6 Reasons Why Dab Rigs are better Than Bongs

Since more and more countries are moving toward cannabis legalization, people want to learn more about its effects and consumption methods. Sure, we all know what a joint and bong are, but what about dab rigs? Vape pens are also relatively new on the market, but most people are familiar with them.

If you want to try something new, you need to first choose one of these consumption methods. In this article, we will discuss the differences between dab rigs and bongs. Most people would go with the latter option since they already know a lot about bongs, but are dab rigs better? Keep reading to find out.

What are dab rigs?

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First things first, we need to introduce you to these. A dab rig is basically a glass device you use to smoke extracts, concentrates, or natural oil, whatever you prefer. Its main component is the nail which is heated until it reaches a specific temperature. Once this process is completed, the desired product is “dabbed” onto the nail, and the heat transforms it into vapor. This is what you inhale, which is why most people prefer the term vaping instead of smoking when describing a dab rig.

There are two main types of dab rigs – traditional and electronic ones. As you can assume, the main difference between them is in the way they operate, that is, how the nail is heated. We have already explained how it works with the traditional ones, and the electronic rigs use electricity to initiate and complete the heating process. Purchasing the right dab rig is not as simple as choosing between these two types. There are several additional things you have to research, and you have to read more about them before making a decision.

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Dab rigs or Bongs

Now that you know what a dab rig is, we will discuss the main differences between these two devices and tell you why dab rigs are a better option.

The overall experience

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This is the thing you are probably most curious about, so we will talk about it first. The main difference is that a bong is designed to smoke dried herbs, while the dab rig uses concentrates or natural oil, as mentioned above. The smoke the bong produces is usually on the cooler side, while the rig requires you to maintain the appropriate temperature. Yes, you may have to reheat the nail after some time because your entire experience will be ruined if you don’t. However, the thing that has the greatest effect is the quality of the product you use. Sure, the devices play a role, but if the dried flowers or oil aren’t of the top quality, you won’t enjoy it at all.


Since both of these devices need to be heated and are made from glass, there has been a lot of discussion regarding their safety. Most people would argue that dab rigs tend to be more dangerous since the required temperature is higher. However, this is not necessarily true. Obviously, high-quality devices are designed to be completely safe for the user. It is why you need to do some research before purchasing it. Also, if you use it in the appropriate manner and maintain the device according to the guidelines, there is nothing to worry about. Due to this reason, instead of buying the first one you find, make sure to learn how it works and look for a reputable manufacturer.

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Size is another prominent difference between these two devices. As you know, bongs can be quite large and consist of multiple components. Well, this is not the case with dab rigs, and people usually first point out the fact that they are pretty compact when describing them. Due to this reason, these devices offer a feature of mobility, meaning that you can enjoy the products wherever you want. Naturally, this is an essential feature, which is why most people argue that a dab rig is more convenient and, therefore, better than a bong.


Lastly, we have to mention this matter. The truth is that dab rigs tend to be more expensive than bongs. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you cannot find a device for a reasonable price, but if you are on a tight budget, a bong may be a better option. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these can also be quite costly, depending on their quality, so you should really weigh all the pros and cons before deciding.

What are the benefits of the rig?

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The first benefit of this device is that it uses concentrate, meaning that the hit you get is much stronger than the one you get to enjoy when using a bong. Also, some people would say that it is a healthier option since you do not inhale smoke but instead a vapor, and there are no other harmful compounds that can endanger your lungs. Since you can use all sorts of oils and extracts, the fact that a dab rig enables you to adjust the intensity of the hit is a significant benefit. You can try different flavors and choose between a strong or weak hit every time you use this device. In a nutshell, you can enjoy a different experience every time.

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Is a dab rig better?

Finally, we have to answer this question. Even though you still may have some questions, you probably agree with us that a dab rig is better than a bong. Sure, both of these devices have pros and cons, and it all eventually comes down to your personal preference. However, don’t forget that a dab rig is smaller and, therefore, more convenient. It also allows you to try out different types of products and flavors, and it is a healthier option. Yes, it is more expensive than a bong, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider purchasing it. Instead, you should conduct research to learn about other features and benefits we haven’t mentioned and find a high-quality device that is within your price range.