6 Biggest Lottery Wins in Europe of All Time

People from all over the world play different lottery games simply because they have a chance to win jackpots worth millions of dollars. And, if you do some digging online, you’ll learn that there is one particular part of the world where individuals are becoming millionaires overnight – Europe.

These players have won some of the best jackpots and reward pools in the world, which is, perhaps, the main reason why Europe is frequently among some of the greatest triumphs of all time. If you’re interested in learning more about those wins, you’re lucky since we’ve prepared a list, so, without further ado, here are the eight biggest lottery wins in Europe:

1. Prize Pool: €187 Million

Year: 2013

Location: Dublin, Ireland & Limburg, Belgium

Source: mirror.co.uk

The first win we’re going to look at happened in 2013 after the EuroMillion Superdraw took place for an amazing prize of €100 million. However, the prize wasn’t won, which is why it had to be rolled over, and eventually, it arrived at €187 million. Several weeks later, the award was won by not one, but 2 tickets. Two individuals – who wished to stay unknown – one person was from Ireland and the other from Belgium got all 7 figures right.

Now, don’t worry, both of them got the award, however, it needed to be divided between them, meaning that they both accepted €93 million. Although it wasn’t the maximum prize, it is still one of the largest shared prizes in the history of the game. Since the reward pool was so big, both players wished to stay unknown, mostly because this permitted them to protect their identities, and more importantly, the money they received.

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2. Prize Pool: €190 Million

Year: 2012

Location: England

Source: the-sun.com

On a draw that happen back in 2012, two people that played together managed to get one of the largest awards in history – €190 million. It’s still one of the greatest mutual victories in history, however, it’s also the second-largest award in the history of Great Britain. The two individuals often referred to as the Bayfords bought their ticket in a simple shop in Haverhill and they worked their way scooping the max award by guessing all nine numbers correct.

Adrian, one of the champions was a carrier and he also owned and managed a film merchandise store, while Gillian used to work as a healthcare associate appreciated their incredible win by instantly purchasing sports cards, mansions, and some expensive helicopter rides. Unfortunately, just nine months after they’ve won one of the greatest rewards in the annals of Europe, the two spouses decided it was the right moment to end their marriage.

3. Prize Pool: €190 Million

Year: 2019

Location: Great Britain

Source: metro.co.uk

No article on this topic would be complete without mentioning this amazing course in EuroMillion history, mostly because it ended in one person getting both the largest joint EuroMillions jackpot and the largest award in the United Kingdom. After eighteen rollovers occurred, the compensation arrived at 190 million euros before an additional four draws ended up without a champion. Because of this, a “Must Be Won” event was implemented, meaning that the funds needed to be passed to someone.

The final event happened in October of the same year and one individual ended up getting all of the digits. The individual obtained the cash a few days after he or she guessed the numbers, and later on, the organization confirmed that he or she wished to stay completely unidentified, which is why we know nothing about the champion. Nonetheless, we hope that the winner used the money for something else than luxury vehicles and villas.

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4. Prize Pool: €200 Million

Year: 2024

Location: France

Source: newsbeezer.com

Two years ago, a record was established for the largest lottery victory in the chronology of the game. A fortunate online participant located in France succeeded in obtaining an award of 200 million euros in December of 2024. This particular pool reached the limit right after a €130 million draw happened, and like almost all the other prizes on this list, it needed to be rolled around 6 times before someone finally managed to guess the combo in this country.

Now, you should know, this was, perhaps, the first occasion in the chronology of the game that the award surpassed €190 million, and due to this, the latest cap stood at 210 million the following limit it’s reached. It’s amazing that this award was won completely online, hence if you’re now feeling completely inspired and lucky by this individual winning such an amount online, you could choose to try your luck as well at Lottopark.

5. Prize Pool: €210 Million

Year: 2024

Location: Switzerland

Source: commentaryboxsports.com

At the beginning of 2024, more specifically, in February, a new record was set when a player from Switzerland managed to win the entire capped prize offered by EuroMillions. Yes, you guessed it right, this win came two and a half months after the aforementioned win in France and because of this, the total prize was raised by ten million euros, which was something that the regulations dictated and required.

Since the award was so large, the player chose to stay completely incognito, however, one particular piece of information was exposed – the ticket was obtained online in Switzerland. In fact, the victor bought 2 tickets that cost them approximately CHF 7.00, which means that the new and incredibly lucky winner ended up receiving more than 30 million times than they originally opted for investing.

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6. Prize Pool: €220 Million

Year: 2024

Location: France

Source: pixabay.com

The last win on our list happens in France when a fortunate individual succeeded in guessing the whole winning combo. By guessing all of the digits, they won the highest award in the annals of lottery wins in Europe, more than 200 million. The reward pool reached its cap after a few draws that happened in September which increased the amount by more than 125 million. The victor successfully broke the record of the two triumphs in France and Switzerland.

Since it happened at the end of 2024, the details haven’t been released to the public, meaning that the individual is either unknown or they opted for staying completely anonymous. Nonetheless, in regards to the laws and regulations, the limit has now been risen by another 10 million, meaning that it’ll be 230 million the next time it is drawn in the competition – which you must admit is quite amazing.


As you were able to learn, Europe has some of the largest lottery jackpots to date. And if you’re feeling completely inspired and want to try your luck, don’t lose time, instead, opt for a lottery organization, choose a winning combination of numbers, and then hope for the best!