How to Create and Sell Videos on Stock Footage Market – 2024 Guide

Creating videos and selling them through websites for money requires consistency and discipline to build a varying portfolio of clips. The video selling price is determined by the quality of the recording. Variety of contents sell to various people so long as it captures a buyers’ attention. There are several stock footage markets that allow video creators to sell any type of content created hence one does not have to be a professional video producer to be authorized to sell their creations.

The videos sell at different prices depending on the type and number of videos one has posted. As the number of videos in a portfolio increases and the quality is enhanced, more clients are attracted. Making money from videos in the stock market does not result in abrupt earnings but will time the amount earned grows. The demand for video content on the internet is growing and various companies such as “” have seized the opportunity of creating, shooting, uploading, and cataloguing quality creative videos for sale in stock footage markets.


The stock footage market allows people to buy videos for use on various platforms instead of having to create one on their own. Some video makers buy several videos with a particular type of content and merge them to create one communicative video. There are several stock footages that sell well on footage markets. The top categories of content that sell include animals, leisure, lifestyle, food, sports, and travel. There are two categories of stock footages. Commercial footages are used as an advertisement for products while editorial footages are used to tell stories by different media.

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Selling stock videos requires one to be well prepared to counter the ever-changing market requirements. With time, there has been a rise in competition hence higher demands for quality videos. Most clients who buy them aim at using them for branding and therefore require professional, impressive, and meaningful video content. A creator should have some basic knowledge on video creation and photography. Proper editing is also essential together with some concepts on lighting and processing footages. Some creators attend short training to perfect their shots and get some background knowledge on creation of good material.


Starting video selling services requires one to first build a portfolio. Most people do not start earning immediately but with time the earnings start to increase. With technology, it is easy to begin selling videos and making money from them. Many people prefer to create them from what they love doing. Acquiring materials and equipment for recording videos is essential since the quality produced also determines clients attracted. One may need a smartphone or a set of a camera with lenses and a stand which requires some investment. Other important equipment that ease the video recording process include tripod stands, stabilization systems, and lighting equipment.

Video creators benefit a lot from stock markets and there is no regulation on who can create and sell videos. The fact that someone can create and shoot them during their free time either professionally or just on their own makes the process easier. Additionally, people with previous recordings can decide to start by selling the old videos and make money provided they are quality. Finally, the earning will keep coming provided the videos are availed to buyers even when one is busy or sleeping. First sale always takes a few minutes to a year depending on the type of content and the videos metadata accuracy.


Content metadata is important since it helps to attract the right audience and buyers for the video. It consists of a title that has accurate information on what video it is and should contain, and to be precise and short. A short description on what it is about, is also included in the metadata to help buyers understand what is happening on the video. A keyword in the metadata also helps to describe the concept concisely since it acts as a short caption of the concept laid out by the video.

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Before deciding on what type of content to record a video maker should first find a niche and try shooting regularly. The best niche is the one that sells most, and the video producer enjoys doing. Some of the factors to include in a video for a niche to sell better include producing videos after getting some tips and knowledge on how to record, deciding on what topic or feature to shoot about so that the video makes sense and expresses one idea clearly, good lighting is required during recording to create a good mood for viewers, consider drone shoots and ensure persistence and consistency in the creation of the content.

There are several websites on which one can sell videos and some are free and are operated by the seller. Some websites offer a higher sales rate while some have the provision of sharing your video with several other platforms to attract a market. A small commission may also be charged by websites once a clip has found a buyer through them. These websites help content creators reach a wider stock market and some pay sellers monthly. This helps to provide for increased chances of getting a buyer and enable the creator to save time they would otherwise use to advertise for a market.


The selling of content is more successful when the creator has basic knowledge on how to create a good standard video. Most buyers prefer quality ones. However, one can start by using a smartphone camera or purchasing an affordable piece then upgrading later. The videos have a standard requirement on how to introduce the clip and give a description of its contents for buyers. They should also have metadata to help people get the results they are searching for. Lastly, it is key to get permission in the form of release forms when creating videos in places that recording is restricted. To start selling them today, several websites can help and several platforms to post the videos also.

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