5 Best Places to Find Cars Under $500 for Sale by Owner

Finding the right place that offers automobiles under $500 is a strenuous process. You have to channel all your attention to searching for the right used automobile site. In finding a site, you should find one that caters to your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances.

You might be wondering where I can get $500 cars for sale by the owner, so check this. Look no further as we have curated a detailed description of relevant sites that would make the process seamless.

There are varieties of websites that offer cars below $500 but not all of them are credible and effective. Online scams are still a big thing in this industry. Hence, you have to discern wisely.

Why are some cars under $500 by owner?

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Perhaps, you might be wondering why a car would cost below $500. Relax, most of these cars have mechanical and electrical glitches that need fixing upon purchase by the buyer.

Some cars fall into the category of automobiles impounded by the government through the police. These cars are usually offered at giveaway prices since the cars in question occupy land that can be channeled to a variety of uses.

Some cars have been altered as a result of a fatal crash. Hence, the owner decides to sell them at a cheap price.

This option would be a good fit for a person who needs the car for farm work, haulage purposes, and menial tasks. If you are not big on automobile aesthetics, cars that fall into this category would suit your needs.

Best places to find cars under $500 by owner

Cars under $500 may be difficult to come by, especially if you don’t know where to look. Here are the top places to find cars under $500:

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1. Epicvin

If you are looking for cheap quality cars epicvin is your one sure stop. This car site has advanced search features which make the searching process stress-free. With the website’s special tags ranging from location, price tag, car type, and a host of other labels you can land the car of your choice.

This site also has a connection with industry-certified databases. Hence, you can be assured of the safety of the transactions carried out on our website. Incidence of scams, bait, and car theft are eliminated when you make use of our website. We are NMVTIS-( National motor vehicle Title information system) enabled.

This database enables our users to have a comprehensive report on the automobile of their choice. By entering the VIN( Vehicle identification number), a unique 17 digit code you can access the mileage, crime history, and crash history of the car.

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2. Iseecars

This site is very easy to use and navigate as it offers a comprehensive review of cars to influence the decisions of its diverse clients. Iseecars has very robust resources because it gathers listings by pooling from a variety of sites.

Sometimes the buying phase takes a lot of time. Iseecars simplifies this process by ranking cars on several factors. This is made possible by its special algorithm. Its special algorithm considers the reasonableness of the price, the dealer’s fairness, and attributes of the car( both positive and negative).

You do not have to worry about missing important sales as the site possesses an efficient notification and alert system. With this, you are notified of recent additions to the vast array of cars.

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3. Craigslist

On this site, users can search for the car of their dreams by following a series of useful steps. You can filter your search results by using the location of the car, the car type, model, and price range.

You should watch out for catchy ads that would claim to have the best deals for ridiculous prices. Most of them are baits and maybe a source of regret and liability in the long run.

This sure also offers comprehensive reviews on automobiles and regular newsletters to sustain the interest of car enthusiasts.

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4. Hemmings

If you are looking for a car site that offers affordability, class, and ease, Hemmings might be your best bet. This site specializes in selling vintage and classic-styled cars. Their focus is particularly on cars produced during the 1930s to 1980s. Hemmings also offers vintage car parts for sale.

To simplify the buying process, they offer comprehensive reviews, newsletters, and how-to guides.

5. Carfax

Carfax is noted for offering comprehensive reviews and reports. Buyers using this platform are assured of quality and cost-effective reports. What you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to buying a used car as there are a lot of uncertainties involved.

The automobiles offered on this platform are reasonably fair and cheap while also retaining their quality and durability.

With carfax, users can access vital information that would shape the decision-making process.

Uncovering a detailed history about the past life of a car might trigger that Eureka moment for a buyer. The crash and crime history of a car can be readily accessed using this site.

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You should note that carfax does not give personal information about the previous owner/ owners of a car. Giving unsolicited information or information not related to the overall mechanical health of the car is inconsistent with industry standards and the company’s policies.

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Other options

Apart from the aforementioned sites, you can explore other decent options ranging from government auctions to junkyard sales and private individual auctions.

The former option is the safest of them all since it usually carries the backing of the law. You can also get medium-quality and high-quality cars from such expeditions. Since the majority of the cars offered for sale are not necessarily damaged or tacky ones but cars impounded by the police.

Junkyard sales is a decent option provided you carry out a fair deal of research. Carrying out research prevents you from being a victim of rusty scraps of metal sold as cars to unsuspecting victims.

Private individual auctions are one of the safest buying options as you have the privilege to physically examine the automobile and take it for a test drive. This option eliminates the possibility of online scams and baits.

Wrapping up!

There are several options to be explored while buying a three-figure used car. Most of these options need to be scrutinized and weighed before you can use them. Some are cost-effective while others have a lot of uncertainties.

Hence, you should use the one that suits you best. Do not forget, different strokes for different folks. If you are scared of consulting online dealerships as a result of scams you should give Epicvin a try as the transactions conducted on it are safe and secure.