All you Should Know About Neutral Alcohol

Neutral alcohol is described as the base spirit that can be distilled with herbs and botanicals. They are made from raw materials like barley, corn, and sugarcane molasses. The primary use of this alcohol is as a spirit and distillate base.

This alcohol has also found its way into the food and beverage industry. Below we discuss all you need to know about neutral alcohol.

How to Make Neutral Alcohol

After knowing what neutral alcohol is, knowing how they are made is the following thing. This alcohol can be made using all grain types, and they do not require any unique processes. Below we discuss how to make neutral alcohol.

  • Grow and harvest a raw material
  • Add yeast to jump-start fermentation
  • Distill the liquid to create spirits
  • Mature the distillate using wooden barrels
  • Refine the spirit by proofing and blending.

The neutral spirit is made by corn distillation and fermentation. A distilled liquid is clear, pure, and highly concentrated. It is possible to consume these alcohols undiluted, but overconsumption causes alcohol poisoning.

It is also possible to make your spirit, provided you have a distilling license. Remember, it is illegal to ferment an alcoholic beverage since it ferments to 20%. Neutral spirits are also available in different forms.

How to Store Neutral Alcohol


It is advisable to store extra neutral alcohol correctly to prevent breakage or other damages. Below we discuss tips to enable you to keep alcohol properly.

  • Store away from the sun

Ensure your alcohol bottles stay away from direct sunlight if they are situated on a bar cart. Even though ultra-violet rays do not spoil the liquor, they have the exact effect of storing in high temperatures.

  • Keep it cool

Familiar distilled spirits like vodka and gin have a general rule that they must be stored at room temperature. However, some experts argue that the range should be between fifty and sixty degrees. Keeping alcohol in cool places improves their lifespan.

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Alcohol also expands and evaporates when temperatures rise, and even though this is not harmful, it makes the liquor oxidize fast.

  • Store it upright

Some people store alcohol on the side, but this is not advisable. Keeping your alcohol down makes the cork mix, altering alcohol content. It will help to hold the bottles vertically for the best results.

Pros and Cons of Neutral Alcohol


Knowing the risks and benefits of using neutral alcohol is very important. Below we discuss the pros and cons of neutral alcohol;



  • Can cause certain cancers like throat and mouth cancer
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Pancreatitis
  • Suicide
  • Heart failure
  • Sudden death to people with cardiovascular diseases.

When you Should Avoid Alcohol

The alcohol risk outweighs the health benefits in most instances, and you should avoid alcohol if;

  • You are pregnant
  • You have an alcohol addiction
  • Have liver disease.

The Manufacturing Place to Get Neutral Alcohol


The spirit alcohol needs regular distillation for proper manufacturing, and therefore, the procedure is performed in distilleries. You must understand the process in detail. In the process of distillation process, there are three columns used that are properly connected. It is necessary to simultaneously distillate for producing better-quality of alcohol without any impurities.

When it is to distilleries, the water plant to treat the equipment well to avoid any negative effects. The treatment is a must to protect the environment from such continuous operations. Therefore, the commonplace of manufacturing this spirit is the distilleries.

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Is It Toxic to Consume Neutral Alcohol?

Generally, this alcohol is thoroughly distilled with ingredients like grains, sugarcane, etc. You will not observe any preservatives and disinfectants commonly available in other alcoholic drinks like vodka, whiskey, etc.

There is no added color in it. Therefore, it appears clear and transparent. You can easily mix the spirit with drinks to get a spirit-like taste. It is not toxic to use when combined with different ingredients. There are plenty of applications of this spirit that are safe to use.

Where is It Produced?


This alcohol production is done in various countries across the globe. The process of distillation involves grains and a good environment for fermentation. It is common to use good-quality corn as a raw material in many places.

Generally, grain is not considered everywhere because it produces more ethanol than other crops like barley, wheat, etc. The fragrance oil is added to the bottle before it is preserved and used in the future. The addition of fragrance is executed by using the oil dropper or funnel.

It is important to determine that it should not have bubbles in the bottle while shaking it. Whenever you have to add the liquid to the bottle, you must take care of the bubbles. If you have some bubbles, it is better to get rid of them before it starts reacting.

Applications of This Alcohol

You can use this alcohol as a base spirit in different beverages. You can add the distilled spirit to vodka, whiskeys, or other drinks. When it comes to the food industry, this ingredient is used in manufacturing kinds of vinegar and apple ciders. It is generally used as a quick solvent that adds an amazing flavor to it. This ingredient is also useful in the cosmetic industry. It is used in body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, etc.

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The medical field also used neutral alcohol for manufacturing several drugs, vaccines, antiseptic creams, etc. This solvent ingredient is also used in cleaning products, paints, etc. This alcohol is commonly used in various things. This ingredient sounds like the existing ones, but it has many useful applications.

During a pandemic, this ingredient was used in manufacturing sanitizers. It is widely used in every country to prevent infections. This solvent can be mixed with many things to create different products used in various fields. There are plenty of opportunities of using this spirit in many applications.

Final Thoughts

Neutral alcohol is the purest form of spirit and is made using different raw materials. They are available in various types like Sasma, used to produce products in the pharmaceutical sector. The above article has discussed all you should know about these drinks, and you can reach out for more information.