they won’t rinse off. When a surface of the pot is coated, it’s usually much easier to wash it, and the situations where the pasta sticks to it are very rare. When you have a pan that’s easy to wash, the cooking won’t be an inconvenience and you’ll approach it with much more enthusiasm, knowing that there isn’t a tiresome work waiting for you.

3. You can drain out water easily

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Draining the water can be a dangerous task that involves slippery cloths, lids and it sometimes results in someone getting hurt, burned, and overall frustrated. It’s not unusual for a typical pasta-cooking session to end in broken lids, damaged kitchen appliances, kitchen surfaces, and even the floor tiles. The thing that we want to avoid most, of course, is injuries. This is best avoided with the pot that has some sort of mechanism which helps you drain the water out, and prevents the lid from sliding off. This gives you more space to think about how you maneuver the pot only, and you can escape steam and unpredictable situations.

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The best pot on the market right now seems to be Gotham Steel 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot.

What makes this the most sought after pot on the market?

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Firstly, it features specially designed handles that prevent both the pot and the lid from slipping out of your hands, thus avoiding injuries such as burns, as well as the damage to your kitchen appliances and surfaces. Furthermore, the pot has both large and small straining holes. The built-in strainer is placed on the top of the pot. Because of this, you can prepare differently sized pasta. You can drain out the water easily without complications!

Its surface is also coated which prevents the food from sticking to it and allows you to wash out the food remains effortlessly. This means that you won’t need to use oil or similar ingredients to prevent the food from sticking to it.

Another feature that makes this a great pot is the fact that you can boil much more than just pasta inside of it and achieve great results. It’s got the five-quart capacity, which is enough for an average family dinner of three to four members. Even if there are more people, it’s easily washable and you can make two servings of pasta in no time.

You can also wash it in the dishwasher or use it in the oven! The coating also makes the pot suitable for dishwasher, since it can be cleaned easily and without much scrubbing. The only thing that you should be careful with is the coating – use the suited utensils, like the one made from rubber or wood. They will prevent the coating from being damaged and prolong the life of the pasta pot.

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It’s lightweight, so carrying it around the kitchen isn’t tiresome. It’s extremely easy to use – just pour the water in, put the pasta and after it’s done, adjust the handles to prevent the lid from slipping. Choose the side of the pot which has the suitable straining holes, drain the water and you’re done!

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If you’re still wondering what makes this a great cooking pot, you can try it out for yourself and see – the company offers a lifetime guarantee, so you can’t be wrong with this investment. In the end, don’t forget to read the instruction. To have the perfect pot for a long time, make sure to do just as the manual says and you’ll have a great pot for cooking pasta for a long time.

Getting the perfect pasta pot can change the way you feel about cooking! Once you see how easy, fast, and convenient it can be, you’ll find yourself making pasta more often than you’d like to admit. With all of the features that can be found in a pasta pot, some of them are also perfect for boiling vegetables or meat. This kind of pot, like the one we mentioned, is great for all of those feats.

It has all of the features that we mentioned at the beginning fo the article, which means that there isn’t a lot of possibility for someone getting hurt or for the food sticking to it.

There are other good products from this category:

1. Gotham Steel Quart

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No this is not something coming from the Batman universe- it’s simply one of the most popular cooking pots on Amazon. We all know it’s sometimes challenging to drain the pasta you’re making, especially when you’re preparing meals for a lot of people. This is why Gotham Steel has so-called twist & lock handles- they make it much easier.

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This pot has a titanium coating which should prevent any unnecessary stains and accumulation of burnt food.

You can wash it in a dishwasher and use it in an oven, which of course adds to the convenience of this product.

There’s perhaps one downside to this product- it won’t work with induction stoves.

2. Calphalon Classic

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Calphalon has a dual-layer that will prevent the appearance of those stubborn stains and will make it much easier for you to clean this pot. The lid is made from tempered glass and measuring marks which will help you “dose” and put the right amount of water. The pot itself anodized aluminum, which adds to the durability and efficiency of this product.

There’s one “flaw”- this cooking pot is quite expensive when compared with most other products we’ve mentioned on this list. You can use it in the oven, provided that the temperature is under 450 degrees F.

3. Farberware

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We’d say this is a standard cooking pot for pasta. Nothing too fancy but it will do the job most certainly. The exterior is has a silicone polyester finish, which gives it a nice matte coloring and look. It’s safe to use in the oven under 350 degrees F, which, frankly, isn’t that much. According to the manufacturer, you’ll get a lifetime warranty which you won’t see often with other cooking pots for pasta.


Nowadays when there are so many different products for cooking pasta, it tends to get hard to choose the best one for your purposes. You might want to experiment with some innovative tools that should allegedly make your cooking experience much more pleasant, but in this text, we’ve very much taken the traditional way. And sometimes it really pays off to keep things nice and simple.