What Is a Teleprompter

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by different technology that is making our lives much easier. Some types of technology are used daily by everyone, while others have a specific purpose. When it comes to the latter, many of us have heard about the equipment but we are not sure what it does and how it’s used. In this article, we are going to tell you what is a teleprompter and we will tell you how does a teleprompter work. Keep on reading to find out more about this specific piece of equipment and why it has been making our lives easier since the 1950s.

What is it?

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To be able to explain what this device is first we’re going to talk about something extremely common that we pay attention to every single day. When we sit down and watch the news or any other scripted program, we can see that the anchors seem to know all of their information by heart. Remembering all the words by heart would make sense when it comes to relatively new bits of data but not that new that would make the anchor have to memorize everything within just minutes.

One thing that not many people are aware of is that the people who are supposed to present scripted information in front of a camera usually read all the info on a screen. More often than not, presenters don’t have the needed time to remember every single bit they would need to say, and because of that, they rely on the screen in front of them to contain all the words and sentences that are needed to give complete information.

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The teleprompter is the screen that news anchors and other presenters see in front of them and this device specially made for this purpose only full stock it was first patented in the late 1940s and ever since then people from all over the globe have been using it to help share information with the public without having to memorize everything by heart.

If you have been wondering what is the role of a teleprompter, you should know that this device is made to help present the information that we are needed to share in front of a camera without having to learn all the sentences, and at the same time without the need of someone to hold a piece of paper with words written on it.

Know that the teleprompter is made and designed to help adjust the sizing of the letters, the type, and the font face, as well as the speed with which the words are constantly changing.

This is an extremely practical device that makes everyone’s job much easier and allows for a constant and uninterrupted share of information. No matter what the topic is about, and no matter how much specific information there is that needs to be presented, the teleprompter allows the anchor to read all that data, without worrying that they would forget something or make a mistake when it comes to sensitive information.

What you need to know about it?

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When it comes to other things that you need to know about the autocue, many people start with the question of how many different types of teleprompters there are. As you can see on Moman, there are different types of this device, and depending on the need of the presenter, you can choose to have one model or the other. Depending on the needs that you have, you can choose a device that is mounted on the camera, you can opt for an autocue that is positioned on the floor, or you can go with the presidential model. They are all different from each other in one way or another so if you are on the lookout for a teleprompter then you need to do deeper research to find out which type would be the right one for your needs.

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Another question that people usually have is what is the cost of a teleprompter. Once again, there is not a specific price range into which all the different models and types of equipment fall into. As you already know, there are always cheaper versions of pretty much any device that you can find on the market, and limiting your budget to the maximum will lead you to getting a device that works but no one guarantees how it is going to perform or how long it is going to last.

On today’s market, you can find an autocue for as little as $50, and you can also choose to spend thousands of dollars if you are looking for professional equipment that is going to last for years and maybe even decades. This does not mean that you always have to invest thousands of dollars if you want to get a good device that works properly, however, if your budget allows you should spend at least 500 to $1000 for a type that is going to allow your anchors to read all the information uninterrupted and without worrying that the device may fail in the middle of the presentation.

Finally, people who have never had the chance to read from an autocue tend to ask if it’s as easy to do that as news anchors make it look. Reading information from the teleprompter is a skill that you need to master before being able to pay attention to it properly without letting your eyes move as they would when you are reading a book. It may take a lot of practice to develop this skill and people who use it daily have been professionally trained on where to look and how to focus their eyes so that they stay in place no matter how long the sentences are. It is recommended that if you choose to use an autocue and if you don’t want anyone to know about it, you should focus on the third line and keep your eyes there while you present all the information on the screen with your peripheral vision.

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This is an extremely practical and interesting device and it will not go out of practice anytime soon. The device is specifically made for this purpose and it has made the job of every studio much easier. If you are on the lookout for a good autocue, make sure you collaborate with the right manufacturer that can help you choose the model depending on your budget and preferences.

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