Speech on Anxiety

It may come as a shock but nearly 60% of the current population suffers from anxiety disorder to a certain degree. The fact remains that as we get more competitive, more enterprising; we tend to bulk up on stress, less sleep, and hardly get any physical exercise – which is but the perfect recipe for anxiety disorders. It’s almost like a match made in heaven –when was the last time you opted to exercise or for that matter, meditate? Of course, you may never have the time but the point is that it is not a question of having time, but setting aside some for the very purpose.

Speech on Anxiety

Anxieties can range from anything such as being worked up about your current job prospect to obsessing about your loved ones. You can take your pick – for the butterfly sensation you experience in the deep pits of your stomach can be caused by literally anything.  And if you allow it to fester, then chances are that you will develop a full-blown anxiety disorder which will have a long-term impact on your health. While there is no magic pill to resolve all your anxieties in one go, you should still visit your healthcare professional at the earliest for he can help you deal with your current anxieties.

Anxiety disorder is a serious disorder and one that can literally cripple you – it can get so bad sometimes that you are just too scared to head out. While there are various medications that you can use to help combat some of the immediate symptoms, you would still have to attend counseling. For it is only with the help of counseling, that you can determine some of the root causes of your current anxiety and help resolve the same right away.

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You would still need the love and support of your loved ones as you combat your anxiety disorder.  Anxieties are more common than you would think and one out of every three suffers from an anxiety disorder in one format or the other, It is important that you talk with your loved ones so that they can understand what you are going through. Familial support in treating those diagnosed with anxiety disorders is crucial since they can provide the reaffirmation that the patient would need, to achieve complete recovery. And that’s exactly what you need to do to help you combat this disorder – open up those lines of communication.

Anxiety is but a normal reaction to what your body may consider a threat or life-altering event. This is why it is important to understand the root cause of a loved one’s anxiety so that you can help them realize that they have nothing to worry about. If you find that you are getting unnecessarily anxious, for no reason at all then it may be time for you to consult a healthcare professional and if the condition is too acute, then seek treatment for the same.  A good bout of exercise should help keep those anxieties at bay.