Call of Duty Vanguard System Requirements

Call of Duty is one of the most famous and one of the best FPS games that exist on the market. Starting from the single-player campaign to multiplayer and various DLC modes that give the player a lot of excitement and joy while playing. Call of Duty fans are used to being able to go through various wars, from World War 1 to futuristic wars that use still undeveloped weapons. Also, the developers always pay attention to the main story and characters. But, what good story be without the system requirements?

Developers of the game usually work on minimal requirements so every player can enjoy playing the game, and that’s why this part is very important. Otherwise, the game will be laggy, and that’s something no one wants to experience while playing. Call of Duty Vanguard is a game that is made to be playable on multiple gaming platforms, starting from Xbox to Microsoft Windows. So, if you are a fan of this game, and you want to know if your platform can support Call of Duty Vanguard, here are the minimum system requirements that your gaming platform needs to have in order to play this game.

Why do you need to pay attention to them?


Before we give you the exact numbers on what you need to have and how, let’s talk about what happens if your computer or another platform cannot support the game that you’ve chosen.

If you’ve ever tried to play a game that is too big or strong for your device, you’ve probably noticed issues right from the installation process. In some cases, you may be able to install the game on your device, but at other times, you won’t be able to even put the file on your device, let alone install it. The problem with this is that we don’t even notice the requirements, and we try anything and everything, we end up complaining to the platform where we got the game from, and we spend hours and even days trying to fix a problem that we are not even aware of.

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In case you manage to install the play, and if it somehow runs, you will be faced with so many other problems that will begin even from the moment that it loads. You will notice that the graphics are terrible, and no matter what you do, the screen will not be clear and you are going to see pixeling.

CoD is one of the games that takes pride in the graphics, and with every new game that’s launched we notice improvements and we can feel like we are part of the world that we are entering. So, if your device is not able to support this play, you will be disappointed, and you will think that this is happening only because of some issues that the developers missed to fix.

In addition to all this, the game will be lagging, which means that it may freeze right before you take a shot that will take you to victory. Every gamer knows that this is one of the most stressful things that could happen, and if you are choosing the multiplayer option, your teammates will be disappointed in you, and they may even start looking for your replacement. As suggested by LFCarry, when you choose to use boosters that will help you be victorious if the game is not working properly, chances are, you will not use the additional help to the maximum.

Note that even if nothing of these things happens, and if somehow you manage to play the game without all the necessary support, chances are, it will start overheating your device and it will start crashing. You will have to face the play turning off whenever it wants, and this will affect your overall experience. In some rare cases, it may even cause problems with your whole device and it may cause damage to it.

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Recommended specs


Now let’s talk about what you need to have if you want to experience this play in the best way possible. There are two main things that you can opt for, and the first one is to have the minimum required specs and the recommended ones.

When it comes to the minimum, it means that a machine that does not support at least these things will not be able to run the game, or you will experience the issues that we talked about.

If you are using a windows device, it needs to be at least with version 10, and it should be 64-Bit. When it comes to the processor, i-3 is something that will be able to support the game. Don’t try to install it on a system that has less than 8GB of memory, and know that the storage space should have at least 36GB of free space. When it comes to the graphics, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 is the minimum that your system should support.

Now that you know more about the minimal specs, let’s see what the developers recommend. Know that if you have a machine that is stronger than this, you are going t to have an even better experience.

Once again, the windows should be either 10 or 11, and 64-Bit, so there is no actual difference between this recommended part and the minimal one. If you have an i-5 processor or a newer version, you are going to have the best experience. A memory of 12GB is recommended and when it comes to storage, make sure you leave at least 60GB of free space for the launching. Finally, if you have a graphic card that is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or better, you are going to have an amazing experience.


If you have any other questions, you can always check the official website of the game and see what the required specs are, and you can always reach out to customer support if you cannot figure something out. Know that your system will make the biggest difference in the way you experience the game, and you will be happy that you are able to choose something better than the minimal settings. If you want to ensure your victory in the game, know that the boosters can always help you, and they will set you apart from the other players.

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