Collection of Unique Home Interior Design Ideas

Home is the place to come back to after a tiring day at work, so it needs to be the right space. A quality residential interior space needs to ensure freshness, freshness, and freedom in expression, so it can be applied to many different spaces. If you are looking for modern beautiful ideas, then do not ignore the suggestions shared by the home interior design Weiken below.

Modern home interior design style


Modern design style was formed in the 20s of the twentieth century, which is considered a break with the classical design style. In this style, the interior design and layout omit cumbersome and asymmetrical details.

Modern interior design focuses on maximizing space and enhancing the functionality of each piece of furniture. This style uses arrays, blocks, simple furniture layout, less cumbersome details, very suitable for small spaces. The modern style will optimize the interior space in the house and give you a feeling of more spaciousness than the actual area of the room. For more interior design ideas such as modern style in Singapore, check out Beautiful Homes at

The modern design style helps bring comfort and optimize space. You can learn more about modern styles to bring a new and unique interior to the house.

It can be said that modern furniture is taking up most of the love in the market because of its convenience and aesthetics. This style is also widely applied in a variety of spaces from small apartments to townhouses and large villas. Depending on the needs, purposes and preferences of the homeowner, the interior design price of each type of house also varies.

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Minimalist home interior design style


Minimalist style appeared after the 2nd world war with the main principle “Less is More” created a new wave for fields such as fashion, music, architecture and especially design. Minimalist interior design style uses simple and sophisticated interior products to decorate the house, making the space spacious, airy and full of art.

Minimalism in interior design makes living space more spacious and airy. With a minimalist style, you will have more experience in decorating your home’s interior, becoming simpler but more sophisticated than ever. Minimalist interior design style is suitable for a variety of spaces and depending on individual needs and preferences, the price of minimalist interior design also varies.

Classic home interior design style

The highlight of this school is symmetry, interior decoration is also used high-quality materials to increase value. products, bringing exquisite beauty to attract the eye of the beholder.

The 3 essential elements that create a beautiful decorative style with the characteristics of this style are the use of luxurious materials, noble colors, delicate and sophisticated patterns, showing the ancient and traditional European traditions.

Classical furniture highlights the nobility and honors status, showing sophistication, bringing a cozy feeling to the house. It uses extremely delicate and sophisticated materials and patterns to help the space bring elegance, luxury and nobility.

Home interior design ideas for each room

Choose living room furniture


Specifically, the selection of basic furniture such as living room cabinets, tables and chairs, shelves to decorate the living room, … in a modern style, priority should be given to simplicity, cutting cumbersome details. However, it still ensures to show the elegance, sophistication and elegance of the room.

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Most modern houses today have a unique design staircase to create accents and highlights for the whole space. Both meeting the needs of travel and decoration are commonly applied in the living room of modern townhouses. Therefore, the customer elevator models are currently being designed with many shapes of wood, stainless steel, glass, … to replace the traditional monolithic concrete stairs.

Besides, in the process of modern beautiful interior design, to make an impression on the living room space, homeowners should give priority to choosing furniture made of natural wood. The wooden tables and chairs in the living room create a luxury and class that other materials cannot meet.

Interior design for the bedroom


Based on the size of the room to choose different sizes of furniture. Besides the main item is the bed, there is also a need for more wardrobes, lamps, tables, shelves, etc.

In particular, the bed is an indispensable item. The market today has many diverse designs to meet the space and needs of customers. Should choose wooden bed models combined with mattresses to create a highlight for the space with a minimalist modern style. For cabinets in the bedroom, you should consider choosing a smart cabinet that combines a desk or dressing table, …

Should choose light wall paint to create comfort when resting. At the same time, you need to rely on the size of the bedroom to find the right color. For a small room, you should choose light yellow or pale, etc. With a large room, you will have more options, but don’t use too many bold colors.

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Kitchen interior design


Modern kitchen interior design is an idea that many people love today. In the design process, you need to rely on the needs of the owner and the owner, especially the woman, to ensure comfort and modernity.

Many families currently own a rather small and limited kitchen area. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to ensure harmony as well as bring maximum usability.

When designing the interior of a modern kitchen with a small room, you only need basic items such as kitchen cabinets, sinks, etc., simple design and suitable size. In addition, you can also apply the idea of combining a small kitchen with the living room to create an airy and spacious space.

Modern style always favors smart furniture. This is the element that helps the kitchen become modern, meeting the needs of use, especially with a small kitchen area. The models of kitchen cabinets possess many functions to help save the maximum space for the kitchen space.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have come up with a suitable idea for home interior design, in order to bring a more comfortable, beautiful and comfortable living space. Take a close look at the styles that you love most for the whole house and for each room. Then proceed to design to get a desired living space.