Smart Tips for Successful Esports Betting Activities

Esports is the world of video games that keeps growing all the time. It has been around for several decades now and has improved over time. There are multiple games and genres that can be enjoyed by esports players as they are viewed as professional athletes trying to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. The betting aspect is very similar to anything else a person would bet on. You can start your esports betting adventure at

Before you start, read the information below.

What Esports Bets Are Offered?


For some bookmakers, esports is relatively a new area. It has been easy to recognize the great potential of events. The number of available bets depends on the brand you sign up with. The most popular market is “match winner”, also known as moneylines. This literally means staking on the team or player that might win an upcoming match.

Outright bets are also placed on the winner of different esports tournaments and leagues, while some bookmakers come up with specials. The latter usually cover a specific region of the winning team. Some esports betting providers give a unique chance to place combination and system bets due to their relative simplicity.

What Esports Games Can You Bet On?

League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Starcraft, and many other games belong to the most popular esports betting markets these days. The organizers of esports events keep increasing their prize pool in order to attract more people. For example, the Esports World Championship (ESWC) is one of the biggest esports events with a million-dollar reward at stake.

Some esports events provide both amateurs and professionals with the chance to compete. Some tournaments like the ESL Pro Series focus on the very best players only. You are free to choose the event for yourself based on your Esporta gaming competence.

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What to Be Careful With When Placing Esports Bets


Similar to any other market, there are various aspects to be considered by amateur bettors before starting any esports betting activities. The first thing to do is sign up with the bookmaker that offers the most attractive bets. Not all betting platforms are 100% legal and licensed, which gives you additional space for consideration. You can make a random choice and expect things to go well just like this.

The leading esports betting platforms offer some kind of incentive for newly registered users. This can be a free bet or welcome bonus. However, it is crucial to look at the terms and conditions related to such offers.

Most successful eSports bets promise great winnings. To achieve the desired result, it is important to have good preparation, as well as look into the teams and players involved. Thus, you will be able to estimate their potential to become a loser or winner. You should get as much knowledge and skills as possible to be able to develop your own esports betting strategy.

If you are a beginner in the esports betting community, you should stick to simple bets, such as match winners. Such bets are accepted all over the world, being successful upon correct utilization. At the same time, it is important to understand that esports odds on the biggest teams and players might turn out to be extremely low in some cases. This is especially the case when winners are not among the favorites. Thus, individual bets might be an alternative, with those who place combination bets often putting themselves at higher risk of possible losses.

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Make Esports Betting Tips Work for You


Once you decide to try your luck with esports betting, you should find a well-trusted bookmaker first. This will help you get access to the best esports games, odds, and other features. Don’t rush with the final decision. You should have a clear understanding of what this or that bookmaker has to offer. What games does it cover? What bets does it offer? And what nuances does it hide? Make sure to answer those questions each time you proceed with betting activities. Esports involves real players, who take the actions of popular characters under full control. With this being part of the betting process, esports is set to demonstrate permanent growth.

E -sports disciplines In the BC Favorite line, more than 10 disciplines are available, through which hundreds of tournaments are held annually. The most extensive signature is provided on CS:Go and Dota 2. These games collect a lot of views on Twitch, and participating teams receive prizes calculated by millions. For both disciplines, the bets are accepted live, as well as before the match. The choice of bets depends on the significance of the tournament. Everything is like ordinary sports. Another demanded e -sports: – Fortnite; – League of Legends; – Call of Duty; – Starcraft.

Almost every year, this list is complemented by new projects. Coefficients The bookmaker Favorite offers quite high coefficients in the Ukrainian market. The level of margin is medium. In the prematch, it varies within 5 %, in Live it can rise to 7-10 %.

How to start betting on e -sports? ESports online has its own nuances and rules. First, it is recommended to study the rules of one discipline, get acquainted with teams, favorites and outsiders. Do not jump from one direction to another – this will lead to blurring attention. It is better to gradually plunge into this area, improving analytical skills.

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When analyzing a specific match, attention should be paid to: – news; – type of tournament and position in the standings; – the level of opponents, the history of their previous meetings; – features of the performance of the commands on certain maps, etc. No one forbids making rates on e -sports on their favorite team. But to increase the chances of a successful forecast, you cannot do without good analytics.

Bankroll Management To stay in the game longer, to be in the plus at a distance, it is necessary to properly control the bankroll. This is the name of the budget allocated at the online rates on e -sports. This money should not burden the financial situation, because even professionals are not safe from unsuccessful bets.

The most optimal bet is the betting strategy when the player puts a certain percentage of bankroll for each event. The percentage in the range of 1-5 %is considered optimal. What coefficients are better not to put on? To remain in the plus with a coefficient of 2.0-2.5, it is necessary to make at least 50 % of successful bets. With a decrease in coefficients, the probability should grow.

If the chances are at the level of 1.1-1.15, then the probability should be at the level of 90-95 %, which is extremely difficult to achieve. For this reason, experienced bettors who make bets on Ukraine do not put ordinaries on coefficients less than 1.5. Small chances are acceptable only in the formation of combined bets.