9 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Decorating a living space is not a simple task and involves much more than simply arranging several pretty objects. You have to find furniture that matches the space, place artworks at the correct heights, choose the right color palette, etc. It is not surprising that the services of interior decorators are in demand these days. However, even with the assistance of experienced professionals, there is still a possibility of having some mishaps that may ruin everything. If you want to decorate your home with confidence and enjoy the results, you should avoid the following common mistakes.

9 common decorating mistakes to avoid

1. Throwing away the scale

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Remember that size plays an important role in decorating. A smaller or larger room requires furniture of appropriate size. An extremely big bed or a too small couch may spoil the overall look of the space. Therefore, when moving to a new place, the first thing you should think about is the size of the furniture you already possess and whether it will fit in the rooms. Also, consider where you will place your furniture pieces and how they can be enhanced. You can mix accessories of different sizes and shapes for a more stylish look.

2. Creating color chaos

Choosing the right color is a daunting and demanding task that can easily go wrong. Even if you want to paint the entire house beige, you should consider various options, as the variety is large. Do not be afraid of using different colors, but avoid creating rainbow-colored rooms. It is no secret that colors are supposed to harmonize with one another. However, it does not mean that you have to focus on one particular color only (e.g., white lamps, white accessories, white furniture, white pillows, white paint, etc.) Not enough color, as well as too much color, may lead to an absolute failure. Besides, do not forget about texture and patterns. If you have no experience in coloring walls, a good idea is to hire professionals who are aware of all the hints and tricks.

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3. Not enough lighting

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Keep in mind that proper lighting is extremely important to any room. Natural lighting is changeable and varies throughout the seasons and throughout the day. Apart from that, the weather also affects the lighting of a place. Besides, at some point, you may need lights to be less jarring and glaring to create a calm, intimate atmosphere (e.g., at the end of the day), and sometimes you may want your place to be brightly lit. Thereby, a good choice is organizing multiple light sources. This will help you keep the light direction and ambiance under control. Think of dimmers for your bathroom and bedroom. Place some extra lamps where additional light is essential (for example, near beds or coaches, on work tables, desks, etc.). When working with lamps, be careful with their size. Too small or too large lamps not only will look weird but also won’t provide your living place with adequate light. Do not let improper lightning make your space look unwelcoming and gloomy!

4. Choosing the wrong centerpiece

People often choose the wrong centerpiece in their living rooms and bedrooms. Putting your TV at the forefront of your space and designing around it will make the space feel uninteresting and bland. Try giving attention to the sitting area or fireplace instead. A good piece of art can also be an excellent centerpiece, but make sure it is not hanged too high or too low. According to fineartshippers.com, the best choice is to place artworks at eye-level. However, you may hang them a bit lower in the rooms where you sit more often. This will make your centerpiece more eye-catching and attractive. Consult art installation experts or search for some good ideas on the Internet.

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5. Buying impractical furniture

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In the hustle and bustle of the decorating process, it is essential not to forget about your cats, dogs, toddlers, and other mess-makers living with you. It is no secret that pet hair, raspberry cordial, and sticky fingers do not suit light coaches. For that reason, always consider the fabric and material of an item before making a purchase. You may also want to check some modern formulas that make it easier to remove liquid and other residues from your furniture pieces. As a short-term solution, you can use some aerosol sprays, but keep in mind that they coat only the surface of the item, and their effect wears off after first cleaning.

6. Accessory overload

The choice of accessories for your home décor is similar to the choice of jewelry. The same rule should be applied – use a bit less of things than you want. You need to understand the difference between kitschy borderline hoarding and complementary accessories. Keep it classy and know your limits!

7. Not mixing up shapes

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Another common mistake is not combining different shapes and sticking to only one. The eye will definitely have more to look at if you try mixing the angles of rectangular objects and straight edges with circular-shaped items, such as vases. Add some stacked books to get all of your accessories together.

8. Creating a theme room

If you consider creating a theme room, it is better to think twice. The fact is that such rooms become outdated and untrendy very soon, and people usually get sick of them really quickly. You certainly do not want to spend extra money on replacing furniture and décor you no longer like. It is better to add elements of a certain theme into a room instead. For example, get some items with animal prints, like leopard or zebra print cushions, if you are into a jungle theme.

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9. Listening to other people

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Your home is supposed to reflect your style, passion, and interests. Never let other people impose their styles and tastes on your space. Do not be afraid to say “no” to their recommendations!

Hopefully, this information and tips will save you from any potential disasters when decorating your home. Good luck!