5 Tips On How To Promote And Grow Your Blockchain Startup

Even though it is present for more than 10 years, the market of cryptocurrencies is still new and under development. A lot of people are not even aware that blockchain is not only about digital currencies and transaction systems since they can improve many other sectors in terms of higher security and many other features.

Moreover, we have to mention that most people these days will think about investing when they hear about blockchain. Also, it is a common misconception that there is no need to try to compete in this market by introducing new forms of crypto or some other system that is using the blockchain. However, the fact that it is still under development and that it is waiting to be implemented in many areas represents a huge advantage and a reason to consider creating your own startup in this sector.

If that is you plan, and you have a good idea that you think will attract a lot of investors and users, the crucial part is to let them know about your project. Therefore, you will need to work on proper marketing strategy. If you don’t have skills and experience in this area, the best solution is to hire experts like startupcraft.io. Also, here are some tips that can help.

1. Introduce the White Paper

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The white paper represents a detailed structure of some blockchain where you aim to share the main features, and details about the system, and help people to understand how they can use it and for what cause. In most cases, developers are presenting a problem and then solving it by using their code in the blockchain.

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There are many benefits of this option for a startup since big companies are often looking for it to check the functionality. Even if they don’t decide to accept the whole system, they might contact you for a collaboration so they could implement a certain part of the code or some solution your presented.

2. Create a Good Website

Like with other type of business, the best way to attract more people is to share a good site where you can help people to understand the main features and benefits of your project. When it comes to startups in this area, it is a good solution to allow people to register and make first payments that will help them secure a share in your project or digital units after you release them in public.

When it comes to websites, the core of a good website in this area is to provide people with transparency and all necessary details. Therefore, share the specific type of system you implemented, what you are trying to reach with it, what are the technical features or solutions provided, and more.

3. Contact Reliable Sources

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The reliable sources in this industry are sites and platforms where investors and other people interested in this advanced technology are looking for articles and videos shared by developers, large investors, experts, and other professionals who are reliable and whose information holds a much bigger value than some post on social networks or some other source.

The moment when you are being published in some online platform that is known for being reliable and popular in this industry is the moment when you can expect more people to become interested in your project. Therefore, even paying for this service can be a great idea.

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4. Work with Influencers

Even though there are reliable platforms and sites where experts are sharing their opinions about new and existing projects, you will get even more potential investors by working with popular people on various social platforms. For example, you can start with Telegram, YouTube, and Instagram. There are many pages and groups available there especially for those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and other projects related to blockchain technology, read more here.

In that matter, find someone who have a lot of followers on some of these sites and offer a collaboration or standard payment for a video or even a simple mentioning of your name and project. Groups on telegram and other chatting services are very interesting as well since there are professional groups where people are sharing valuable information every day. Also, there are admins who are often those with most experience and knowledge, and contacting them will help you gain more trust and share a lot of materials about your project.

5. Start a Funding Campaign

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This can be a very interesting idea since a lot of people are interested in investing in startups these days. That is especially the case when it comes to blockchain and market of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people are interested in finding the new Bitcoin or even an option that will provide at least the small percentage of the leading crypto potential.

In that matter, you can create a strategy where you are sharing your project and calling people to fund you, and give them digital units or shares of your company when the business is public. In case that you are sharing new NFT unit or crypto, the process is even easier since you can secure them with these digit units from the beginning. That is excellent option for both sides since finding more investors will increase the price of your project, which will increase their profit as well.

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Last Words

The process of promotion is quite similar to any other type of startup these days. Therefore, you can use the combination of a good website and other platforms with a good reach. Also, you will improve your status even more of you collaborate with people who are relevant and represent experts in this area. That will attract those who might be suspicious about your business.

Also, be sure to be honest and to share all details about the blockchain and its main purpose, technical details, and explain people what solutions it can provide. Even though the competition is very high, this is a developing market and there is plenty of space for new companies to emerge.