Important Things To Know About Breast Augmentation

Even though looks aren’t everything, there is something about us feeling much better and even happier when we look like the best version of ourselves. It’s something that’s simply in our conscious, and there is nothing wrong with it, but when it comes to plastic surgery, or to be more precise, breast augmentation, there are many opposing opinions. Namely, there are skeptics, those approving it, and those who don’t care, but regardless of what some might think, the crucial thing is what you think about it and whether going with this procedure is something you want. Of course, before making any decision, do a bit of research just to gather as much information about the procedure as possible, which is something we will try to help you with.

Reasons for breast augmentation

Many people are convinced that this procedure is only aesthetical, and many women decide to do it only to look better, but the truth is different. It is true that we can use implants to make our breasts look bigger, but it is far away from only aesthetical reasons, as it can boost our confidence, help us love our body more, and improve our overall well-being. Breast augmentation can change the lives of women who survived breast cancer as it can restore the missing breast and make them look and feel just like before they need to fight for life. This procedure can also fix the asymmetry and restore the breasts after drastic weight changes or breastfeeding. The psychological effect of this procedure is much more important than the aesthetical one, and it is the main reason some women decide to perform it, as it can really change how they feel.

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Discuss the anesthesia usage


Just like any other medical procedure, breast augmentation cannot be done without conscious sedation or general anesthesia, and it is important to discuss it with specialists in time as the difference between them is huge. If you decide to use conscious sedation, it means you will be awake during the procedure, and although you will not feel the pain, it can be a really unpleasant experience. On the other side, choosing general anesthesia means that you will be asleep during the surgery and not feel anything. It depends on many factors, and because of that, it is crucial to make an appointment with a surgeon and find the best possible solution. Sometimes the surgeon prefers one method, sometimes the patient can choose, and sometimes general anesthesia is not an option because of the overall health.

Prepare for the surgery

Although in most cases, patients do not stay in hospital for a long time after a breast augmentation, it is necessary to be well-prepared for it and make it a much more pleasant experience. Regarding that, you should wear comfortable clothes made of natural materials that can be easily taken off. It is necessary to avoid food and drink at least eight hours before the procedure to reduce any risk, and smokers should avoid cigarettes as long as possible since they can cause negative side effects. The most important thing is to ask someone to drive you home because the anesthetic can cause problems with perception and make driving unsafe.

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If you decide to go through this procedure, there are many other factors and things to consider, as even though you have made the most important one, these next decisions will determine the outcome. Namely, the first thing to know is that there are two main types of implants, and going with a silicone shell filled with silicone or salt water (saline) makes a huge difference. Yes, the material is different, but the more important thing is the features, as these two types provide different things. Of course, the most crucial decision is about the size, as this entire procedure is more about aesthetics than anything else, but knowing all the options will also make your decision easier, and it will also grant that you will get precisely what you have paid for and wanted.

What to expect

Making a decision regarding anesthesia is just the first step, and even though some might advise you that learning the process and a step-by-step guide is not a good idea as it might scare you, in reality, it’s better to know every significant detail about it, especially if you opt for general anesthesia. Namely, the procedure is far from a scary or even risky one, as it all starts with a small incision. The next step is closing the patient and bandaging the treated area. Yes, this is all that it takes and what you should know in advance.

Understand the risks


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, and it is crucial to understand that it has some risks, and one needs to be familiar with them before deciding to do it. It is a surgery like any other, which means that there is always a certain risk, and since there are no two the same bodies, the recovery process cannot be the same for all. Although the risks always exist, finding a trustworthy clinic and reliable specialist will reduce them to a minimum, which is crucial since it is about our health. Since there are many clinics around us, finding the best possible one can be pretty challenging, and if you want to ask the experts in this field for advice, visit this website.

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Overall, the logic is simple, and the more you know about this type of surgery, the better the decision you will make. Of course, there are many reasons for such a decision, but if you have trouble deciding, creating simple pros and cons list should be of great help. Making such a choice is never easy, even after consulting the experts, considering all the factors and everything mentioned above. We have already mentioned the risk assessment that you should do, as yes, like with any other surgery, there are some, but when you consider all the facts and benefits, there is only one simple decision, go for it.