Slavic Girls From the Point of View of Foreigners

Everyone has probably heard the ridiculous beliefs of foreigners about the Slavic peoples. Abroad it is believed that the inhabitants of Eastern Europe endlessly drink vodka, wear fur coats and live with bears. It turns out that these are far from the only stories of foreign citizens. Foreigners are so delighted with Slavic women that they even managed to come up with some facts about them. Here are 10 main features of the most beautiful girls on the planet, according to residents of foreign countries.

1. Lovers of Romance


It will take a lot of effort to win the heart of a Slavic woman from Brides4Love. Here you cannot do with one candlelit dinner and a bouquet of roses – you have to use your imagination. Slavic girls love romance and to receive serenades under their windows and poems of your own composition!

2. Dedicated Wives and Mothers

If in Europe and the United States women make the main bet on their careers, then Slavic women are born to become faithful wives and loving mothers. At least that’s what foreigners think. A career will never be a priority for Slavic beauties because family is more important.

3. Awareness of New Products and Technologies

It is obvious that a Slavic woman keeps up with progress: she gets along well with any technology. Oftentimes, she won’t even ask for help if there are any problems with the device. A Slavic woman can independently install dozens of useful applications and use them for her intended purpose.

Slavic ladies, in general, are good at gadgets and use their full potential. They quickly find information on social networks and always stay in touch with all the things that interest them. They can even figure out who their boyfriend met with today, where he dined, and in which barbershop he had his hair, just from one picture from social networks. In short, a Slavic lady is an independent and modern person. This is one of the factors why foreigners pay attention to them.

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4. A Stunning Figure


Already beautiful ladies have a truly delightful figure. In most cases, Slavic women delight the eye of foreign guests with magnificent forms (in the right places, of course!). Besides, Slavic beauties do not forget to keep fit, regularly visiting gyms and spa treatments.

5. Owners of Beautiful Outfits

Girls don’t need a special excuse to dress up. Slavic ladies are ready to wear heels and mini-skirts at any time of the year, even during the most severe frosts. European women dress in this way only for the holidays; they have a separate dress code for work.

6. Immortal Patriarchy

Even the most independent Slavic women have kept faith in a strong man. A well-read and intelligent girl will respect a worthy man, there is no doubt about it. But there is also the flip side of the coin: Slavic women retain the charm of the gentle sex, which European and American ladies are deprived of, and they think feminism is terrible. And Slavic ladies will not split the bill at the restaurant: in CSI countries, it is generally accepted that a man should pay for his companion.

7. Millions for the Sake of Appearance


Slavic ladies are not deprived of natural beauty, but they do not stop using cosmetics. Young ladies spend a lot of money on various means to look stunning. Slavic girls begin to dye, style their hair and dress beautifully from a young age. A lady cannot dare to go out without an appropriate look. That is why the pride of Slavic women regarding their own appearance is justified.

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8. Perfect Housekeepers

Lazy American women prefer to settle for semi-finished products or go to restaurants for lunch. Slavic ladies, on the other hand, are distinguished by their commitment to home cooking. Foreigners dream of marrying a girl from across the seas to find an excellent housewife. In their opinion, Slavic beauties have been taught to cook borsch since childhood.

9. The Big Family Behind Their Shoulders

Foreigners slightly confused Slavic women with Armenian and Georgian ones. They dream of beautiful ladies and are a little afraid of them. There is an opinion that every inhabitant of Eastern Europe is connected with a large close-knit family. If a Slavic woman marries, her chosen one will be gladly accepted as a relative, but if a man offends his spouse or decides to divorce, he will be in trouble. Family members will look for the offender to avenge the Slavic beauty’s broken heart.

10. Incredible Wit


No one doubted the boundless intelligence of this amazing nation. Women of the post-Soviet countries are not only housewifely and attractive but also smart. The number of young Slavic ladies who have made great discoveries and valuable contributions to science is innumerable. Slavic girls are very diligent and studious, trying to get higher education with excellent grades to ensure a comfortable future for themselves.

11. A Relationship with a Slavic girl Is a Relationship for Life

According to foreign men, only a Slavic woman is capable of unconditionally loving her chosen one. She will not stop trusting him and will be with him both in sorrow and joy. Such is the mysterious soul of a Slavic girl. It is so accepted that if you choose a man, then you choose him for life, until your death. For foreigners who have seen enough materialistic, cunning, and practical Western women, such devotion may seem rather strange.

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12. They Are Keepers of Family Happiness

The loyalty of the Slavic girls concerning their husbands is limitless. They are ready to commit desperate actions, just to save the family. Such a Slavic woman is brave and strong-willed, she will not allow a fleeting rival to destroy the comfort that has been formed over the years. They tend to forget about problems and even betrayal for the sake of the family.

13. Early Marriage


As already mentioned, the career of young Slavic ladies is not a priority. Girls try to get married before 25-30 years old. If a Slavic lady did not have time to acquire a spouse, she is considered almost an old maid. Moreover, early marriage does not prevent a woman from engaging in self-realization. After the wedding, Slavic girls continue to earn money.