Top 5 Twitter Sports Betting Accounts You Should Follow

Have you ever thought Twitter can also be the place where you can get analytics and the latest updates on sports betting? Yes, many Twitter sports betting analysts share their betting cards on Twitter. Twitter is the best medium for acquisitions of breaking news, real-time updates, ad share analytics, and strategies.

Following the trend, many big bettors and sports betting influencers share their betting experiences, winnings, insights, and some secret odds on the platforms. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 twitter sports betting accounts you must follow to improve your betting strategy.

Top 5 Popular Twitter Sports Betting Accounts To Follow

Many ways are available to grab odds and sports betting-related information on the internet. Famous influencers love to share their experience and even promote their platform on social media. Consider some Twitter sports betting accounts mentioned below to make your betting life better.

1) @BillBarnwell

Bill Barnwell is an American sportswriter and staff writer for ESPN. He has written a wide range of articles on various sports like football, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, and mixed material arts. He is a great social media influencer containing 209k followers on Twitter. You can test all his strategies on Goldenslot.

He is a very important figure when it comes to sports journalism and usually shares information about the NFL and everything surrounding the sports. His research and analytics help you understand the games and helps to wager on winning odds. So, you can follow this man to gather information about various sports and tournaments organized worldwide, especially American football.

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2) @ToddFuhrman

Todd Fuhrman started his career in gambling at Caesars in 2006, but before that, he worked in financial analysis, helping big brands in the gambling space. He used to optimize the aspects of their game operations, from table games to risk management. And now, he is the former oddsmaker and co-founder of Bet The Board analyst for CBS Sports HQ.

Todd first appeared on the first-ever liner sports betting show Fox Bet Live on FS1. And from there, he gained popularity, and now he has 147k followers on Twitter. And now, he can be heard on various Fox Sports Radio Programs across the country, sharing his winnings. His insights and experience too are shared on Twitter and are very helpful for many sports gamblers.

3) @SportsCheetah

Preston Johnson, also known as @sportsCheetah on Twitter, is a popular ESPN analyst having 49k followers in today’s time. He is a Co-founder of WAGMI United, a popular market for NFTs and other digital arts. Co-chairman of Crawley town FC, a popular club of Broadfield Stadium and the Co-creator of PUNKS Comic, Pixel Vault, and Allies Music.

Johnson usually tweets on upcoming NFTs and uploads some popular sports events videos on his account. Being a formal ESPN analyst, have a bunch of information about sports and the stats of several matches. His unusual mythology for picking winners has helped many bettors and made him popular on social media platforms. Johnson is an expert in sports psychology and behavior of finance and bets after the odds accordingly. So, following him can benefit you as his tweets can guide you to understand the game and bet on winning odds.

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4) @RufusPeabody

Rufus Peabody Pro bettor at Unabated, Massey Peabody, and Bet The Process. He joined Twitter in 2012, and now he has 43.1k followers. Additionally, he is also the founder of Massey Peabody, which develops the quantitative rating and prediction of NFL and college football. The ratings have been featured in the wall street journal since 2010 and pick rating against the win rate of over 56% lifetime. Additionally, he worked as a statistical analyst for Las Sports Consultants and wrote many theses on inefficiencies of performance and evaluation in the Major League Football betting market.

No doubt, he is an experienced and well-known face in sports betting. His thesis and analysis help you evaluate the games you are betting on that are featured on Twitter. You can get links to all the betting sites he works on and help you to gather all essential information for betting. Rufus’s videos are also available to guide the sports betting field, and data related to sports betting is being uploaded consistently on his account.

You can follow him to measure analysis, understand your model’s limitation, and regress properly to the market.

5) @JoeFortenbaugh

Joe Fortenbaugh joined in 2020 as a full-time after contributing to the network sports betting contest for more than a year. He has also appeared in ESPN sports betting news and information program Daily Wager and worked as a sports betting analyst for a long time. He has also participated in various segments of the television program, radio, and digital platforms, where he used to judge the performance of the player and team.

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By working for several years for ESPN, he has become a popular personality on television and carries 37.3k followers to date. He has been hosting several shows in his ongoing career but never gets afraid to throw a large number of shades on specific players during his program.

His analysis and predictions come to be accurate for any match going to happen in the feature. His analysis and predictions can help you analyze the game and place the wager accordingly. He usually tweets about important events and analytics of the next match. Also, his memes have great humor to address any sports events that can give you a great idea to understand the players or matches. This can help you to choose the odds and wager on the winning team.

Bottom Line

Our advice is not to believe everything written on the internet, especially when your money is involved. You need an expert to guide you when it comes to sports betting. We have covered the widest range of sports betting analysts you can get from Twitter.

These are some famous personalities with expertise in sports, and they tweet their experiences regularly. You can follow them to get expert advice when you get confused about choosing the team you want to bet on. These tweets and suggestions can help you lead your betting career more smoothly and securely.