4 Ways Christmas Shopping Will Be Different in the Future

Times are changing, technology is becoming more advanced and we have access to devices that make our lives so much simpler and easier. Even the most basic things such as going shopping have changed in the past few years and will probably change for the better in the future. Since Christmas shopping is always so frustrating, difficult, and stressful, I imagine that we will also see a lot of differences in that too. In fact, after 2024 and the coronavirus, I believe the changes were already made.

Of course, I cannot predict exactly what will or will not happen, but I think I can speculate a bit based on the information that we have today. With the understanding, I have of the Internet and where our technology and knowledge is taking us, I think I can guess what Christmas shopping will look like after five years.

Of course, I believe that all of these changes are positive because that is what we should hope for.

1. Shops will be open 24 hours every day

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One of the worst things about the holidays is the fact that most retail stores close down quite early in the day. And, it is understandable, the people working there also want to use the holidays and take some time off. They deserve to be with their families, especially during the famous Christmas dinner.

However, this causes a problem for a lot of people that have not bought presents for friends or close family members. The matter how fast you leave work and try to get to your favorite shopping store, you are met with a closed and locked door. In those moments, you do not really have a choice what you could do.

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But, what if that was changed and shops stayed open 24 hours every day and even during holidays? Everyone would be able to buy the present they need and want without having to go through any kind of trouble and leaving work early.

Unfortunately, right now, that is unsustainable. It is impossible and immoral to force people to work for the holidays and for longer periods of time. But, what if we had some technological advancements that allow us to use artificial intelligence and robots to handle the stores for us? Or, what if every store had an online website that could make instant deliveries with the help of AI and drones.

There are countless possibilities and we are coming closer to them every day. These days, even Amazon is trying out the idea of using drones to deliver products. We will see how that turns out.

2. Access to more vouchers and discount codes

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It is no secret that retail stores are slowly losing profits while online websites are getting a lot more customers.

People prefer buying from these online shops because they do not need cash and they do not even have to leave the comfort of their own homes. With just a few clicks and a bit of extra cash for shipping, they can have a product delivered to their door.

However, thanks to the coronavirus, this transition from regular brick and mortar stores to online shopping was quite fast. Everyone was forced to do their shopping online in 2024. Because of this fast transition, many companies still have not provided proper access to vouchers and discount codes. These vouchers and discount codes make both sides happy which means they are very useful. It is cheaper for the customer, but it also brings more customers to the company.

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Thankfully, there are certain companies and websites out there that have already made the transition and are providing great coupon codes and vouchers as suggested by www.diebestengutscheine.de.

In the future, I hope that I will see even more companies offering great discounts on Internet shopping.

3. Worldwide same-day delivery

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Previously, I mentioned something about Amazon testing out drone delivery. Basically, they try to utilize this new technology for better and faster deliveries.

However, right now, the technology is still not as advanced. The drones are not strong enough to carry big packages and they are quite fragile. It is also important to account for the distance they have to travel. Sure, they are equipped with smart artificial intelligence, but what if the drum hits a tree, building, or even a person? The drone will be ruined, the package could be destroyed and someone could get hurt.

These are some of the obstacles that we must overcome before we can expect worldwide same-day deliveries.
Although, I have to admit that we are moving in the right direction and those same-day deliveries are definitely possible. Considering that the technology for autopilots will considerably improve in the next years and that drones will probably come faster, stronger, and more efficient, we could see same-day or even same hour deliveries throughout the entire world.

This could also mean that the shipping rates will be much cheaper than what they are today.

4. Product customization

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When ordering a product online, especially clothing, you get to choose different specifications such as size and color. But, what if the customization becomes even better in the future? What if websites allow you to customize your product before it was even manufactured?

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Of course, right now, that sounds impossible and it probably is. Companies will need to have all kinds of product lines to satisfy the needs of every customers’ customization.

However, if the technology for 3D printing becomes even more advanced in the future, maybe we could give up on regular manufacturing lines and factories. Everything could be 3D printed and customized in every possible way. Business opportunities on 3D printing can also be ventured as stated on profitableventure.com.

Some of these predictions and ideas are doable even today, but only if a company has enough capital to invest in research and development. Some of these ideas for making shopping better in the future are impossible today, but there is a chance that they could exist after 40, 50, or even 100 years. Most of us may not be part of this role and that happens, but it is still quite interesting to think about these kinds of topics.