Sanju Samson – India’s Next Cricket Superstar?

It’s fair to say that India’s love story with cricket is better than anyone’s else. The country has a long and rich history with the sport and is rightfully considered one of the best nations in Test and ODI cricket. Some of the world’s top cricket stars come from India, and it seems that a new, younger generation is set to follow in their footsteps.

In the past year or so, India has done well to revamp its squad. Many aging stars have retired from the national team, making way for new players to emerge. It has given the national team just the fresh start it needed, and it’s already finding new superstars in the process. With India set to revamp their squad for the T20 2024 World Cup in Australia, captain Rohit Sharma may have just found his new wicketkeeper-batsman in Sanju Samson.

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Drawing a lot of Praise


Samson went back to the India camp after he was recalled to the national team for the Sri Lanka series earlier this month. Captain Rohit Sharma had the easiest decision by recalling Samson to the team. According to ESPNcriciqnfo, Sharma considers Samson very talented. The 27-year old has improved a lot in T20 cricket in the past few years. In 2024, he scored 484 runs in 14 games with a strike rate of over 136 to go with a century and two half-centuries.

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Let’s compare that to 2020. The season before, Samson scored 375 runs in 14 games with three half centuries. His strike rate was higher, but overall, 2024 was a record season for the batsman. As expected, he posted great numbers against Sri Lanka, and has drawn praise from his captain and other cricket legends.

With the IPL set to start soon, veteran Indian offie R. Aswhin has heaped praise on the youngster too. Ashwin said that he believes Sanju has a calm and amazing attitude. He also praised how he’s open to discussion about his game and is always looking for ways to improve it. As a wicketkeeper, he can judge the game from all angles, and he’s still quite young. Samju Samson has got age on his side, and with one or two more blockbuster years in the IPL, he will cement his place as India’s next cricket superstar.

Ashwin will have the chance to work with him closely as he just signed for the Rajashtan Royals. You can check more details about the transfer if you click here. Samson joined the team in 2013 and has quietly improved with each year in the organization. That’s what essentially led to him rejoining the Indian national team where he’s likely to break out soon.

Other Legends Praising Samson Too


It’s not just Sharma and Ashwin praising Samson’s efforts. After the Sri Lanka series, cricket legend Kumar Sangakkara hailed him as one of the best T20 players he’s ever seen. He also said that the Royals retaining him for the next IPL season was a “no-brainer”, considering the numbers he posts. Sangakkara believes that he’ll going to get better and better, so the stars are surely aligned for the 27-year old wicketkeeper-batsman.

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It helps that he’s quite a simple guy who doesn’t enjoy the life of a superstar. All that Samson wants is to work hard and win, making him a perfect addition to India’s squad. With the T20 World Cup coming later this year, he may be one of the breakout stars if he continues his great run of form. Captain Rohit Sharma surely expects him too, and with the IPL coming up, he’ll have an opportunity to stay in shape.

What Are India’s Chances for the T20 World Cup in Australia?


India has pulled the trigger on a new-look squad that will have a serious test at the T20 World Cup in Australia this year. The 2024 edition was not a great one for India’s national team. It showed many flaws and had no luck, so the lackluster performance raised more than a few eyebrows about the quality of the team.

Since then, India has been on a roll thanks to the rejuvenated squad. Samson has played a big part in recent victories and is tipped to become the team’s leader for the World Cup.

Many believe that India’s chances are great going into the tournament. Pakistan cricket legend Inzamam-ul-Haq said that in subcontinental pitches, a team led by Virat Kohli with emerging threats such as Samson can be very dangerous. Of course, tournaments are a totally different beast than test matches, but India’s tests so far have been largely successful. Even with inexperienced players in the side, stars such as Kohli and India’s bowling unit should be more than enough to handle any team.

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Trial by Fire


The opener comes against Pakistan in another instalment of the centuries-long rivalry that always results in heated matches. Pakistan beat India the last time they met in a World Cup match, and it’s one of the best, if not the best in T20 cricket. Of course, this time India will have Sanju Samson on its side, and with the IPL coming up soon, he’ll have plenty of chances to show the qualities he possesses. By the time the World Cup comes, he’ll be even more experienced and ready for the big stage.

Which is just what India needs after a revamp of the squad that was highly controversial. Talented players such as Samson began to emerge from their shells just because they’ve been given the right opportunities. There’s no time to wait – India needs to act now with emerging stars like him as the T20 World Cup approaches.

It’ll be a trial by fire for Samson and others, and just the thing they need. The Australian World Cup this year is the perfect opportunity to see where India’s cricket is headed. The good news is that the future certainly looks bright thanks to players such as Sanju Samson. Here’s hoping that he can turn the national team’s fortunes around.