9 Useful and Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are fast approaching! Know what you’re getting everyone? If you have a couple of family members or friends that are always hard to buy for, making your shopping a tad bit more challenging, fear not. From quality phone accessories for a techie’s new iPhone 13 Pro to clever and versatile gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts, here are nine useful and unique gifts for everyone on your list. So sit back and relax — we’ve got you covered.

#1 A Cell Phone Case

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Know someone who just got themselves the latest Apple iPhone 13? Whether they’re team Android or team Apple, cell phone cases make excellent, useful gifts for just about anyone. All you have to do is stealthily find out their phone’s make and model (or find out if they plan on upgrading soon) and find a unique phone case that represents their personality, taste in fashion and helps keep their phone safe and shatter-free. You can find many unique and trendy options on this site.

#2 An AirPods Case

Know someone who’s always listening to the latest music and connected to their AirPods? Get them an Apple AirPods case. But not just any case. Choose an AirPods case that can take on anything life throws at it. And not only that, but make sure it suits their taste in style and fashion, too. Love to wear an Apple Watch? You can even find AirPods holders that slip onto the watch band — the perfect gift for those runners and on-the-go people in your life.

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#3 USB Rechargeable Lighter

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Give a gift that keeps on giving — or at least recharging. Holiday-scented candles are great and all, but make the gift something extra special with a useful USB rechargeable lighter. The perfect universal gift, this unique lighter simply charges via USB outlet and offers an electric arc that lights candles and much, much more. In fact, if your recipient isn’t a candle type, this USB lighter also lights barbecue grills and firepits. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient, eliminating the need for single-use butane lighters and wooden matchsticks.

#4 Drink Growler

Growlers make awesome, useful and unique gifts for craft beer aficionados. But, let’s be real — they’re not just for guys. Ladies can support their local breweries, too. Not to mention, a drink growler can hold a lot more than beer. Fill ’er up with just about anything — cocktails, wine, whatever you need to keep chilled. Choose a growler with a regulator cap that’s designed to customize and maintain the carbonation level, making the drinks last and keeping them fresh for weeks.

#5 Pocket-Size Picnic Blanket

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Another handy gift is a pocket-size picnic blanket. A super-compact picnic blanket comes in super handy during those times when you just want to spontaneously swing by the park to unwind. Whether they love to visit a warm, sandy beach, a grassy park or sit by a bonfire at night, this picnic blanket is so tiny. It’ll be there whenever they need it. A palm-size picnic blanket can slip into a purse, backpack, pocket or a camp gear tote. There are all sorts of pocket-size picnic blanket brands out there. Just do a quick search and take your pick!

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#6 Down-filled Puffy Blanket

Keep them warm with a Rumpl down-filled puffy blanket that packs down to hardly anything. With a carrying sleeve that allows it to be packed down super-tight and compact, they can carry a puffy blanket just about anywhere. Just break it out whenever you need it — football games, camping or just on the couch — give it a few shakes and voila! Your blanket is suddenly thick and plush. Unlike cotton batting, down provides the most warmth you can find per square inch of fabric. Giving a down blanket to someone who’s sustainably conscious or vegan? Make sure it’s filled with ethical down feathers and meets the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

#7 Cozy and Supportive Seat Cushion

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Chances are you know someone who works from home (or is at least on a hybrid model). So give them a bit more ergonomic support in the home office chair with an ergonomic gel seat cushion. Whether you go with a squishy and soft Purple, Tempur-Pedic, Everlasting Comfort or one of the many highly-rated gel seat cushions brands available, this thoughtful and useful gift is sure to make their WFH days more inviting and easier.

#8 A Multi-purpose Pan or Pot

Know someone who loves to cook and lives in a smaller apartment? Consider the best-selling, cult-favorite Our Place cookware, available in both a pan or pot. This cleverly designed multi-purpose cookware can replace eight pieces of cookware, saving space in the kitchen. It’s also just a great gift for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle and ethically made products. Our Place not only makes their cookware with responsible materials but invests in ethical factories, too.

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#9 A Microwave Popcorn Popper

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Treats make the holidays better. And what better way to treat someone than with a microwaveable popcorn popper. Sure, you can get bags of microwavable popcorn, but it lacks ingenuity. Instead, with a silicone bowl and vented lid, they can throw fresh kernels in and make the most delicious popcorn they’ve ever had. They can also dress up the popcorn with whatever they like — butter, garlic salt, whatever they love! They’ll never need to buy popcorn bags again.

Make your holidays more manageable and stress-free. When you choose one of these nine useful and unique gifts, you can please everyone on your holiday shopping list! Explore each item and brand to find the perfect gift for picky family members, friends or that special someone.