3 Tips For Picking The Right Speakers For Your Room Size

Music is something we can’t do without. Above all, it has a positive effect on our mood. However, if we want to enjoy the music – we need a good sound system. For a good sound system, it is important that the speakers are of good quality and that they meet your needs. But that’s not all. Very often we tend to make mistakes in choosing the sound system – because it should be adjusted to the size of the room in which the speakers are located. Therefore, here are 5 tips on how to choose the right speakers in proportion to the size of the room.

Buying Speakers

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Buying speakers and setting up the sound system is not always so easy as it seems. If we assume that you need a quality sound system, it is quite certain that you will opt for some of the Hi-Fi speakers that can be found on the market today. Hi-Fi speakers are a must if you want to improve the quality of your favorite music. They reproduce high-quality sound, with a precise frequency range and minimal sound distortion. Whether you are buying speakers for your home or office, it is important to choose the right pair, tailored to your needs and desires – and that will last for years at the same time.

Choosing The Right Speakers

Choosing the right speakers can sometimes be a difficult task. Looking out for the right ones in the sea of manufacturers, features, prices, and models is sometimes difficult to cope with. There are a few things you need to consider when buying speakers, such as power, impedance, speaker type, design, price, and of course – sound quality. However, what you must not forget is the size of the room in which you will install the speakers. Believe it or not, this factor is often overlooked, and in fact, it is of great importance.

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Room Size And Speaker Size: Why Does It Matter?

Different opinions often clashed over this topic. Namely, it seems that people always want bigger speakers, thinking that it is always the best solution. This is most often because they have problems with the sound in their room, or the music doesn’t sound loud enough to them. Sometimes they think that smaller speakers have a lack of bass, and then they try to make up for it with larger speakers. Wrong – because the size of the speakers is not a problem at all. Powerful sound can be obtained with small speakers (certainly in a smaller room). Many people are confused about this, but the problem can be easily solved. Namely, it is all about physics. You have a certain volume of space, and to fill it, you need certain energy. Here are some tips to follow when choosing a speaker according to the size of the room.

Choosing Speakers For Your Room Size

What should we know about choosing speakers according to the size of the room? There are many factors to look out for. Therefore, we have tried to adjust our selection tips to the size of the room in which you will place the speakers. According to ebest.cl, it all depends on whether you want to place the speakers in a small, medium, or large room. Accordingly, here’s what to look for.

Small rooms

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Smaller rooms do not require large speakers. This is not only because of the lack of space – but also because of the acoustics themselves. If your room is small – then, large and massive speakers would be counterproductive. Namely, they would emit too much power within a small space. If you play them loud or too quiet – the sound will be distorted. If you let large speakers work in a small room, they will emit strong deep tones. The deeper the tones, the more energy. The problem is that deep tones with high energy cause sound problems in small rooms. Therefore, it is better to have a small speaker in a small room. And the small speaker produces all the bass you need to listen to music – and the music can sound powerful even without those overly deep basses. Of course, the thing is primarily in the room acoustics. On the other hand, super deep tones in smaller premisses distort the sound – so choosing smaller speakers for a room like this is a far better choice.

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Medium size rooms

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A medium-sized room is one where the speakers are located few meters away from the listener. Certainly, this kind of space allows you to insert larger speakers. Still, try not to get very massive speakers. Not only will it suffocate the space, but the power of such speakers can distort the sound in the room – which you certainly wouldn’t want. Still, in the mid-size speaker category, you have a pretty large selection. This is good from the aspect of sound power, but also in terms of design – because these speakers are available in non-standard shapes and various sizes. Not only will your space get a good sound system, but it will also look great.

Large rooms

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In bigger spaces, you will certainly find more chances to get creative. Not only can you set up large speakers, but you can install the entire sound system to get an amazing effect. These are mostly rooms where the speakers are 10 or more meters away from the listener. In rooms like this, you can place massive and powerful speakers. However, you can also “play” with other sound systems, such as floor speakers. Large woofers and subwoofers are an indispensable part of the sound systems in big rooms. Moreover, if the room has good acoustics – it will only further help the sound quality. In rooms like this, you can achieve the atmosphere of being at a concert. You and your friends will enjoy it.


Depending on your wishes, needs and the type of music you prefer, you can choose between different types or types of speakers. We most often mention multimedia, wireless HiFi speakers, bookshelf speakers, freestanding, surround speakers, external and built-in speakers. When you decide to buy speakers, depending on the space in which you will place them – first determine whether you want bookshelf speakers, freestanding or built-in speakers. If you want small, discreet speakers – bookshelf speakers are a great option. On the other hand, if you have a larger room that you want to fill with sound – consider floor-standing or freestanding speakers. Built-in speakers are a great option, but keep in mind that they come with the cost of installation and assembly.

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In the end, we can only say that choosing good speakers is necessary to enjoy your music or indulge in movies. Choosing the right speakers is a matter of taste and you should choose the ones that best fit your home. However, they should also meet your individual wishes and requirements.