Top 8 Best Video Editing Software For Content Creators

A good content creator can help a brand increase its awareness, attract more customers, and boost sales. Definitely, creativity, methodology, and professionalism are of great importance.

Also, on a par with the content in the ordinary understanding, video content is gaining immense popularity. Therefore, remember that each good content creator should have a list of top video editing software.

How to choose the best video editing software?


The competition in the video creation software market is hard, and there are many options available to you as a consumer. In order to choose your best video editing software, you should consider the following points:

  • Your budget. First of all, you need to decide on how much you are willing to spend on buying good video creation software. Now developers offer a huge number of services at absolutely various prices — from completely free to fully professional and top video editing software for $3000.
  • Interface. Regardless of your choice, don’t pay much attention to this point because any application will seem unfamiliar. As you work with the service, you will start using it intuitively.
  • Supported formats. This is a vital point to check when choosing your best video editing software. Make sure that the program you want supports the video format that you are working with.
  • The number of audio and video tracks. This refers to the number of tracks available to you when editing. If you are going to edit videos and add sound, then this point is worth paying attention to. All top video editing software has more than enough tracks.
  • Features. Here it is worth paying attention to the number of all possible functions of the app — from transitions to captions and special effects. A business blog on Instagram and a gaming vlog on YouTube require completely different features.
  • Free trial period. If the company offers you a trial version of the program, then you shouldn’t refuse such an opportunity. Firstly, you can try out some functions and the interface. Secondly, the developers are confident in the reliability and quality of their products.
  • Technical support. Even the best video editing software is the same product as, for instance, a laptop which can fail too. A good app has good support. Also, good services always have detailed instructions on the website.
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These are the main things you should consider when choosing video creation software. Furthermore, always read reviews, check the compatibility with your device and the frequency of updates.

Best 8 video editing software for content creators

1. Magisto


This app from our list of the best video editing software is perfect for those who create content for Instagram or TikTok. With this video creation software, you can make beautiful videos right on your phone. The application has artificial intelligence, which analyzes the video itself, selects the appropriate effects, transitions, and even audio.

This service for iOS, Android, and Windows will take care of all creative problems and help you produce catchy videos quickly and easily. However, one drawback is the maximum video length (10 minutes even in the paid version). But that’s all we need for a live blog on Instagram or TikTok.

2. Lightworks

The program is widely used by modern directors and specialists in video editing. This top video editing software allows you to create professional videos and add original effects. The project developers regularly release updates with new features.

The main disadvantage of Lightworks is its interface. If you are a newbie, you will definitely have to spend some time learning. However, the web is full of educational materials. This app for Windows, Mac, and Linux can be downloaded for free from the official website.

3. Movavi Video Editor


This video creation software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and a bunch of built-in effects and transitions, Chroma Key and even stabilization. You can add captions, stickers, and change the audio track. That is, the functionality of the program is quite advanced. It will not be difficult for a beginner to work in it. In addition, the official site has detailed guides, as well as excellent customer support service.

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This video editor for Windows and Mac has low-performance requirements for your computer. The company offers a trial period and a relatively low price for the paid version. A huge number of formats are supported, as well as the ability to edit photos and audio. To try all its features, click here.

4. HitFilm Express


This video creation software has over 180 special effects, including 3D. The tool offers easy-to-follow instructions to quickly master all options. It is a full-fledged professional-grade editor. With it, you can easily adjust color balance, trim clips, and export your projects in various video formats.

This application from the list of best video editing software is available for Windows and Mac and is ideal for YouTube vloggers, as it has a built-in function of uploading directly to the social network. However, it is worth noting that the good performance of your PC is required to install the software.

5. iMovie


This app is built into macOS. Like most Mac apps, this video editor is very intuitive. People can use this one of the top video editing software as a platform to learn the basics of video editing.

With the help of the service, you can trim videos, merge clips, add various audio and video effects, transitions, color correction, and stabilization. The application supports 4K video format as well. For experienced users, the functionality may seem a little limited, but it will be enough for creating content for your personal or business blog.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor


This video creation software is ideal for multiple monitors use. The tool supports most of the available formats, offers professional effects (such as object transformation, color correction, stabilization, and more) and the ability to edit audio (sound correction and normalization).

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It is available in both free and premium versions, and for Windows only. The limitation of the free version is that it lacks multiple color tools, and you can’t work with video resolutions higher than 1080p.

7. Pinnacle Studio


With this professional software, you can edit any video, add music and special effects, various scene transitions, make video albums, and much more. The developers have included almost all types and formats of video files and media. Today, from version to version, they are trying to make the program more stable and as efficient as possible.

It is undoubtedly one of the top video editing software for Windows. Its features are enough to create videos of stunning quality and resolution at home and post them on the Internet. Additional plugins are available for buyers as well.

8. DaVinci Resolve


It is one of the most advanced video editors on the market today. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This latest on our list of the best video editing software has many professional editing features with an intuitive interface. Along with video cutting and cropping, you can edit the audio and work with colors. The app also allows you to add 2D and 3D headings to your video.

The editor is ideal for both beginners and professionals in video content creation. The application can be used for free, but you can also buy a premium subscription with an even wider range of features and options.

This list of the best video editing software has shown you professional editors and easy-to-use applications. However, they are all top video editing software for content creators. Choose the program that will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!