When Should You Walk Away From a Slot Machine?

Slot machines have been popular games for a long while now. Each of them sharing some similarities but different games throughout the machines makes them stay fresh. As with any game though, playing it for too long can be troublesome.

Taking away quite a bit of time and money from us. Therefore, we’ll look into when you should walk away from a slot machine in order to keep your gaming time fun.

Walk away when our spending gets too high

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Slot machines are made to be engaging games with a constant streak of varied results. With more complex slot games being even more involved with their rules. These games can generate more variables, which means more combinations in general. The higher the combinations the likelier we are to finally get a score. This can exceptionally work against players.

Due to that constant draw of winnings being just a spin away, some players may feel enticed to keep going. Even if their chances may be better in these games, they are still chances. Poor luck can result in dozens of spins without any winnings or winnings that still leave us in a considerable minus.

It’s also easy to get in a position where our dedicated gambling cash will run dry. In these cases, it’s possible to dip into funds that aren’t meant for the situation. Continuing onwards can realy cut into our overall finances. Stopping at a certain point is smart.

Which is why you should pull yourself away when that last coin goes in. It’s also good to separate the two sources of cash physically, making it easy to determine when we’ve started to slide into the non-slot cash.

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Walk away when your bodily needs aren’t met

Of course, there are other reasons that may affect our wish to leave the slot machine. If we are feeling hungry, thirsty, or in a need of bathroom it’s smart to leave. There will be cases where people will stick around to play games despite having physiological needs.

Although it’s reasonable to abstain from fulfilling them for a game or two, it’s often far more than that. In fact, the game of slots can adversely affect our health if we persists in these bad behaviors. Making the overall game dangerous in the long run.

Stepping away due to these needs may be a good moment to stop playing for the day. Using our needs as a way to firmly drop a stopping point for the day’s slot playing can help money loss as well.

Walk away when you reach a goal

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Every time we play slots, it’s likely that we will win some cash. While going dry in coins for our game can be a great way to figure out when to stop playing, so can winning enough. It’s easy to get carried away with a hot streak or one considerable win. Often increasing the amount of money we are willing to spend because of it.

Winning goals can keep our games short and profitable. Cashing out 30 bucks is better than being down 30, and gives us the chance to increase our spending for slots next time around. By keeping a firm winning goal, it’s easier to walk away from a slot. Of course, you should change your winning goal accordingly. Playing for an hour in a casino and dipping in for a few games on a nearby slot will yield different expectations.

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Walk away when you spend too much time on them

Games are meant to be fun. That also means they can lead to a lot of time being spent playing them when we get hooked. Just remind yourself how often an hour of playtime turned into three. It can ruin our schedules despite the games themselves being fun to engage in. even if we come out with winning at the end of the day we still spent too much time doing this recreational activity.

We will constantly run into issues with planning if we do not take into consideration the amount of time spent on slots. Ending at an opportune time will lead to much more engaging time playing slots. Otherwise, we can easily lose attention to the game too. At that point, we are just playing the game absently which isn’t as fun.

When should you walk away from a slot machine?

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If any of the above situations is fulfilled, it’s time to leave. Spending more than planned, needing to fulfill a physiological need, reaching our winning goal, or playing for a certain amount of time should signify that we should leave.

Having these specific parameters for leaving will keep us in a situation where it’s easier to depart from the slots themselves. With the amount of slots that can easily push us far beyond these situations, we need to be careful. Take into account the issues that may stem from not following through on these things.

Be it a lack of funds, hunger or anything else, keep yourself wary. As these side effects will be quite noticeable, we should utilize them as reminders for the next situation where we are playing slots over the desired amount.

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Allowing us to leave before it’s too much. This can be easier when playing online slots as the power button is just a stretch away. A great way to get to it is to check out Slothunter. This site can be very useful for playing online slots for real money, allowing people to experience both joys of playing the game at home yet saving time we’d spend on casino trips. Giving us the best of both worlds.


A game of slots should be fun rather than stressful. To avoid a lot of stress that’d come from it we should know when to keep going and when to stop. Stopping is best done when we reach a certain point which will yield consequences if we don’t stop. With the aforementioned signs, we can more easily separate ourselves from slots when required.