What to Look For When Selecting a Video Production Rental Studio in 2024

Video production is a process that is very demanding and requires accuracy every step of the way to produce the best video possible. You may have a creative video concept, but the production studio and equipment can make or break the end product. For instance, if you want to produce a marketing video for your company, the entire video production project must align with your company’s goals so that you obtain an end product that reflects your brand in the best light.

Thankfully, you can access picturesque backgrounds and cutting-edge lighting equipment in a weatherproofed area with the help of a video production rental studio company such as Impact Creative . Such a company provides photo and video production professionals with an excellent studio to shoot pictures and videos at a fraction of the cost.

Essential offerings

When renting a video production studio for your video shoot, your needs come first. What do you seek to achieve by renting the studio? This is a critical question you ought to ask yourself before anything else. Not all rental studios are similar, so you have to narrow down your options to focus on the specific ones that can give you the end product you want.

That can only be easier by writing down the items and equipment you need for the video shoot. For instance, if you only have a camera, you need a rentals studio with every studio item to make your shoot successful. That said, check out these factors to keep in mind to find the right video production studio to rent.

The space

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You must ensure the space the rental studio has to offer meets the requirements of your project. You don’t want last-minute surprises like finding out that the area is too small for your shoot. To determine if the shooting space meets your needs, consider the following things:

  • The size- ensure you know how big the space is before committing yourself. For instance, if you have large set pieces, you have to ensure the entryways of the studio can accommodate them.
  • Soundproofing- a video production studio needs to have adequate soundproofing in the shooting rooms to ensure that the external noise does not interfere with your shoot.
  • Color of the walls- while some rental studios permit you to paint the walls with the color you desire for your video shoot, you may need to repaint them back to their original color after shooting. That is an addition to your budget and time. But if color is not a problem, knowing it beforehand helps you adjust the costumes’ color and modify anything else that may clash or get lost in the background.
  • Cyc wall facilitates a seamless wall to ceiling transition, which is essential for many commercial video shoots.
  • Green screens- most video projects require shooting in front of a green screen. If the studio doesn’t have one, enquire if it is possible to install one for your shoot.
  • Furniture and other items- if the rental studio provides furnished rooms for video shoots, find out the type of furniture available and other items in the rooms. Check the layout to get a clear idea of how you will set it up for the shoot.
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Use of the space

Before you rent any studio, find out about how you can use the space. For instance, some rental studios do not allow the use of outside equipment or staff. They may have professionals in place for the services. But other studios allow you to bring in your team and only provide the shooting space.

Equipment provided

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While some rental studios are fully equipped with everything you need to make your video production a success, others only provide an empty studio. So, find out what the studio offers beforehand. Knowing what to plan for and what is available helps you plan your budget and organize any extra equipment you may need. The essential equipment you need to enquire about from the rental studio is:

  • Camera and gear- although you may have your camera, you need more gear to accompany it. Some rental studios provide equipment and other gear rentals also. That might be an excellent option than having to unload and set up everything when you get there.
  • If the rental studio offers sound equipment, check it beforehand to ensure it can deliver what you want and inquire about any additional fees. Find out about the type of microphones, soundboards, mixers, and any other sound items you need for your shoot.
  • Lighting- lighting is a key thing in a video shoot. Ask about the type of lighting available in the rental studio, whether it is natural lighting or an artificial one. Please find out about the lighting gear they provide so that you arrange for anything else you need.
  • Backdrops- if you intend to take still shots, backdrops might be helpful, especially if the wall has little for you to work with. These are some of the things you need to travel with if the studio doesn’t have them.
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Additional space while renting

Find out if the studio provides access to additional rooms while renting the studio. You may need access to other rooms for dressing and makeup, bathrooms, conference room to delegate on the project, etc. You may also need extra space to keep your extra wardrobe, scripts, personal items, or to have lunch.

Any nearby shooting locations

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Are there any nearby external shooting locations apart from the rental studio? This is a vital question you need to ask the rental studio company. An external shooting location near the studio can save you more traveling money and time. If you need to use the external location, find out what activities take place there that might interfere with your shoot. Ensure you schedule the shoot earlier to avoid any interruptions.

Trade experience

It is vital to rent a studio that offers more than just shooting space, equipment, and gear. Apart from your own experience, you may benefit from working with a company with more experience in the industry, like the effective use of lighting and other related tips.

The bottom line

Ensure you make all the necessary considerations before renting a video production studio since it can make or break your video shoot.