5 Tips And Tricks For Raising A Healthy Betta Fish – 2024 Guide

Having a pet is always fun, but when it comes to exotic animals like betta fish, things can go to a whole another level. These fish are known for their beautiful colors that can be a wonderful addition to your home and something you will admire every day. Of course, every animal needs adequate care, and when it comes to such an unusual fish, you need to pay special attention to taking care of it in order for it to be healthy and happy. In this article, you can read a few tips and tricks that can be helpful for raising a healthy betta fish.

1. Prepare yourself to be a proud owner of betta fish

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The best way to get into this whole story of raising betta fish is to adequately prepare and gather all the information about it that may be useful to you. There are so many things you can learn about this animal in an effort to be the best possible owner and take care of it optimally. The internet can be your best friend in this process. All you need is to take some time and dedicate yourself to learning about betta fish. Don’t expect the sellers of these pets to provide you with all the necessary information, because that is often not the case, so it is the best idea to do it yourself. This way you will prevent uncomfortable situations of coming home with a new pet and not knowing how to take care of it. Gathering important information will also enable you to ask good questions to the person you are buying betta fish from and prepare for the new family member in the best way.

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2. A beautiful aquarium is the path to the happiness of betta fish

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If you want to raise a happy and healthy betta fish, it is necessary to make it the most beautiful possible home. This means buying an aquarium that will provide optimal living conditions. You can choose a glass or acrylic aquarium, depending on your preferences, and your betta fish will certainly not be angry with whatever you choose. The most important thing is that it has enough water, which is usually three gallons of water per fish in the aquarium. As for equipping the aquarium, keep in mind that betta fish do not like kitsch, so they will be completely satisfied with a simple, minimalist arrangement. Insert gravel that collects waste and a few plants (they can be live or plastic, you can decide what you like best). Do not forget the heater, so that your fish is always warm and comfortable. A happy home is a perfect path to a happy and healthy betta fish.

Remember: It is necessary to adequately and regularly maintain the aquarium in order to always be a clean and beautiful place to live. It’s a good idea to get a filtration system, but make sure it doesn’t create a lot of waves because betta fish prefer static water.

3. Choose the right betta fish

When choosing a beta fish that will become a part of your home, try to choose the most beautiful and healthiest possible one. Always pay attention to its colors and how pronounced they are, because if they go out, it can be a sign that something is wrong. Pay attention to whether the fish reacts to your movements and what it looks like in general. If you choose a betta fish of optimal health at the beginning, it will be much easier for you to keep it in such a state.

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If you want to enrich your home with betta fish, we advise you to read more about what types and different colors of betta fish there are and find the perfect one for yourself.
Never put betta fish directly into tapped water

If you want your betta fish to be surrounded only by quality water that suits it, then we advise you never put it directly into tap water. Why? Because, although this water often looks completely clean, it still contains a number of substances that can bother betta fish.

Before pouring water into the aquarium, leave it to stand for a day, so that all the excess substances settle out. After that, it is ready for use.

4. Make sure your betta fish is eating the right foods

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One of the most important things when growing betta fish is to provide the right food. Ask what foods you can find on the market and always make sure that the amount you give your fish is optimal. The average amount is the one that betta fish can eat within 1 or 2 minutes. It is especially important not to overdo it with food, because that can lead to fast soiling of the aquarium, as well as to a reduction in the amount of oxygen, which is certainly not desirable.

Note: When it comes to betta fish babies, they need food that has been crushed or flaked, so they can easily eat it. Make sure you process it beforehand.

5. Don’t forget to play with your betta fish

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Although fish generally seem like rather uninterested pets, they still require love and attention in order to be happy and healthy. This means that it is very desirable to play regularly and spend time with them. Observe them, give them a name and enjoy their vibrant colors.

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Remember: Do not do anything that could be stressful for your pet during the game. Forget about tapping your fingers on the glass, as this can deeply upset beta fish. The same applies to the use of mirrors near it, because then he may think that there is another fish in the aquarium that occupies its territory. They are very sensitive and delicate, so be gentle and make sure your betta fish feels loved.


Betta fish are wonderful and colorful pets that make every home look cheerful. Although these pets are not particularly demanding, you still need to dedicate yourself to them and do your best to raise healthy betta fish. Find out more about them before you buy, choose the one that looks promising, and then provide them with the best living conditions. With a little care and a lot of love, you will have a happy betta fish that will beautify your whole life.