Speech on Experiencing Bereavement

Bereavement is a hard part of life that all of us must experience sooner or later. The strong feelings we feel when we are bereaved happen because we cared before we lost. Here’s a collection of short speeches on experiencing bereavement.

Speech on bBereavement

Speech on Bereavement

  1. Speech on Experiencing Bereavement

When we experience the loss of a loved one or we look around us and see our friends lose a loved one we know the world can be a hard place to live in. Bereavement of a loved one is one of the things we all dread. Often the experience can make all other life’s worries feel meaningless; the death of a loved one and the grief that follows is one of the hardest experiences human beings can go through. Dictionaries, in general, define bereavement as:

The period of sorrow that follows the death of a loved one.

Reaching out to someone to know you are thinking of them offers support at a hard time. Likewise, if it’s you who is mourning find solace among friends. Finding feelings of hope can be a great benefit during such a hard time. The following, powerful quote by an unnamed author offers support and hope to those who are bereaved:

“An eternal memory…until we meet again: Those special memories will always bring a smile if only I could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do, you always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause me pain, but you’re forever in my heart until we meet again.” —

Humans are not alone in mourning loved ones. There are examples in the animal kingdom of elephants going through the same kind of sorrow. The herd will take great care in the burial of the dead. Cows scour the terrain in search of leaves and twigs. They use them to cover the body of the deceased in an act of dignity for the dead elephant. When elephants stumble upon the skeleton of a dead elephant, they have shown an undeniable sense of intrigue at the bones. The females will mull over the bones and touch them deep in thought.

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Life can seem like a constant struggle and mourning adds to the battles we, humans must face. The loss of a close person can cause overwhelming grief but in time we learn to live with the pain. We bottle it and carry it around with us in our pocket. This quote by Harold Kushner is very apt:

“Grit your teeth and let it hurt. Don’t deny it, don’t be overwhelmed by it. It will not last forever.” —

2. Bereavement Speech

The loss of a family member, friend or even a pet can hit us like a freight train. It affects everyone in different ways, affecting all the parts of our lives. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve. Some people will experience an outpouring of emotion while others will be numbed and silent. The grieved will often experience crying spells, trouble sleeping, and lack of productivity at work.

According to the National Cancer Institute, recovery from grief does not happen in a set period of time. In normal bereavement, symptoms will occur less often and will feel less severe as time passes. For most bereaved people having normal grief, symptoms lessen between six months and two years after the loss.

The loss of a loved one may also mean the loss of a lifelong friend, counselor, and adviser. Therefore, the bereaved person may feel acute feelings of loneliness, even with the support of friends and family. Some people experience anger at the loved one for leaving them or the reason for their loss. The following quote offers inspiration at a time of pain:

“Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers…”

What can we do to ease the overwhelming sadness of bereavement?  Try talking about your feelings to a friend, health professional, counselor or local bereavement care group. Set small targets you can easily achieve. Focus your time and energy on helping yourself feel better and avoid drugs and alcohol which can contribute to poor mental health. If you have been struggling with depression for more than two weeks book an appointment with your local doctor who will advise you on how to fight depression.

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Positive changes in your life could include managing stress levels by introducing regular exercise and time to yourself. If you have feelings of anxiety along with your stress, breathing techniques can help. There are many books worth exploring breathing techniques. Throw yourself into activities you enjoy like having a soak in the bath, watching a theater show with a friend, or meeting up with friends for coffee can all improve your day.

Death of the body is a fact though survival of the spirit after death is not. People who have survived death-like experiences talk of bright lights, beings of light, ethereal beauty, conversations with deceased family members. What if death is simply a shift into another state of existence? These otherworld descriptions have not been proved and the fact remains our lives must go on without our deceased loved one.

Please remember Grief is incredibly hard to experience, so that’s why it’s important to remind those who are grieving that things will be okay and provide them with support and hope in spite of the pain.