Do’s and Don’Ts of Buying Concert Tickets Online!

When was the last time you went to an actual concert and did not listen to music on your phone? Your Spotify playlist might be extraordinary, but nothing beats the experience of being in a live concert or live shows. This is an opinion that most of us can get behind. But there’s always too much hassle in buying an entry into these concerts. Purchasing tickets for yourself and your loved ones can be difficult. This happens a lot if everyone is looking forward to the same event.

There are various ways you can get tickets for your concerts. Some people buy them from the venue, while others search online. Although buying from the designated place brings assurance to the buyers, not everyone has the privilege to access this method. You are too late, or you live too far! This has led to tickets being sold online as a preferable option for many people.
You have access to the desired tickets on time and within the comfort of your home. Buying online tickets has its own demerits. About 12% of people going to a concert are likely to get scammed. Yes! Experts believe if you are buying a ticket online, you are risking a scam.

What can you do to avoid scams?

Understandably, you can’t always buy tickets offline. Whether it is about buying tickets at a lesser cost or getting a last-minute entry to your favorite concert, online tickets allow you to do so. All you have to do is go on the internet and search for the tickets you require. You can find these tickets on official ticket selling sites, Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. We encourage buying tickets online. But, the only way you can avoid a scam is by being more vigilant.

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Do’s and Don’ts of buying tickets online!


1. The seller- More often than not, it always comes to one question. Who are you buying your tickets from? Whether you find them on ticket-selling sites or social media, you should always verify the authenticity of your seller.

2. Buy tickets ahead of time- Doing anything on time makes the process easier. If you are looking forward to a concert or a theater show, you should make sure to buy tickets ahead of time. It gives you the option of checking various sites, also decreases the chances of inflated prices and scams.

3. Set a reminder- Tickets are often awaited by thousands of fans. It is not unlikely to be sold out within minutes of becoming available. If you are really looking forward to the show by your favorite artist, do not forget to set a reminder.

4. The actual cost- Even if you are not willing to buy tickets from the venue, it is better to call them up to know the original price of the tickets. You can also compare and analyze prices on different sites and ones by third-party sellers. Now that you know what your tickets are worth and whether you are being scammed into overpaying for them.

5. Use a credit card- While making payments online, it is safer to use a credit card. Firstly, your transactions are secured and your personal information protected. Secondly, it can be stopped or reversed if you smell a rat.


6. Avoid paying in cash or cryptocurrency – You may want to track down the buyer if the tickets you bought are fake. It is very challenging to track them if you pay in cash or bitcoins. They will be untraceable, so will your money!

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7. Get your details right- If you have successfully acquired a ticket for the concert, you must keep other things in mind for the day to go well. Do not forget to double-check the venue location and timings of the event, especially if they are mentioned in local time, especially when you live far away.

8. Aware of social media- While transactions on social media are quick, they are not necessarily protected. It’s easier to find the sellers for your tickets on Facebook groups and negotiate your prices. Here are a few things you can keep in mind while buying tickets off social media-

Check if you have mutual friends with the seller. If yes, then verify their identity.

  • Check if their ID has been there for a while and has not recently been created.
  • Ask if they are willing to provide any identity proof and the ticket authenticity. It can include the receipt for the ticket.
  • Confirm the information displayed on tickets: the date of the event, marked by the distributors, type of tickets, etc.

9. Report scam- We know, no one likes to get scammed. Also, we all have been scammed one way or another at least once in our lifetime. Thus, it is helpful to others if you report a scam. There are high chances that the scammer will be traced down while you can still receive your money back. If not, you will be warning others from falling into the same trap. Always report scams!

If you follow these tips and tricks, we are sure that you will successfully avoid any scams and get your tickets on time. Here is another suggestion you can look into, which we believe is an easy and reliable way to buy tickets online.

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Live Nation Presale


Some sales go online even before the tickets are available to the general public. It gives you an upper hand in getting the concert tickets first, also decreases the chances of being exploited. These sales offer you various codes and discounts. You must remember that these sales only allow you a better opportunity at buying concert tickets, but do not guarantee that you will be able to buy the ticket. If you are interested in purchasing tickets online, you can receive codes at


Concerts and shows are beautiful experiences in life. Don’t let them be tarnished by the memory of scams. If you are going to enjoy them, you must enjoy them right. We hope we were of some help in this endeavor of yours.