Spanoulis Shatters All-Time Scoring Record

Vassilis “Billy” Spanoulis could have done better breaking the record for scoring as he became the all-time top scorer in the EuroLeague. He set the record in only 318 games, despite a grueling losing 96-87 to Fenerbache in the home arena.

According to Source Link, Billy scored a hang-up layup that was a tie for the record for scoring most points. However, he did not end there, as he could get a step-back triple within two minutes and 39 seconds remaining during the contest. This trey was sufficient to put him at the highest point on the all-time scoring charts within the EuroLeague.

He overtook Juan Carlos Navarro, the record-holder, after scoring 4152 points over 341 games. Billy couldn’t have achieved it more easily, considering that only 318 games were required to score 4157 points throughout his EuroLeague career.

He scored 14 points during the game. The 37-year-old has the most points scored by any player in the league’s history. There is still a possibility of increasing that number because he has plenty of games left and, assuming the team does not let him go by the close of the season.

“It’s over, Ok, however, I wanted to see this happen in the game, and it’s bitter after the game” Spanoulis told reporters following the team’s defeat. “Certainly, I would like to say thank you to all my teammates and coaches as well as all the presidents who have remained loyal to me throughout the years”. Thanks so much to everyone.

Spanoulis Shatters All-Time Record


The scoring record is additional to Spanoulis’s numerous basketball awards throughout his fantastic career. Fans can keep track of the Olympiacos games, as Billy continues to work harder as a player in the season, many fans don’t know about eSports.

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Three-time EuroLeague champion took his first title in 2009 when he was playing for Panathinaikos Athens; then, he played for Olympiacos to consecutive victories in 2013 and 2012, making him the only repeat champions of the decade.

He was a possible Final Four MVP in all these championships and tied Toni Kukoc for that feat. He was named the MVP for the entire season back during the regular season of 2012-13.

Spanoulis is an experienced veteran of the league. After playing for 14 seasons, the guard is the leading player in the league’s career in several categories. He recently surpassed Navarro with the top performance index score earlier this season with 3,941.

He’s also the league’s leader in assists with 1,483 and is a solid lead in free throws made with 1,078 shots. The previous Thursday, he was ranked second most successful three-pointers of all time by racking up 473 treys. This is just behind the 623 triples made by Navarro.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the news as Spanoulis continues to break EuroLeague records during his 14th season.

Spanoulis is sure to be remembered among the top players of all time. Throughout his lengthy yet remarkable career, his outstanding performances will be compared to the next generation of players who wish to leave their mark on the sport.

He’s, without doubt, among the top performers of the decade.

Spanoulis becomes EuroLeague’s leading Scorer


Vassilis Spanoulis is one step closer to a historical milestone and hopes to continue at least until the end of one season.

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His name was “Kill Bill”, but at this moment, we could refer to him as “King Bill”. Vassilis Spanoulis has become in the match in the match against Fenerbache The EuroLeague All-Time top scorer, overtaking Barcelona the legend Juan Carlos Navarro with 4157 points. He also scored 4152 more points than Juan Carlos Navarro.
He also holds the all-time records for index ratings (3941) and assist (1483) in time (8632:46).

A few summits remain unachieved by players of this decade based on Eurohoops the fan-voted poll. This is also generally accepted across Europe’s old continent regarding the player who guided Olympiacos towards two consecutive EuroLeague championships both in 2013 and 2012. winning two times winning the Final Four MVP award.

Even though he is 37 He said that this season isn’t going to be the last of his career: “The most probable scenario is that I be playing again next season. I decide each summer. I exercise my body, practice and I’m determined to assist my team in reaching its goals. My main goal is getting through the play-offs and to make it to the Final Four, my love for the game. In the absence of the contest, I’d have been a different individual. It’s over, okay but I was hoping for this to happen in order to be the winner, so it’s a bitter flavor at the conclusion of the game. As I left home, my children told that “daddy get the record and win the game”. We didn’t get it but we need to return to play again”.

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Fenerbahce Kostas Sloukas, who was a former co-player with Spanoulis in Olympiacos as well as the Greek national team said: “It’s amazing what [Spanoulishas accomplished. I was there for seven years and am aware of how hard he has to work as well as how strong his mindset is. He is a great man. I think he should be at the highest level in EuroLeague .”>

Zeljko Obradovic who was his ex-coach at Panathinaikos was and also wanted to thank the player: “Everyone understands how hard he works, and without any question, he deserves to be in this position”.

Obradovic cheered on his player, as did all the other gym members after he took the shot that pushed the ball over Navarro.

When Obradovic was asked about the pivotal decision by Spanoulis of leaving his team and Panathinaikos in the year 2010 , and to draw the comparison to the former EuroLeague legend Dimitris Diamantidis, he reacted amusingly: “The same question again? The same thing happened with Diamantidis and it’s not a new tale. Everyone knows the hard work they put into it and they’re two of the greatest players ever to play in Europe .”

The Spanoulis family was honoured at the end of the game by the Greek EuroLeague Legend, Theo Papaloukas presenting him with a certificate of appreciation as well as the scoresheet for the match.