7 Apps That Will Make You a More Productive Learner

Studying is always a challenge. Whether you are in a high school or have already transitioned to college, you will be facing plenty of issues on your academic path and the only way to succeed is to learn how to be productive no matter what.

Getting concentrated enough to keep up with a hefty academic load can be tough. But, luckily, we all live in the world of technology, which gives us plenty of opportunities to live, study, and work more effectively, without putting extra effort into it.

In the list below, we have collected the handiest apps that will make your student life simpler and help you become your most productive self.

1. iStudiez

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First of all, in order to become more effective in everything you do, you have to get self-organized and the first app on our list does just that!

iStudiez is a handy tool created to help students schedule their time right. The app brings together everything you may be dealing with in your everyday life – from classes and live sessions, to academic assignments, projects, exams, and more. Using it, you will have everything on a single dashboard and will finally gain control over your studies.

2. EssayPro

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It is no secret that academic writing is one of the things that students struggle with the most. Nevertheless, it is also one of the tasks they get assigned to do the most often. Luckily, there are such handy tools as EssayPro that can save you from spending another day staring at an empty page, which is super counter-productive.

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Instead, whenever you need cheap college essay help, you can delegate the tasks to the pros on EssayPro. This way you will get a high grade and, at the same time, save energy for other tasks and stay productive.

3. MindMup

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The next great tool that will turn your regular study sessions into highly efficient ones is MindMup.

Many students should agree that the hardest part about learning something new is trying to wrap your head around new concepts and make sure you don’t miss out on a single important detail. MindMup is there to help you overcome this. This app allows you to create compelling mind maps that organize complex ideas and break them down into smaller chunks to help students grasp new information faster and easier.

4. Evernote

Today, no list of handy tools for students can do without mentioning Evernote, and you know why? – Because it works!

This app is designed to help users take notes effectively and store them all in a single place. Some other benefits include a synchronization between various devices, which makes it possible to access and edit notes from any gadget, whenever and wherever there is a need for this.

Best part? Despite its awesomeness and plenty of great features, it is absolutely free of charge. Thus, Evernote is definitely a must-have tool for everyone who wants to become a truly productive learner.

5. AppBlock

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Although the internet and technology can be extremely helpful in the learning process, they can also become the main factor that kills your productivity.

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Here is a thing – nothing can feel more overwhelming when, after accidentally distracting from studies to check on Facebook, you suddenly realize that you’ve wasted hours on pointless scrolling of the news feed. If that sounds like you and you need a solution, then AppBlock would be the right choice!

AppBlock is a smart productivity tool that blocks out distractions that may hold you back from getting your tasks done. There are both free and paid versions of this tool. Of course, the paid one comes with more features, even if you pick the free version, it will still come in handy!

6. Brainly

If you ever wondered what is the biggest part of being a productive learner, this may surprise you, but it is the ability to ask questions. Asking questions instead of wasting extra time trying to figure out complex concepts is a much wiser strategy and when you won’t have a chance to ask questions to a professor, Brainly will definitely help!

Brainly is a cool platform for students where they can ask questions, get answers from experts, participate in group discussions, and just be a part of a huge and friendly community of 200M+ learners.

If you are wondering how this app can make you more productive, the answer is simple. Brainly provides unlimited opportunities for becoming better informed on pretty much any subject matter. And, though it is not completely free, it’s definitely worth its money.

7. Anki

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When getting ready for tomorrow’s class, preparing for a big exam, or just studying a new topic, the hardest thing is to revise what you’ve already learned and identify the gaps. For such cases, you need Anki.

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At this point, Anki is one of the most widely used and efficient apps with flashcards. It enables students to create their own packs of flashcards on pretty much any topic or use ready-made packs.

How can this help? There are quite a few benefits. Most importantly, the use of flashcards is considered one of the most effective learning techniques for grasping and memorizing new information faster. If you use it consistently, it can help you ensure that there is no gap in your knowledge and, at the same time, it is a great exercise for one’s memory.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your current level of academic achievements, there is always a chance to do better. No matter if you are a high achiever or are struggling with learning, you can be more productive. And, luckily, in the 21st century, students have a huge number of tools that can help them raise the bar quickly and easily.

Having all these apps in your students’ toolkit will definitely help you get the most productive in the classroom and beyond it. Thus, be sure to test the options we shared in this article, to find the tools that work best for you!